Prince of Tennis, Practice Makes Perfect

Title: Practice Makes Perfect
Rating/Warning: NC-17 for Ohtori’s extreme wibbling in the face of Shishido’s demands for buttsex.
Summary: They’ve got an entire snowed-in morning to snuggle in bed, and Ohtori lets it slip that he knows exactly what Shishido-san thinks about Ohtori’s birthday falling on Valentine’s Day.
AN: For the 2006 tenipuri Valentine’s Day Contest. Thanks to marksykins for the adorable beta and the encouragment when Ohtori was a stupid freak. Also, no, i have no idea what Ohtori had the lube in his bag for. He refused to say.

Practice Makes Perfect

Ohtori woke up the good way, slow and warm, on his stomach with his face buried in a pillow that smelled like it had been an intimate participant in a series of passionate acts with Shishido-san.

Exactly like, as a matter of fact.

Cracking one eye just barely enough to let light in, Ohtori was hoping for a surreptitious glance at the pillow defiler in question, and he gave a soft grunt of displeasure when the only thing he got an eyeful of was the wall. Stupid Shishido-san took the outside again. Although it was just a tiny bit cute, on some level, the way that Shishido-san put him on the inside against the wall, like Ohtori was some feudal princess and the neighboring warlord’s minions might break down the door in the dead of night to kidnap him.

Not that the image of Shishido-san wearing nothing but a sleep-mussed ponytail and a katana wasn’t enjoyable.

“Something funny?” Shishido inquired from the other side of Ohtori when the chuckle escaped. It had only been a tiny chuckle, but dormitory beds, even in Hyoutei, were close enough quarters that Shishido-san could probably feel Ohtori’s heartbeat running in a line up his side. Ohtori gave another grunt when he was forced to lift his head just enough to face the other way before letting it flump back into the pillow.

Shishido-san was propped up against the headboard a little with the other pillow, the one that had the little rip in it, and sometimes when he shifted, a tiny feather or two puffed up into the air and drifted back down slowly. Shishido-san had a book in his hands, one of his historical fiction paperbacks again almost certainly, but Ohtori would bet Rikkaidai against Ginka that he’d read all of about two pages before just watching the slow rise and fall of Ohtori’s back.

“Shishido-saaaaan,” Ohtori murmured, words half-muffled by the pillow, but it was an old script anyway. “S’posed to kick me out f’you can’t sleep.”

Shishido laughed a little and said he’d slept some. He reached down to adjust the blanket across Ohtori’s shoulders with a twitch of his fingers, and Ohtori realized that one of the reasons he was so warm, despite his lack of sleepwear, was that the blankets were drawn all the way up to his neck. He was used to waking up with them bunched at the foot of the bed or on the floor from his restless sleep; Shishido-san must have been pulling them up as Ohtori slept if they were still where they were.

But his nose was cold, he realized suddenly, making him wrinkle it. Wasn’t Shishido-san cold with his chest bare like that, Ohtori wondered as he let his gaze drift over Shishido-san’s tennis-thick shoulders, a fading bruise on his collarbone that Ohtori wished had come from his mouth rather than from Atobe-buchou’s stupid Hametsu no Rondo.

Maybe it was because his hair was touching his shoulders again, a dark tumble mussed into waves from it being bunched under Shishido-san’s head during the few hours he slept. Shishido-san’s hair was suffering not just from an awkward stage these days, but from Shishido-san barely remembering how to take care of longer hair, especially in the winter when brushing it made the hairs crackle and stand on end. His hair would be even more a mess this morning if Ohtori didn’t use conditioner as well, since Shishido-san had forgotten to buy more again and had run out in the middle of the week when neither one of them could spare the time for a shopping trip. Ohtori just hoped the last third of his bottle would last until the weekend, or he’d have a head like a Brillo pad.

Or maybe he didn’t care at all, since even the pale light of a winter morning glinted off Shishido-san’s hair. Maybe it was the hair keeping Shishido-san from getting chilled, since Ohtori knew if he reached up to brush hands through it, it would be warm across his fingers, so warm, as if the window was letting in late-summer afternoon sunlight rather than a sickly January gray.

Although, Ohtori’s brow creased a little, in January there shouldn’t be any light coming through that window if they were up on time.

“What time is it?” he asked, starting to push himself up, but Shishido-san planted a firm hand in the middle of his back and pushed him right back down.

“Whoa there.” Shishido-san laughed again, flicking his head just a little to toss some hair out of his eyes, and he shrugged a shoulder towards the window. “Look.”

They’d forgotten to draw the curtains again, Ohtori saw, which explained why his nose was so cold, but then he saw through the window that the sky had a pinkish cast instead of the usual flat grey, and fat snowflakes were splattering steadily against the window.

“Snow day,” Shishido-san explained, grinning at Ohtori expectantly. He pointed an accusing finger. “And I was sleeping until Atobe called to tell us classes were cancelled and your phone woke me up.”

Ohtori would have teased back, or maybe made some comment about how Atobe had cancelled classes himself so he could use Jiroh like a heating pad, but just then Ohtori realized that Shishido-san had bared the cover of his book in order to point. He blinked at the cover, then burst into laughter, much to Shishido-san’s surprise.

“Legal Drug?” Ohtori laughed harder as Shishido-san scowled. “Oh, Shishido-san.”

“Shut up!” A blush stole across Shishido-san’s nose and he quickly tossed the paperback to the floor. “You read those stupid Kyou Kara Maou novels!”

“They’re a hell of a lot more shounen than CLAMP!” Ohtori was laughing too hard to defend himself properly when Shishido-san yanked back the blankets and skittered fingers over the small of Ohtori’s back, Ohtori’s most embarrassingly ticklish spot. His laughter turned to desperate giggles as he rolled onto his back to try and hide his vulnerabilities.

The plan backfired heinously, because it turned out that Ohtori had been lying on one of his arms, which was now completely numb and useless. Shishido-san batted away Ohtori’s other arm with ease and ran strong fingers into every hollow and crease of Ohtori’s he could reach until Ohtori was sobbing with laughter.

“Shishi—please, GOD—stop, please!” Ohtori gasped, thrashing as much as he could, but he was trapped against the wall and Shishido had his good hand pinned against his side, and his bad hand was firing pins and needles in agonizing bursts that seemed like they would never stop.

“Never!” Shishido-san had a terrifying grin across his face and his blue eyes were dark. “God, Choutarou, keep begging like that…”

Eyes narrowing in determination, Ohtori gritted his teeth against the tickling and the pins and needles and reached for the pillow Shishido had rolled off of. He couldn’t even feel the material under his fingers, but he clenched them shut anyway, cursing at the stab of pain that shot up his arm, and then swung the pillow up as hard as he could with his serving arm.

The pillow caught Shishido-san square in the face, and the tiny rip gave way with an echoing riiiiiiiiip that made Ohtori’s mouth fall open as a blizzard even thicker than the one out the window rained down on him and a shocked Shishido-san.

Shishido-san stared down at him, hand frozen mid-tickle, mouth wide open, and about a million downy feathers sticking to his winter-staticky hair.

“One shot to your head?” Ohtori suggested sheepishly, and Shishido-san erupted into laughter and collapsed onto Ohtori’s chest, sending up another cloud of feathers. Ohtori would have laughed too if Shishido-san hadn’t landed on his still-prickling arm, sending another jolt up to his shoulder, and to compound injury to insult, Ohtori sucked in some feathers with his gasp and gave a few convulsive sneezes.

“Serves you right,” Shishido-san said affectionately when they were both sitting up and he was rubbing the last of the pins from Ohtori’s palm with callused thumbs. “What the hell am I supposed to sleep on now?”

“Sorry, Shishido-sempai,” Ohtori mumbled for the hundredth time, and Shishido-san blew a piece of hair out of his face impatiently. Several feathers went fluttering up as well; they were never going to get them all off the bed.

“I’m just kidding, Choutarou,” Shishido-san reached out to pull Ohtori closer and nuzzled the curve of his shoulder. “Stop apologizing already. Besides, I can always sleep on you.”

“Hmm,” was the only response that Ohtori could manage as his hands came up to bury themselves in Shishido’s hair, and oh, it was warmer than he thought it would be, all of Shishido-san was, under his hands and against his chest, his own skin chilled from even a few minutes out from underneath the blankets.

“Geez, you’re Hyoutei through and through, aren’t you?” Shishido-san teased, and the ice emperor joke was just as old coming from him as it was from all the girls Ohtori was ignoring preemptively in the weeks up to Valentine’s Day. Old, yeah, but when Shishido-san said it he was rubbing warm hands down Ohtori’s spine and nudging him back under the blankets, and Ohtori supposed he could eke out a chuckle for that sake of that. “Hmm, no classes.”

“You said that already,” Ohtori reminded, voice low with pleasure as still-warm sheets slid against his bare skin, and Shishido-san’s weight sank him down into them even further. He gave a little sigh when Shishido-san pressed a light, sucking kiss against the hollow of his throat. “Getting senile, Shishido-sempai?”

“Good news bears repeating,” Shishido-san growled, biting down, a flash of teeth, making Ohtori whimper. “You unruly kouhai. You should be the one servicing your upperclassman.”

“I figure I have to—oh—get mine in while I can.” Ohtori tilted his head down to smirk at the confusion in Shishido-san’s eyes. He hadn’t quite meant to say that, not this morning when things were so warm and comfortable, but it had just come tumbling out. Ah well, he’d have brought it up sooner or later anyway. “Since you’re so reluctant to do your duty on Valentine’s Day and all.”

“Choutarou!” Shishido-san’s jaw dropped, then his face flashed with embarrassment, and then irritation, but Ohtori knew the anger was squarely aimed at Shishido-san’s own self. “You know I didn’t mean that, koi, I would never, and I’m going to fucking kill Oshitari for telling you that!” Shishido-san went to roll away from Ohtori, but Ohtori locked his arms around the small of Shishido-san’s back, holding him in place.

“Ne, don’t go,” Ohtori murmured, “please? It’s cold.” Shishido-san’s face flashed with more irritation, and Ohtori knew he’d said exactly the wrong thing, made it sound like Shishido-san was a well-pleasured bed warmer, and hurried to add, “Shishido-san, it’s okay, really! I understood what you meant.”

Shishido-san eyed Ohtori and grunted his disbelief, raising an eyebrow, but he didn’t go anywhere just yet.

“Well…I think so…” Ohtori could feel Shishido-san’s muscles under his hands, still tensed to move, and thought to choose his words carefully. Shishido-san’s words had stung when Gakuto had snarled them in a fit of pique after Ohtori had broken his serve, but Ohtori had seen the lines at the corners of Shishido-san’s eyes during Christmas, even when he insisted over and over no, it was fine, he wanted to go with Ohtori, he hadn’t stressed out over the present, it was fine fine fine.

Ohtori’s gaze drifted over Shishido-san’s shoulder to the cream-colored scarf draped over the back of his desk chair, the much angsted-over present. His Shishido-san’s words had hurt because they were true, because it wasn’t fair that Shishido-san’s one day off as a boyfriend happened to fall on Ohtori’s birthday, because Shishido-san took things like presents and his Choutarou just a little too seriously sometimes.

All the time.

“I was thinking,” Ohtori said slowly, pulling his gaze back to meet Shishido-san’s and trying not to wince at the guarded expression that was pulling Shishido-san’s lips tight. “Maybe we could switch?”

“Switch?” Shishido-san stared at him, furrow in his brow deepening. “Switch what?”

“Switch days.” Ohtori swallowed, throat suddenly dry, and man, this idea sounded so much stupider in the dry winter air than it had in the warmth of his brain all week. “Since it’s my birthday anyway, I was thinking you could have Valentine’s Day, and I would…I would take White Day. So you could have it off. See, switch.”

The irritation was draining out of Shishido-san’s gaze, leaving his eyes a little hollow, and dread seized Ohtori’s chest for a few seconds, where it felt like he might break something if he drew a full breath, and Shishido-san was blinking at him like he’d never even seen him before.

“Forget it, I’m so stupid sometimes, forget I said anything, Shishido-sempai,” Ohtori knew full well that he was babbling, but he couldn’t stop himself, especially not when Shishido-san was drawing in a breath and who knew what he’d say if Ohtori let the air empty enough for Shishido-san’s words, “it doesn’t even make sense really, and I should have known you wouldn’t want to…”

“Whoa, whoa.” Shishido-san covered Ohtori’s mouth and looked him in the eye, silencing him. “Who says I don’t want?” Ohtori started to mutter something against Shishido-san’s palm, but Shishido-san eyed him until he fell silent again. “I think it’s a good idea. If you don’t mind, I mean.”

“Mind?” Ohtori asked incredulously when Shishido-san removed his hand. “Why would I mind? I thought you would mind!”

“Choutarou, why would I mind?” Shishido-san was smoothing his palms over Ohtori’s neck and shoulders, smoothing them down like he was a bird or a fish puffed up in irritation. It felt good, but Shishido-san wasn’t looking him in the eye anymore, and perhaps that was why Ohtori managed to get out the words despite his intense blush.

“Because,” Ohtori cleared his throat a little and looked at the ceiling, “because it would mean that you were the…you know, the…girl.”

Shishido-san’s hands stilled on his skin again, and Ohtori cringed, and cringed harder after a second when Shishido-san started to tremble a tiny bit where their chests were pressed together. Finally, when he couldn’t take it any longer, he tore his eyes from the ceiling and set his jaw to look at Shishido-san.

Who was grinning, and shaking with suppressed laughter, not anger or disgust.

“Choutarou,” Shishido-san said, letting fingers stray over Ohtori’s hot cheekbone before sliding down to push his mouth shut. “Damn, you’re so freaking cute sometimes.”

“Shishido-san!” Ohtori snapped. He’d been worried about this all week and now Shishido-san was laughing at him. Like he was a little kid or something!

“Oi, don’t get all worked up.” Shishido-san’s hands were smoothing him down again, fingertips lingering in Ohtori’s sweet spots, the dips of his collarbone and the ridge of his jaw. “Neither one of us is the girl, Choutarou. That’s, y’know, kind of the point.”

In case Ohtori was unclear about what ‘the point’ was, Shishido-san flexed his hips just a little to press his length against Ohtori’s thigh. He was hard, not all the way but mostly, and it made Ohtori’s heart stutter a few beats.

“You know what I mean,” Ohtori said, eyes widening a little, but still blushing. “Jiroh said…”

“I just bet he did.” Shishido-san chuckled and dropped a kiss onto Ohtori’s lips to scare off the disapproval. “Let’s not let Jiroh and the captain’s dogmatic adherence to hierarchy ruin our perfectly good combination, hmm?”

“Dogmatic…adhere…Shishido-san,” Ohtori frowned as Shishido-san nipped his throat, “what are you talking about?”

“First of all,” Shishido-san slid off Ohtori just enough to prop himself up on one elbow, “since we haven’t….hmm, gone all the way yet, I’d say Valentine’s Day assignments are a little up in the air as of yet.”

“Shishido-san,” Ohtori protested softly, squirming a little, and his blush didn’t feel like it was going anywhere any time soon, but Shishido-san was pressing down on his shoulder, keeping him where he was and running the pads of his fingers over the ridge of the joint, making Ohtori shiver despite the blankets.

“Secondly, when somebody around here finally is uke, which, by the way,” Shishido-san raised an amused eyebrow and made Ohtori squirm more, “is the word you’re looking for, what makes you think it’s going to be you?”

“Sempai!” Ohtori felt the flush run down his neck onto his chest, his skin feeling prickly and uncomfortable. Surely Shishido-san hadn’t meant that, that he wanted…Ohtori was the kouhai! And Shishido-san liked leaning over Ohtori, he’d said! Liked pressing Ohtori down into the mattress with slow thrusts, making their nerves spark when his length slid along Ohtori’s, his hair just barely long enough to tickle Ohtori’s skin if he leaned down, a dark curtain framing blue eyes shot through with heat and affection.

“Don’t tell me you haven’t thought about it.” Shishido-san leaned close to brush lips over Ohtori’s ear, their cheeks rubbing and making Ohtori lean into the contact. “You haven’t ever imagined what it would be like? Like my mouth on you, but deeper…tighter…hotter…”

Well, he sure as hell was imagining it now, and the groan that escaped Ohtori’s lips at the image bore only a passing resemblance to Shishido-san’s name. God, Shishido-san didn’t, couldn’t want that, dark hair spilled over their remaining pillow, fingers grasping at Ohtori’s shoulders, maybe a heel digging into the small of Ohtori’s back to drive him in deeper…

He squeezed his eyes shut and shook his head a little to clear the image away, whispering, “Shishido-san, you don’t…”

“Who says I don’t?” Shishido-san’s growl buzzed against the skin right below Ohtori’s ear, making him give another soft noise. Before Ohtori could get his bearings, Shishido-san slid a hand down his stomach and wrapped it tightly around Ohtori’s cock. Ohtori was hard from just the idea of pressing deep inside his Shishido-san, but with Shishido-san’s strong fingers coaxing him in a squeezing grip, it felt like all the blood in his body was rushing down to pulse against Shishido-san’s palm.

“Shishido…san…” Ohtori whimpered, burying his face in the curve of Shishido-san’s neck, and Shishido-san’s skin felt so warm, even with the way Ohtori was blushing, back muscles sliding under his palms when he squeezed Shishido-san closer, and he knew he should be careful not to leave marks, but ohgod, Shishido-san’s fingers had those calluses from the grip of his racket, and they were tugging at Ohtori’s skin in all the right places.

“I really want you, Choutarou,” Shishido-san said, voice rubbing down Ohtori’s spine like the rough fabric of their regulars’ jerseys, and he hooked a hand around the back of Ohtori’s thigh to pull him a little closer, little lower, as if there was any ambiguity about what he was saying he wanted.

“I don’t…I…” Ohtori couldn’t think straight with Shishido-san so close like that, with the things he was saying in Ohtori’s ear and they way his hands were sliding over Ohtori’s skin, but in a fragmented sort of way Ohtori was still trying to piece together what Shishido-san wanted, what it meant. If he wanted to be the…the whatever…for Ohtori, then did that mean he didn’t…didn’t want…him to be…whatever? That Shishido-san didn’t want him?

Ohtori hadn’t meant to stiffen or to pull away, he just wanted to think! But Shishido-san must have felt it, because he loosened his grip on Ohtori and leaned back a little, letting Ohtori settle on his back against the pillow. Shishido-san slid his hand up to lie flat on Ohtori’s stomach but propped himself up on his other elbow, chin resting in his palm, to look Ohtori over. Ohtori was still breathing hard, and he wanted to close his eyes until he stopped being so light-headed but couldn’t take his eyes off the wry twist of Shishido-san’s lips.

“M’sorry,” Shishido-san murmured, flexing his fingers against Ohtori’s stomach just a little. “I scared you.”

“You didn’t!” Ohtori said automatically, too quickly, and he blushed a little when Shishido-san made a little noise of disbelief in his throat. “Mm, maybe…but…but I like it, Shishido-san. I just,” Ohtori raised a hand to card through his scattered curls and tried to think more than two words in a row, “I didn’t know you wanted me. Like that. I thought. Well. Thought you wanted. Me.”

Ohtori jumped when Shishido-san started to laugh, and it wasn’t the little amused laugh he’d been giving earlier, it was laughter hard enough to make Shishido-san squeeze his eyes shut and shake. Ohtori’s eyes went wide; was it really that funny that he though Shishido-san wanted him?

Ohtori went to roll onto his side, towards the wall, but Shishido-san held him where he was by pressing down firmly on his stomach.

“Choutarou, you’re crazy, you know that?” Ohtori bit his lip and looked up to find Shishido-san’s eyes dark, the backs of his knuckles pressing into his cheek. “I do want you.”

“But then what…” Ohtori felt stupid and lost, and it doubled his irritation when he felt his lower lip slipping out into a pout like a fangirl who wasn’t getting her way, the kind that Shishido-san made fun of with cruel accuracy in the clubhouse. Shishido-san was still keeping him from moving, even when he struggled harder.

“Quit rolling around, I’m trying to tell you.” Shishido-san’s order stilled Ohtori for the moment, but the pout was still firmly in place. “Of course I want you, like the way you mean. Sometimes I want you so bad I could…just…put my fist through a wall, or something.”

Shishido-san paused and slid his palm up Ohtori’s chest so that his fingers were stroking Ohtori’s collarbone lightly. Ohtori stayed where he was, confusion still written across his face, his body tense under Shishido-san’s hand.

“But if you think that doesn’t mean,” Shishido-san continued, voice dropping a little as his cheeks colored, “that I don’t want to feel you…you know, inside me, then…then you’ve gotta be crazy!”

The tension drained out of Ohtori, leaving him limp under Shishido-san’s palms, but the pout had turned into a small frown.

“But don’t we have to…” Ohtori huffed a sigh when his voice choked in his throat, and he turned his gaze to the ceiling to try and get the words out. “Aren’t we supposed to choose?”

“You been borrowing books from Oshitari again?” Shishido-san teased, but the quiver of laughter Ohtori could feel against his shoulder ceased immediately when Ohtori reminded “CLAMP” pointedly. There was a moment of quiet, then the soft whuff of Shishido-san flopping onto his back. “You think I’m weird.”

Ohtori turned his head just far enough to see that Shishido-san was staring at the ceiling as well. “What?”

“For wanting both.” Shishido-san gave a little snort. “It is weird, isn’t it? Forget it, Choutarou, I should keep all the weird shit I want to myself.”

“No!” Ohtori wasn’t sure when he’d climbed to his knees, but suddenly he was leaning over Shishido-san so that he was forced to look at Ohtori. “It can’t be that weird if I want it too. Can it?”

The relief in Shishido-san’s eyes was covered over by the grin so quickly that even Ohtori barely saw it, but it made him smile back in relief until Shishido-san’s steady gaze made him drop his eyes again.

“But I don’t,” Ohtori cleared his throat, “know what to do. Or anything.”

“It’s not brain surgery.” Shishido-san nudged Ohtori with a shoulder, and when that failed to get a response, elbowed the arm that was supporting Ohtori out from underneath him, so that he fell onto Shishido-san’s chest with an ‘oof!’ “I mean, if Gakuto can figure it out…”

“Shishido-san!” Ohtori reprimanded, then when Shishido-san looked contrite, added, “That’s what he’s got the tensai for, isn’t it?”

Cutting off Shishido-san’s spluttered laugh with a kiss, Ohtori slid his knee over Shishido-san’s thigh and edged even closer. Shishido-san urged Ohtori up with nudging hands as the kiss deepened, encouraging him to straddle Shishido-san’s hips. After a moment of token resistance, Ohtori let Shishido-san coax him up, and just as he shifted his weight over to rest on Shishido-san…

…they overbalanced on the very edge of the bed and went crashing to the floor in a tangle of limbs and blankets.

“GODDAMN!” Shishido-san bellowed, laying half on his side with his head in Ohtori’s lap and clutching his ass. Ohtori was gasping ‘ow‘s in between snorts of laughter and rubbing sporadically at the rising lump on his shoulder where Shishido had cracked his head.

“Are you okay?” Ohtori chortled, trying to sit up and then collapsing back to the ground when he was overtaken by more giggling. “I can…oh god…kiss it better for you if you want!”

“Oh, fuck you,” Shishido-san growled, but he let Ohtori push his hands away and rub gently at his tailbone. Shishido-san raised an eyebrow when the stomach his cheek was resting against vibrated suspiciously, but Ohtori just smiled back and let his massage drift slightly afield of the injury. Shishido-san’s eyes fluttered shut, and his soft ‘hmmm’ as he nuzzled Ohtori’s stomach tickled, making Ohtori hum in return.

The nuzzles turned into light kisses after a few minutes, and then into sharper ones, Shishido-san leaving tiny toothprints that faded away quickly when he ran his tongue over them. Ohtori’s hands drifted up to Shishido-san’s back as he leaned back against the bedside table, which neither of them miraculously had cracked their skull open on, to give Shishido-san more access. By the time Shishido-san left a mark in the crease of Ohtori’s thigh that was certainly going to be there for a while, Ohtori had forgotten entirely what his plan had even been.

“Hmm, Choutarou?” Shishido-san gave the mark a slow, self-satisfied lick, then lifted his gaze enough to smirk at Ohtori. “Think you can reach in that drawer behind your head and hand me the lube?”

“Nnnn?” Ohtori managed, blinking stupidly down at Shishido-san.

“In the drawer,” Shishido-san said patiently, smirk widening, “there’s a tube? We use it for sex sometimes? It’s about this big.” Shishido-san gave Ohtori’s cock a slow stroke, then did it again when Ohtori let his head fall back against the nightstand with a thunk.

“S’not…in there,” Ohtori replied after another second, blinking hard to try and get himself together. “S’in…uh…in my school bag.”

“In your…” Shishido-san paused, thumb stilling on the head of Ohtori’s cock, making him whimper. “What’ve you got the lube in your bag for?”

A tiny blush creeping over his nose, Ohtori smiled and shrugged, making a little ‘hmm-nn’ noise with his lips firmly shut.

“What the hell does that mean?” Shishido-san laughed. He tried to tease the answer out of Ohtori with feathery kisses on the inside of his thighs, but Ohtori kept his mouth firmly shut except to moan. Shishido-san finally gave up with an eyeroll and a, “fine, keep your silly secret,” and stretched out over Ohtori’s lap to snag the strap of Ohtori’s bag where it was leaning against his desk chair.

“Let me,” Ohtori murmured, catching the bag as Shishido-san dragged it closer, then smiled some more when Shishido-san demanded to know just what else Ohtori was carrying around in there that he didn’t want Shishido-san to know about. Making sure Shishido-san wasn’t at an angle to see properly—his Shishido-san could be a little too sneaky for his own good—Ohtori felt around for the hidden side pocket and slipped the tube out, then set his bag aside.

Shishido-san slipped the tube out from under Ohtori’s fingers and rolled it back and forth between his palms slowly, warming it. He shot Ohtori a look that Ohtori couldn’t quite read but made his stomach twist a little. “Oi, Choutarou…want to practice for Valentine’s Day?”

Ohtori blinked. “Shishido-san?”

“I just mean,” Shishido-san frowned and looked down at his hands, rolling the tube a little faster, “you said you didn’t know what to do, so I could show you, um, on you. So then you could practice on me.”

Staring at Shishido-san steadily, Ohtori fought back snickers in spite of himself at the way Shishido-san’s explanation of what he wanted was getting more and more flustered in the face of Ohtori’s silence.

“You don’t have to, you know,” Shishido-san was babbling, “go the whole way or anything. Or do it at all. If you don’t want. To do it to me. Or me to…aw, geez, quit it!” Shishido-san’s face had gone bright red and his fingers were clenched around the tube tightly as he glared at Ohtori. “Never mind, okay? Forget it!”

“Shishido-san.” Ohtori pried the tube out of Shishido-san’s hands before he exploded it. He was trying to keep his smile gentle, but had the suspicion he was failing. “Show me?”

“Yes!” Shishido-san tugged Ohtori close to kiss him, as if he thought Ohtori might change his mind if they didn’t get down to business immediately. Humming his approval, Ohtori slid arms around Shishido-san’s back and squirmed a bit as Shishido-san ran fingers down his side.

“Ne, let’s move back up.” Ohtori nipped Shishido-san’s lower lip to get his attention and shrugged a shoulder to the bed. “S’cold down here.”

“Yeah, okay,” Shishido-san answered, recapturing Ohtori’s mouth, and a few seconds went by before the words actually seemed to register, and he leaned back with a rueful laugh. “It’s not exactly comfortable with all the blankets bunched up underneath us anyway.”

Climbing to his feet, Shishido-san gave Ohtori a hand up, but nearly sent them both tumbling back over when his feet got tangled in the mess of blankets and slid out from under him as he tried to brace himself against Ohtori’s weight. Ohtori yanked him back upright with the hand he was still holding, wincing when Shishido-san’s pelvic bone banged into his thigh.

“Geez!” Shishido-san untangled himself from both Ohtori and blankets, running a hand through his hair sheepishly. “Maybe you better just get back in bed before I kill you.”

Ohtori obeyed gladly, goosebumps rising on his arms from the cold air, and wriggled happily when Shishido-san scooped up the blankets from the floor in a big armful and dumped them on top of Ohtori. His attempts to straighten the blankets out a little were thwarted by Ohtori’s enthusiastic nesting.

“Just get in here, would you?” Ohtori laughed, clutching the blankets tighter around his shoulders and kicking away Shishido-san’s tickling hand from his exposed foot. Knowing better than to disobey a direct order, Shishido-san slid under the covers with Ohtori and wrapped arms around him until he stopped shivering.

Ohtori was still holding the tube of lubricant, and he unscrewed the cap and set it aside on the bedside table carefully before handing it over to Shishido-san, who had a talent for sending tube caps into the void, never to be seen again. Shishido-san gave an indignant snort as he squeezed some of the gel on his fingers and pulled Ohtori close.

“Just relax, okay?” Shishido-san examined Ohtori’s face for a few moments, touching Ohtori’s tailbone gently with a slick finger to let him know where Shishido-san’s hand was.

“I’ve done this part before,” Ohtori reminded, stealing a kiss to swallow Shishido-san’s grumble about know-it-all kouhai.

“I don’t want to waste your time then.” Shishido slipped his hand further down, making Ohtori shudder against him. “Perhaps we’ll move on to more advanced material.”

“You know best, Shishido-sempai,” Ohtori murmured, and Shishido-san kissed him slow and deep while he slid a finger inside. Ohtori’s arms tightened around Shishido-san’s neck and he pressed closer, but Shishido-san moved his other hand up to rest against the back of Ohtori’s neck, rubbing soothing fingers along the edge of his hair.

“Relax,” Shishido-san repeated, sliding a knee in between Ohtori’s thighs to hold him down a little as Ohtori pushed back against his fingers. “Slow.”

“Don’t wanna,” Ohtori whined, pressing his forehead into the curve of Shishido-san’s shoulder as Shishido-san drew back his hand and replaced one finger with two. “Shishido-san…

“Dammit, Choutarou, you’re going to hurt yourself,” Shishido-san warned, but his voice was warm under the reproval. He moved his hand from Ohtori’s neck to wrap over his shoulders, and when that failed to hold him still enough, let go of Ohtori entirely, pulling his fingers out.

“Oi,” Ohtori protested muzzily, then “Oi!” again when Shishido-san pushed the blankets down past Ohtori’s waist, baring his flushed skin to the cold air. He blinked when Shishido-san followed the blanket down, settling in between Ohtori’s thighs and curling his left arm under Ohtori’s thigh so that he could press Ohtori’s stomach down firmly into the bed with his forearm.

“You’re supposed to be learning something.” Shishido-san looked up with a grin, breath brushing over the tip of Ohtori’s cock, and the whine Ohtori gave apparently wasn’t enough for Shishido-san, because he flicked his tongue over Ohtori’s head and smiled wider at the moan he got in reply. Ohtori tried to arch again, then to push closer as Shishido-san pressed fingers back inside him, but Shishido-san’s improved leverage kept Ohtori right where he was.

Reaching down to tangle fingers in Shishido-san’s hair, it was clear Ohtori was not going to last very long. He moaned fragment syllables of Shishido-san’s name when Shishido-san stopped teasing and let Ohtori’s cock slide past his lips, pressing his tongue into the little notch just under Ohtori’s head.

“Ah!” Ohtori’s grip on Shishido-san’s hair tightened when Shishido-san curled the fingers inside Ohtori just a little, and Shishido-san gave a grunt that sounded a little pained, but his lips were buzzing with a soft moan around Ohtori. Shishido-san was twisting his fingers a bit at a time, until they pressed against the spot that he hit accidentally sometimes and made Ohtori’s vision go fuzzy around the edges. “Ah…just, just there!”

“Hmm,” Shishido-san hummed, making Ohtori cry out again, then lifted his head to innocently ask, “here?”

“Yes!” Ohtori arched, the sleek curve of his back bending into Shishido-san’s arm, which pushed him right back down. Ohtori fought to keep his eyes from shutting so he could watch Shishido-san’s wet, puffy lips wrap around him, but they squeezed shut involuntarily every time Shishido-san’s fingers pressed deeper or his tongue curled around Ohtori. “Shi…ido…I can’t…”

Shishido-san coaxed him over the edge with a final twist of his fingers, encouraging Ohtori on with the moan in his throat. Ohtori thrust hard, one foot braced against the bed, but Shishido-san’s arm was still keeping Ohtori from doing any permanent damage to him as he swallowed.

“Shi…shido-san…” Ohtori groaned a few moments later, when Shishido-san still had Ohtori in his mouth and looked like he might never stop teasing Ohtori’s over-sensitive skin. Ohtori tugged on Shishido-san’s hair, but his fingers were trembling from aftershocks and slipped through the heavy strands rather than getting a grip.

“Mmm.” Shishido-san finally released Ohtori so he could rub his head against Ohtori’s palm, eyes half-closed from the pleasure of it. Smiling limply, Ohtori circled fingertips against Shishido-san’s scalp, then gasped when Shishido-san dropped his forehead to nuzzle Ohtori’s stomach and gave a long, purring moan.

Fearing what else Shishido-san might do if left down there, Ohtori let his hands drop to Shishido-san’s shoulders and urged him up, tugging harder when Shishido-san began to grudgingly slide up Ohtori’s body, dropping lazy kisses across Ohtori’s stomach and chest on the way. Ohtori whimpered when the hot weight of Shishido-san’s erection dragged a tacky line up the inside of his thigh.

Shishido-san tasted like Ohtori when their lips finally met, and toothpaste underneath, and Ohtori pulled back with a curse when he remembered his hadn’t brushed his teeth yet this morning. Shishido-san’s mouth fell open, and his eyes looked hurt for a split second before he dropped them and ran a hand through his tangle of hair, mumbling an apology.

“No!” Ohtori hurried to explain; things tended to get out of control fast when Shishido-san developed a complex about something. “I just haven’t brushed my teeth! I have morning breath.”

Now Shishido-san’s jaw was actually dangling. It took him a few seconds to get himself together enough to give an amused, “Choutarou, I just sucked you off! Why the hell would I care about morning breath?” Shishido-san laughed harder when Ohtori turned bright red and gave him a shove that rolled Shishido-san onto his back.

Figuring now was the time, while Shishido-san was snickering too hard to defend himself, Ohtori threw a knee over Shishido-san’s hip, more successfully this time, and bent to sink teeth into Shishido-san’s collarbone while settling his weight on Shishido-san’s thighs. Shishido-san’s laughter turned into a loud moan pretty freaking quick then.

“People’re…” Shishido-san gasped as Ohtori suckled the mark to make sure it stuck, “gonna see that…y’know.”

“Good.” Ohtori lifted his head to grin down at Shishido-san; Shishido-san shuddered. It wasn’t true, Ohtori had spent enough time staring at the V of slick, tanned skin Shishido-san’s jersey revealed to know exactly where it sat on Shishido-san’s chest, but the thought of everyone on the court knowing just whose mark Shishido-san was wearing crackled along Ohtori’s nerves, making him rock gently against Shishido-san’s hip. It was easy to see, from Shishido-san’s hooded gaze, that he was thinking exactly the same thing.

Ohtori had learned after about ten minutes of being Shishido-san’s boyfriend that staring into his eyes when he had that look would burn out your retinas just as surely as staring into the sun, so he dropped his eyes and listened instead. Bursts of pleasure flared over his skin at every noise that spilled out of Shishido-san’s mouth, rough and low, as Ohtori left other marks in a scatter down Shishido-san’s torso, making a few noises himself at the feel of Shishido-san’s length rubbing an increasingly slick patch against his stomach.

He paused for a second when he finally reached Shishido-san’s cock, long enough for Shishido-san to start wriggling impatiently against him, before wrapping a hand around him with a low laugh.

“Tease,” Shishido-san growled, in between soft curses. “Damn, Choutarou, those calluses of yours…god, just like that…”

“Nnn?” Ohtori grinned, rubbing his middle finger over Shishido-san’s tip again, so that the edge of the violin callus was dragging over his slit. “After all those times you complained I practice too much? Seems like you’re the one playing a different tune now, Shishido-san.”

“Leave the humor…hnnn…to Oshitari, okay?” Shishido-san let his head tip back against the pillow, and Ohtori took the opportunity to see if he could figure out where the lube had rolled off to.

A few pats of the tangled blankets around them turned up the tube, and Ohtori winced a little at the splotch of lube soaking into the sheets; one of them must’ve rolled over onto the tube or something for a second. Ah well, Ohtori reflected as he executed a practiced and flawless one-handed lube squeeze, it wasn’t like they weren’t going to have to wash the sheets anyway.

A lot.

“Shishido-san?” Ohtori asked quietly as he brought his finger up to rub gently at the skin just behind Shishido-san’s balls, letting him feel the chill slickness of the lube. “Is this okay?”

“It’s a hell of a lot better than okay,” Shishido-san answered, hitching his hips up so that Ohtori’s finger was sliding directly across his entrance. He lifted his head to give Ohtori a reassuring smile. “Keep going. Please.”

“Shishido-san…” Ohtori narrowed his eyes thoughtfully as spread the lube in slow circles, the wrinkles of skin weird and pleasant against the pad of his finger. Shishido-san failed thoroughly at looking innocent. “Have you…done this before?”

“Yeah.” Shishido-san smiled, but something about the corner of his mouth made Ohtori want to smooth it away, replace it with kisses or a sharp toothprint. Shishido-san reached up to slide a palm along Ohtori’s cheekbone. “But not anybody good. S’okay, go on.”

Ohtori watched Shishido-san’s face for a moment longer, trying to get a hint whether the lack of ‘good’ was in reference to the person or the sex, but in the end just shook his head a little and squeezed Shishido-san’s cock in apology. Shishido-san sucked in a breath, making the ugly smile disappear, and Ohtori felt satisfied with that.

He felt a whole hell of a lot more than satisfied when he began easing his finger inside Shishido-san, swallowing a moan at the heat and the press of Shishido-san’s body. It was unbelievable that more than one finger might fit inside Shishido-san this way, much less somebody’s…well, sparks of marvel and jealousy popped in Ohtori’s brain at even the thought of it as he drew his finger back an inch or so, just for the slow pleasure of sliding it back in.

“Are you trying to kill me?” Shishido-san demanded, snapping Ohtori out of it, and he realized that Shishido-san was trying to push himself down on Ohtori’s fingers, but Ohtori’s firm grip on his cock was making that difficult. Ohtori had to bite down a laugh at his accidental revenge for Shishido-san’s teasing. “Geez, that’s not what you were supposed to be learning! Come on already!”

“Don’t hurt yourself, Shishido-san,” Ohtori taunted, laughing out loud as he slid a second finger into Shishido-san, and Shishido-san’s warning growl melted into a groan. “Aren’t you supposed to be relaxed?”

“Gonna kill you,” Shishido-san muttered, fingers twisting in the sheets underneath him as Ohtori leaned down to lick a slow stripe up his erection. “Better not stop if you value your life…”

“Mmm,” Ohtori drew his tongue through the drop of precome collecting on Shishido-san’s head, “keep talking, Shishido-san.”

Shishido-san made a strangled little noise, and Ohtori flicked his gaze up just long enough to see Shishido-san had turned bright red and lips sullenly shut. Being laughed at would just make him more stubborn, so Ohtori began to suck him in earnest, earning a hoarse moan in response.

Ohtori had been moving his fingertips around inside Shishido-san, enjoying the noises and wriggles it wrung out of him, but now began to hunt in earnest for the spot that Shishido-san seemed to find so easily inside him. He supposed there was a Shinji Ibu joke in the situation someplace, but his mouth was otherwise occupied so he simply smiled to himself around Shishido-san’s cock. Just when he thought he’d have to ask Shishido-san for help after all,

“Holy FUCK!”

he was pretty sure he got it right.

Shishido-san was trembling and hot under Ohtori’s hands and mouth, and Ohtori fully expected him to go at any moment, when suddenly Shishido’s hand slid into his hair and pulled his head up. His already surprised expression froze when he got a good look at Shishido-san, flushed and panting, eyes dark enough that he could barely see Shishido-san’s irises. A bolt of lust shot clean through Ohtori, making him painfully aware of the prickle of cold air over his shoulders and his cock pressed awkwardly into the sheet underneath him.

“Choutarou,” Shishido-san’s voice was scratchy and made Ohtori shudder, “I want you. Please?”

It was on the tip of Ohtori’s tongue to say he didn’t understand, when suddenly he did, and his skin broke out into goosebumps of nerves and want. “Shi-Shishido-san?”

“Don’t wanna,” Shishido-san swallowed hard, “don’t wanna force you, but…I want you. Now. Choutarou?”

“Force me?” Ohtori repeated faintly, blinking at Shishido-san. Was Shishido-san stupid, when every one of his heartbeats was pulsing around Ohtori’s fingers and making his cock throb in rhythm? “I just…I don’t know what…”

“S’not hard.” Shishido-san offered a shaky smile, and Ohtori almost laughed again at how sometimes Shishido-san looked at him as if he were going to bolt at any second if Shishido-san didn’t say all the right words in a slow, soothing voice. Almost as laughable was Shishido-san’s attempt at a slow, soothing voice when he was practically shivering with want.

“Uhm, it really is,” Ohtori answered softly, twisting his body so that his cock slid lightly against Shishido-san’s leg, and Shishido-san’s bark of laughter broke the spell of weirdness and made things easy again. Ohtori helped Shishido-san sit up enough to wedge the pillow behind him more, and Shishido scooped up the lube and ran a firm hand up Ohtori’s cock to slick him ready, Ohtori shivering at the chill gel.

“It’d be easier if I was on my stomach,” Shishido-san said, wiping his hand off on the sheets so he could run it down Ohtori’s side.

“But we can do it this way, right?” Ohtori chewed his bottom lip a little and widened his eyes. “I want to see you.”

“Yeah, I was just saying.” Shishido-san rolled his eyes and tapped Ohtori’s nose, smiling in affectionate exasperation. “Turn the look off already, you can have me any way you want me.”

Shishido-san.” Ohtori shivered at the words, which were a hundred times hotter because Shishido-san had obviously not meant them to be. Flushing but with his chin set firmly, Shishido-san reached for Ohtori’s hips and tugged him close. Ohtori’s heart seemed to be crawling up into his throat, but he reached down to steady himself and started pushing slowly into Shishido.

“Wait.” Shishido-san’s palm was against Ohtori’s chest, and Ohtori fought down a whimper. He’d stop, for sure, if Shishido-san asked, but oh he was just barely inside and Shishido-san’s heat was already soaking into him, making Ohtori ache to press forward.

“Want me to stop?” Ohtori asked, voice catching on the edge of a whine.

“No, I…” Shishido-san was making a visible effort to get the words out. “When you’re…use my name.” Ohtori blinked down at him, a “Shishido-san?” already on his lips when Shishido-san repeated, “My name, Choutarou,” and Ohtori finally caught on.

“Ryou,” Ohtori murmured, the name awkward in his mouth like it was the first time he’d ever said it, but it was worth it to see Shishido-san’s eyes close a little against the pleasure of it. Ohtori decided he’d just have to keep on saying it until he got it right. “Ryou,” he said softly as he pushed inside slow, so freaking slow wouldn’t he ever fit the whole way in? But every time he whispered “Ryou” again, Shishido’s body gave a little more under him, until the last “Ryou” was an amazed curse at the realization that Ohtori couldn’t be anymore inside of his Shishido-san than he was at that moment.

” ‘tarou…” Shishido-san’s eyes were squeezed tightly shut, his chest rising and falling too quickly. “Don’t move…gimme a second…”

Ohtori only gave a strangled “Nng” in response through his gritted teeth, because if he moved he was going to come, previous orgasm or not.

Shishido-san let out a shuddering breath a few seconds after Ohtori thought he might have control of himself, and when he opened his eyes they were damp, but clearer. “O-okay, I think.”

Ohtori was not exactly convinced, but Shishido’s hands on his hips helped pushed him out a tiny bit, then pulled him closer again. The second time, Ohtori slid out a little further, and the lines around Shishido-san’s eyes relaxed; the third time, Ohtori actually did a pale imitation of a thrust, and Shishido-san’s head tipped back enough to bare his throat.

“It’s okay, really,” Shishido-san assured Ohtori, and Ohtori’s arms were shaking with how badly he wanted to believe him, but it wasn’t until his next stroke made Shishido-san use his name like a curse that Ohtori really believed him.

“Shi…Ryou,” Ohtori groaned, bending his head to rub lips over the tendons of Shishido-san’s neck, and the change in the angle of his body as he thrust back in made Shishido-san’s entire body draw up against him in a smooth line. Ohtori tensed, afraid he’d hurt Shishido-san, but then Shishido-san’s moan reverberated clean through Ohtori.

“What’re you stopping for?” Shishido-san demanded, words buzzing against Ohtori’s lips. “Do it again, just like that.” And Ohtori caught on that the spot wasn’t just for fingers.

This was glorious news, Ohtori reflected as he did his best to reproduce the motion, because if he lasted five more minutes inside the slick grip of Shishido-san’s body then he’d have more self-control than every other Hyoutei regular combined. Shishido-san purred a little at that thrust, but it wasn’t the full-body abandon Ohtori was shooting for, so he arched his back just a little more and tried again.

Choutarou,” Shishido-san exclaimed, then added a few more choice words as he wrapped an arm around Ohtori’s shoulders and squeezed hard enough to probably leave marks, but that was okay because the throb of Shishido-san’s body had made Ohtori bite down on his throat after all, so at least they’d be even.

Hazily, Ohtori figured out where Shishido’s other hand had been when Shishido pressed his forehead into the curve of Ohtori’s shoulder and let out an exclamation that was almost a sob, and then a second later, there was a slick spill of heat over Ohtori’s stomach.

Fuck!” Ohtori’s arms gave out completely, and he collapsed on top of Shishido as he had to clench his eyes and fists shut against the crash of his own orgasm.

He came back to himself eventually, realizing that Shishido-san’s breath underneath him sounded a bit strained. He tried to apologize or to move, something, but nothing seemed to work properly, and he only flailed a little.

“Shh.” Shishido-san’s voice was soothing, if pained. Ohtori realized that Shishido-san was rubbing his palm in gentle circles against his shoulders. “You okay?”

“Shouldn’t,” Ohtori swallowed, puzzled by the creaking of his voice, “shouldn’t I be asking you?”

“M’okay.” Shishido-san’s voice was closer to Ohtori’s ear, and warmth snaked its way down Ohtori’s spine as Shishido-san nuzzled the curls at Ohtori’s temple. “You promise to swear like that every time?”

Ridiculously, Ohtori’s cock twitched at the thought of there being lots more of these times, and he realized that he was still inside Shishido-san when Shishido-san made a noise that was definitely pained.

“Oh!” Ohtori forced his arm to cooperate and got an elbow underneath himself to lift himself up and shift to the side. Shishido-san let out a long, slow hiss when Ohtori slipped free, fingers tightening against Ohtori’s shoulder. “I’m so sorry! Shishido-san, I hurt you!”

“Back to ‘Shishido-san’, hm?” Shishido-san asked, raising an eyebrow, and Ohtori didn’t like the way he shoved down the pain like that, packed it away behind that fake smile, but that was Shishido-san after all. “It’s okay, really. I’ll be fine. It’s just…been awhile.”

Wondering how much it would hurt when Shishido-san was inside him, Ohtori chewed his lower lip and peered at Shishido-san closely, still propped up awkwardly on one elbow. Shishido-san gazed back evenly, hair in a tousled pile across the pillow, lips swollen, a huge mark rising on his throat not to mention the one on his collarbone. Oh, he was going to pay for that, but it was worth it to see Shishido-san looking so…debauched.

“It’s good, I promise.” Shishido-san reached up to smooth back Ohtori’s sweat-damp hair, grinning lop-sidedly. “And it gets better with practice.”

Ohtori’s arm was shaking with the effort of holding him up, and Ohtori gave up when Shishido-san tugged on him and settled in against Shishido-san on the pillow, arm over Shishido-san’s chest and forehead tucked against Shishido-san’s jaw. If it was Shishido-san, it would be all right.

He frowned at a white thing on Shishido-san’s shoulder, then remembered about the pillow and the feathers. Now that he was looking, Shishido-san had a good dusting of feather bits, stuck to his skin with drying sweat. Oh god, his back was probably coated in them as well! Just the thought of having to make a dash to the shower, where the odds of no one seeing them were practically nil, made Ohtori’s cheeks heat, and he pressed his face closer against Shishido-san.

“Don’t worry about it,” Shishido-san murmured, apparently thinking Ohtori was worried about switching roles still. “Valentine’s Day is me for you, remember? You just got your present a little early, is all. A pretty damned fine present, if I do say so myself.”

“Is that so?” Ohtori teased back, poking a finger into Shishido-san’s chest as if considering his merits. “I don’t know, I hear this present is damaged goods.”

As soon as the words were out of his mouth, Ohtori froze. Shishido-san was shaking a little under his hand.

Fuck!” Ohtori pushed himself up to apologize desperately to Shishido-san. “I didn’t mean that at all, oh god, Shishido-san, I’m so…”

He trailed off when it became apparent that Shishido-san was actually laughing, a hand pressed against his mouth and the corners of his eyes crinkled.

“You can’t joke worth a damn, you know that?” Shishido-san managed, snickers making his voice waver. “Goddamn, Choutarou, it’s a good thing you’re so cute.”

Ohtori’s indignant reply was cut off when Shishido-san sat up as well and put hands on Ohtori’s cheeks to hold him still for a kiss. Shishido-san’s grunt of pain and the fact that Ohtori had still not brushed his teeth faded away as Shishido-san ran his tongue over Ohtori’s lower lip, and then Ohtori’s arms were wrapped tightly around Shishido-san’s neck, and their limbs where all tangled in the blankets and they were covered in feathers, and this was the first time they had really kissed all morning, and Ohtori hoped that things would be a little less ridiculous when Shishido-san took him.

But he wasn’t counting on it.

“And,” Shishido-san said against Ohtori’s mouth, “you owe me a pillow, you idiot.”

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