Prince of Tennis, Eating Habits of the Native Kaidoh

Title: Eating Habits of the Native Kaidoh [Inui/Kaidoh]
Fandom: Prince of Tennis
Rating/Warnings: PG-13 for Inui’s thorough data retrieval.
Summary: Even Kaidoh thinks that this training menu thing might be getting out of hand.
AN: Mousapelli’s Birthday Theme 22: Never When It’s Convenient.

Eating Habits of the Native Kaidoh

“Ah, Kaidoh!” Inui says, stepping into Kaidoh’s path as he attempts to exit the clubroom.

“Senpai.” Kaidoh gives him a nod. “Sorry, I’m on my way to…” Kaidoh notices that Inui is carrying the notebook with his name on it again. He lets out a little hiss. “Did you want something, senpai?”

“Yes, in fact.” Inui pushes up his glasses and Kaidoh scowls and shoves his hands in his pockets, because only total retards would think that was cute. “I’ve been making some adjustments to your training menu, and I was wondering about your eating habits.”

“Eating habits?” Kaidoh blinks.

“Certain foods can have a large impact on the effectiveness of certain exercises,” Inui flips open the notebook and pulls a pen out from behind his ear, “so if you wouldn’t mind telling me what exactly you eat for lunch?”

“Well…” Kaidoh rubs the back of his head and tries to think of a way that he can dissuade Inui from talking to him for the next four hours about this. “…it varies. My mother makes my lunch.”

“I thought as much.” Inui makes a note and closes the notebook. Kaidoh feels a split-second of relief before Inui adds, “Which is why I will be joining you for dinner tonight.”

“You…what?!” Kaidoh’s jaw drops. “You can’t just…senpai, I…I’m on my way to…” Kaidoh trails off when Inui’s patient gaze doesn’t flicker. “You already called my parents, didn’t you, senpai.”

Inui’s smile turns warm and pleased, and Kaidoh feels very uncomfortable about the accuracy with which he is reading Inui these days.


“You picked an excellent day to come,” Kaidoh’s father announces when they are all sitting around the table, Inui in the spare chair from the living room. “My wife makes the best katsudon in Japan!” Hazue cheers his agreement, and even Kaidoh nods, though Inui is watching him.

“Shibuki!” Kaidoh’s mother protests, blushing prettily. “There’s nothing special about it, Inui-kun, these boys just get very excited about food.”

“It’s excellent, Kaidoh-san,” Inui says, making her giggle, and of all the scenarios Kaidoh has come up with where his family hates Inui, it’s scaring him far more how much they like him.

“Will you play a video game with me after dinner, Inui-senpai?” Hazue asks, eyes wide in adoration, and something twists in Kaidoh’s stomach.

“He’s not your senpai, you know,” he grumbles.

“He will be next year,” Hazue points out, sticking out his tongue at his brother.

“Some other time,” Inui smiles at Hazue. “Kaoru and I have some schoolwork we need to do after dinner.”

Every piece of hair on Kaidoh’s body bristles when Inui dares to utter his given name, and in front of his family, but his mother seems totally oblivious and gushes about how nice he is to help her son out with his work, and she’ll bring some tea up to them in a bit.

“Senpai—” Kaidoh starts as soon as his bedroom door is shut, but he chokes on the indignant speech he’s been saving up all afternoon when Inui’s mouth covers his own, and Inui’s hands come to rest on the back of his neck and the small of his back. After a few seconds, his own hands find their way to Inui’s waist to twist into his shirt.

“My apologies, Kaidoh,” Inui murmurs as he pulls away. Kaidoh continues leaning against the door, watching dazedly as Inui pulls off his glasses and rubs them with the tail of his t-shirt. “I was rather nervous about meeting your family, is all.”

Nervous? Inui-senpai? Kaidoh feels a tiny, stupid smile touch his lips as Inui blinks at him sheepishly with his glasses in his hand. He tries to scowl the smile away, but it refuses to go.

“Inui-senpai…” he starts, then nearly swallows his tongue when his mother knocks on the door behind him. Inui slides his glasses back on, and Kaidoh goes to hide his blush by slamming books from his bookbag onto the desk.

“We’ll be sure not to disturb you!” Kaidoh’s mother says brightly before closing the door tightly, and Kaidoh stiffens as he looks up at Inui.

Inui sets the tea tray aside, and his smile is suddenly a lot less sheepish and a lot more wolf.

“So where were we,” he smiles, and every single hair on Kaidoh’s body stands up, “Kaoru?”

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