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w-inds., Counting To A Million

Sometimes, the way that Keita and Ryuichi are on stage gets to Ryohei. (OT3)

w-inds., Leader is Amazing

Ryohei tries very hard to effect a costume change; Keita and Ryuichi resist. (OT3)

w-inds., Better to Give

Ryuichi really likes giving presents, because Ryohei and Keita really like giving them back. (OT3)

w-inds., Sounds Like

Michishirube plays just one too many times for Ryohei and Ryuichi. (OT3)

w-inds., That’s a Killer Costume

Ryohei thinks that he is being typecast. (OT3)

w-inds., Deviant

Keita thinks he's devious. (OT3)

w-inds., Healthy Rivalry

Keita and Ryohei battle for the leadership of the band; Ryuichi breaks for cover. (OT3)

w-inds., Don’t Let It Go To Your Head

Ryuichi loses every single shred of his dignity for two chocolate bars and an omake reel. (OT3)

w-inds., It’s a Date!

Ryohei is pissed, but Ryuichi has a kiwifruit, and he's not afraid to use it. Keita needs a drink. (OT3)

w-inds., We Can’t Dance

The New Paradise shoot is not going well at all. And Ryohei makes the choreographer cry. (OT3)

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