w-inds., Leader is Amazing

Title: Leader is Amazing [Ryohei/Keita/Ryuichi]
Rating/Warnings: PG-13 because W-INDS. IS FUCKING HOT.
Summary: Ryohei tries very hard to effect a costume change; Keita and Ryuichi resist.

Leader is Amazing

As soon as the lights started dimming, Ryuichi turned from his perch on the arm of the couch to grin at Keita. Keita grinned back reflexively, distantly puzzled by the hissed “Don’t do it!” from Ryohei behind him. The top of Keita’s head wasn’t quite clear of the stage when Ryuichi made his move.

Fans in the first section were close enough to see Keita’s head fall to the right before disappearing, but probably assumed that Keita had just ducked off the couch.

Fans in the first couple rows were close enough, if they weren’t screaming their heads off, to hear a faint “Oof!” as Ryuichi’s pounce landed his full weight on Keita, knocking him down on his back on the couch.

“You smell,” Ryuichi informed Keita cheerfully, then threw arms around his neck and hugged him fiercely, pressing his face against Keita’s neck.

“So do you!” Keita protested, yelling because the only things he could hear were the pounding of Ryuichi’s heart where their chests were squeezed together, and the rush of blood in his ears. Sweat was dripping down Keita’s collarbone, it didn’t matter whose, tickling him. He wriggled, but Ryuichi squeezed him tighter, flicking his hair out of his face with a practiced twist of his head.

Ryuichi’s face lit up even brighter when he found the full force of Keita’s square smile focused directly on him.

“Hey, this is a costume change you know,” Ryohei snapped, but he was grinning too when Keita let his head fall back against the couch to look up at him. Ryohei was still perched on the arm, the back of Keita’s head having apparently missed his pointy boots by barely an inch, his shirt already off and waving at a tech to toss him the new one.

Keita and Ryuichi exchanged a glance and Ryohei cursed and started scrambling away, but not anywhere near fast enough to avoid Keita and Ryuichi both grabbing one of his ankles and yanking him so that he slipped off the arm of the couch, ass landing on the cushions with a protesting squeak of the springs.

“Honestly,” Ryohei scowled, reaching down to yank Keita’s head up by the hair, which had again avoided damage from Ryohei by only a narrow margin, and let it fall back to rest on his thigh. “Do you want me to squish your head like a grape? And this is a costume change!

“Yes, yes,” Keita and Ryuichi replied obediantly, Ryuichi finally rolling off Keita when Ryohei jabbed him in the ribs with the pointy end of his boots. Keita sat up, running hands through his hair and watching Ryuichi try and strip off his shirt too fast and get it hopelessly tangled around his head. “What would we do without Leader?”

“Be on stage naked when the lights came up,” Ryohei said with authority, reaching over to yank Ryuichi’s shirt free. “Doing the dance from Devil in a way the choreographer did not intend.”

“That’s so, isn’t it,” Keita laughed, pulling off his shirt and using it to towel some of the sweat off his chest, not that the shirt wasn’t just as wet. Ryuichi, now battling his pants, commented that that’s exactly what the choreographer had intended, and added a “Leader’s amazing!” for good measure, making Keita snort.

“Come on, come on,” Ryohei ordered, bouncing on the balls of his feet as Ryuichi finally got his pants sorted and Keita actually effected a costume change. “Hurry up, don’t you want to—”

His voice cut out as Keita and Ryuichi both slammed into him from either side, arms around his chest, forcing all the air out of his lungs. Someone’s sweat trickled down his spine and down the small of his back.

“Of course we want to,” Keita answered, chin digging into the top of Ryohei’s head.

“You smell,” Ryuichi informed him, grin pressed against Ryohei’s collarbone.

And then they dragged him out into the lights like he’d been the one screwing around the whole time.

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