w-inds., Better to Give

Title: Better To Give [Ryuichi/Ryohei/Keita]
Rating: PG-13 for abuse of coincidental White Day.
Summary: Ryuichi really likes giving presents, because Ryohei and Keita really like giving them back.
AN: Wolf, Tabris, Shabz, and Jemz: it wouldn’t be the same without you ♥~♥.

Six whole years of w-inds.! It seems almost impossible that this:

has turned into this:

Keita, Ryohei, and Ryuichi: no band can ever dig their way into my heart as deeply as you have with your cute and your growing up and your improving all the time and your best friendship and your BEING UTTER DORKS and your suddenly getting so sexy it’s amazing. Keep changing, always, for another six years and longer. HAPPY ANNIVERSARY!

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Better To Give

Ryuichi had discovered long ago that the way to get lots of presents was to get into the habit of giving them. Ryuichi liked presents, so he gave them often, and even more often after he discovered the way the corners of Keita’s smile were sharp enough to cut paper, and the way Ryohei got flustered about people watching him when he ate something he really liked. It wasn’t like sixteen- and seventeen-year-old boys were hard to please.

So the first year, he hadn’t thought anything of strolling into a little convenience store on his way to their morning meeting and buying a large box of chocolates (Magical MIXED Assort! just to keep everybody happy, because even if seventeen-year-old boys weren’t that picky, nobody wanted a repeat of the coconut incident). It was their anniversary, after all. And despite the exhaustion and the schedules and the nerves of releasing albums, Ryuichi really couldn’t have spent his year in better company.

The alternate significance of the date had completely slipped his mind until he went to the counter to pay.

“Oh, how sweet!” the girl at the register said. “Who are they for?”

Ryuichi, occupied searching for his wallet in the two dozen pockets of his pants, replied absent-mindedly, “Keita and Ryohei,” and had been rather shocked when the counter girl let out a shriek of pure yaoi fangirl glee (which by then he was more than passingly familiar with). He tried to backpedal his explanation frantically, but to no avail, and the girl had offered him congratulations on his “boyfriends” in front of the whole store before Ryuichi managed to slink away.

The story became one of Ryohei’s greatest hits, which he and Keita acted out whenever it would be most mortifying for Ryuichi, even after Keita’s voice dropped and he could no longer do the pitch-perfect imitation of the counter girl’s shriek.

But chocolate became part of the tradition too, since the next year Keita made a point of dragging Ryuichi into the same store and making a big production out of buying his favorite kind of chocolate bar (even if Ryuichi made Keita’s plan backfire by kissing him on the cheek just as Ryohei stormed in and staged a huge scene about Keita cheating on them both).

The year after they’d been forced to change the tradition since they’d been banned from the original store, but by then they had really graduated to giving chocolate in private, because Ryohei licking anything off his fingers and Keita imitating a girl usually led to private things anyway. Keita made them chocolate milkshakes with the ancient blender his mother had given them as a house-warming present, despite the fact that chocolate milkshakes were definitely not on their diet plan, and Keita’s was really more of a chocolate protein shake.

“That’s disgusting!” Ryuichi protested after trying some of Keita’s shake, unhappy about the subversion of the tradition even in a minor way, but Ryohei just assured him that he wasn’t tasting it right, and then demonstrated.

Ryuichi did agree that the smear of chocolate on Keita’s cheek really tasted just fine.

The fourth year, Ryuichi and Keita were having a fight over their anniversary and were refusing to speak to each other. Ryohei had tried asking and begging and yelling to get them to make it up (“You can’t even REMEMBER what you’re FIGHTING ABOUT”) but with no luck. The day of their anniversary, Keita refused to come out of his room, so Ryohei took Ryuichi out to dinner and sweettalked the waitress into giving them a whole pile of chocolate mints at the end.

Keita was still in his room when they got home, but at ten minutes to midnight, there was a knock on Ryuichi’s door, and he opened it to find Keita holding out an opened package with one chocolate diet cookie left in it.

“It was the only thing I could find in my room,” Keita mumbled, and Ryuichi hugged him tight around the waist, then let Keita find the extra mints he had stashed in his back pocket.

The next year there were doughnuts, even Keita, real ones, chocolate with chocolate icing, and when their manager scolded them for getting fat, Ryohei laughed and said that if their fans could stick through their first video and growth spurts and fingers like pink spiders and Keita’s dancing and Ryuichi’s rapping, they’d probably still love w-inds. even if the members got just a little fat.

“Definitely,” Ryuichi had nodded, popping the last bite of his doughnut into his mouth, “since they even don’t mind Ryohei trying to grow facial hair,” and then he stole the last doughnut while Ryohei and Keita were jankenponning for it and not looking.

He hadn’t gotten very much of it in his mouth, though, by the time Keita and Ryohei knocked him down and they all ended up with chocolate crumbled all over them.

“So,” Keita asks this year on March 13th, sprawled over the middle of the couch, feet in Ryuichi’s lap and head in Ryohei’s, “what are we doing tomorrow?”

“Getting up too early, having a grueling dance practicing, eating bamboo shoots for lunch, enduring a vapid interview, and then grabbing each other on national television?” Ryohei offers, letting his finger slip under the collar of Keita’s T-shirt until he shivers. “You know, being a boyband?”

Ryuichi just grins, because he’s already got the chocolate body paint stashed in his jacket pocket, and he learned long ago that the best way to get presents is to give them first.

Remixed by Aeiouna here.

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