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Steven Universe, Fiction: Interpolating Thoughtless Problematics and Demolition

Peridot decides to show the internet people how they're doing it wrong; Lapis reads Pretty Hairstylist Vol 6 for the third time. (Peridot, Lapis)

Gravity Falls, Gratitude

For a whole three seconds, Stan thinks he might have actually gotten it right. (Stan, Mable)

Seven Days, Go At Your Own Pace

Shino really likes taking his time. [Shino/Seryou]

My Little Pony, Stardust in My Eyes

Twilight Sparkle is all filled up on weird lately, and that's even before she ends up in an alternate world where Applejack is Rainbow Dash's girlfriend instead of hers. (Twilight Sparkle/Applejack, Applejack/Rainbow Dash)

Bad Boys J, All Fired Up

Nobody has been able to get Danno all fired up lately, like Kaori said, and that includes Kaori herself. (Danno/Kaori)

Kis-My-Ft2, Rainbow Tono and the Color Kids

Patrick O'Green was on his stomach near the frog pond, a usual haunt, flicking star sprinkles at any lily pads that happened not to meet his standards. (AU, Gen)

Kis-My-Ft2, What Kind of Pokemon Are You?

The Nikachu sniffed the air, fur bristling nervously. (Pokemon Crossover)

Nobuta wo Produce, Attention (The National Deficit Remix)

Akira's job is to make Shuuji pay attention to what's important. (Shuuji/Akira)

Big Time Rush/JE, Big Time Luck

The kid is cute enough that James is willing to forgive the purple, shiny suit. (James/Hashimoto)

Big Time Rush, Going Overtime

Logan always has to stay after practice, but tonight he finds out what the others have been up to in his absence. (OT4)

HanaKimi, A Bond Between Men

Nakatsu's not in a hurry. (Nakatsu/Ashiya)

Pokemon/JE, The Gym on Route 7

Sanada and Nozawa need their Skating Badges; Gym Leader Kitayama stands in their way. (AU)

Speed Racer, It’s Only a Line (If It Gets Bought)

Taejo thinks they make a great team, after all. (Taejo/Racer X)

Avatar, No Sidetracks, No Worms, and Definitely No Rainbows

Zuko is just hoping that maybe the Southern Water Tribe just doesn't teach their children about civilized cultural norms. (Zuko/Sokka)

The Dresden Files, The Accordion Makes All the Difference

Harry is suspicious of Thomas's mojo and Murphy cleans up well. (Harry/Murphy)

Toy Story, Many Trails But No Shortcuts

Woody and Buzz are on a camping trip with Andy, just the guys and the campfire and the stars. (Woody/Buzz)

Prince of Tennis/Naruto, Konoha no Inui Sadaharu

Inui gathers some interesting data. (Gen, AU)

Ouran High School Host Club, Sweet Burning (The Chip on Her Shoulder Remix)

Haruhi battles her arch-nemesis: the chocolate chip cookie. (Gen)

Heroes, According to Plan (Live Long and Pon Farr Remix)

What Hiro saw, or if at first you don't succeed, try, try again. (Hiro, Peter/Claire)

Heroes, Sixth Sense

Hiro always says that Ando has a sixth sense. (Gen)

Heroes, The One Where Hiro and Ando Are in Akihabara@DEEP


Heroes, Language Barrier

Hiro's learning lots of new words from Charlie these days. (Hiro/Charlie)

Akihabara@DEEP, One Size Fits All

Page just wants a little time to himself with his Kansaiben Whispers REMIX-XX. (Page/Box)

Steady Study, Douzo Yoroshiku

Iijima is trying very hard not to screw up his chance to be Shinji's senpai. (Iijima/Shinji)

Akihabara@DEEP, Et Tu, Page-kun?

Box-kun bonds with vermin, and Page-kun works the BL angle. (Gen)

South Park, Ain’t That A Kick In the Chest

It's too damn hot in South Park to do anything. Except play Truth or Dare. (Stan/Kyle)

Off*Beat, Cat and Mouse

Tory hasn't quite figured out what Colin has his fur all ruffled up over. Or girls, either. (Tory/Colin)

Supernatural, Flexible Morals

Sam does not want Dean's illicit booty. (Gen)

Off*Beat, Video Game Violence

Colin thinks this game might not be violent enough. (Colin/Tory)

Aim for the Sky!/The Bijou, Lost and Found

Topaz is looking for Liam-senpai. (Topaz/Liam, AU)

Ouran High School Host Club, That Kind of Girl

Tamaki doesn't seem to understand the point of Halloween. (Gen)

Whistle!, Kick Him While He’s Down

Shige gives Kazamatsuri some advice about love and polyphonic ring tones. (Shige/Mizuno, Kazamatsuri/Fuwa)

Bijou/Aim for the Sky!, In the Meantime

Onyx's stamina needs work and Jasper is basically helping out not at all. (Onyx/Jasper, AU)

The Bijou, Gift of Gab

Left in Jasper's care, Pearl does some fast talking. (Jasper/Pearl)

Gakuen Heaven, Make Your Own Fun

Twins. Behind a tree. (Kakeru/Wataru)

Smallville, All in Good Taste

Lex is convinced that too much time in Kansas has damaged his tastes. (Lex/Clark)

Off*Beat, Eight Times a Week

Tory is supposed to wake Colin up, not take his creepy notes. (Tory/Colin)

Sukisho!!, Sleight of Hand

It's not that fucked up to wake up with your hand on yourself when you're a teenager, but it's realizing that you aren't in control of it that's the problem. (Ran/Sunao)

Velvet Goldmine, Momentary Seizure (The Hold Me Like a God Remix)

Curt is amused. (Brian/Curt)

Firefly, Stowaway

River brings aboard a friend, and Mal insists that he is in charge of the situation. (Gen)

Sukisho!!, I Always Get the Coconut

Ran complains that he hasn't got a Valentine's Day present, and Yoru gives him something to whine about. (Yoru/Ran)

Neopets, Sandstorm

doot doot doot doot doot DEET doot doot doot...

Smallville, Motorcycle

A thousand hours are in your mouth/I dreamed our learning/And now its time to dream our turning out.

Alexander, Something’s Always Wrong

Another day I call and never speak/And you would say nothing's changed at all/And I can't feel much hope for anything

NaNoWriMo 2004, Let Go

leave your things behind/'cause it's all going off without you/excuse me, too busy you're writing your tragedy.

Good Omens, This Week The Trend

And this week the trend/was to not wake up till 3pm/I took the few conscious hours that I choose to spend/and slept away the rest of them

Stargate SG-1, Set Phasers to Stun

Your famous last words started/(And they) They all know where to find me/Every word that I said, what a big mistake

Homeric Myth, Over My Head

It's none of my concern/Why look to me because I don't believe in fame.

Legal Drug, That Girl and the Slow Train

Oh my god, she was beautiful/she was so beautiful that I, I had to count to ten...

Velvet Goldmine, Shimmer

All that shimmers in this world is sure to fade away again.

Stargate SG-1, Persuasion

Ascended ones aren't allowed to interact. Not that it stops Jack.

Alexander, Pretty Words All in a Row

Hephaistion's birthday present is causing some consternation in Alexander's bedroom.

Egyptian Mythology, Upheaval in the House of Phoenix

What living in my house the week before my brother's graduation was like, as told through the medium of Egyptian mythology.

Neopets, Caring for Eyries

When full-grown, the Eyrie is intelligent, loyal, well-groomed, and helpful. As an adolescent, the Eyrie is scatterbrained, vain, and easily distracted by shiny objects.

Idoru, Different on the Outside

Chia has several surprises for Masahiko.

Alexander, Prose and Khans

Alexander has no idea how much Hephaistion wishes he were there instead of his letters.

Good Omens, Mortal Sins

Some insight into Aziraphale's earthly joys.

NaNoWriMo 2004, The Classics Never Die

Just what's wrong with vanilla?

Alexander, Exempla Maiorum

Alexander has the attention span of a tsetse fly, and Hephaistion has the oratory skill of a giraffe.

NaNoWriMo 2004, A Miss Daisy and a Leon Spinx

Adam is seduced into a life of petty crime.

NaNoWriMo 2004, Notes From the Tundra

It's totally a euphemism.

Good Omens, If You Want Something Done…

Crowley is being thwarted. He has suspicions Aziraphale is involved.

Smallville, Optimal Hosting Skills

Lana has some constructive criticism for Lex.

Gargoyles, Oh Baby

Elisa has some news for Goliath, Brooklyn might be interested as well, and Hudson has a dim view of what this means for the rest of the clan. (Goliath/Elisa, Brooklyn/Angela)

Neopets, A Lenny Fashion Conundrum

Nostradmys is having a crisis of cute. (Gen)

X-men, Coming Out

On Halloween night, all Expectation want to do is go to a party, but a dozen frat boys and a sentinel later, nothing will ever be the same. (Gen)

Power Rangers, Typical Day at the Angel Grove Juice Bar

Tommy has something important to say. (Tommy/Kimberly)

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