Bad Boys J, All Fired Up

Title: All Fired Up [Danno/Kaori]
Rating/Warnings: R
Summary: Nobody has been able to get Danno all fired up lately, like Kaori said, and that includes Kaori herself.
AN: Bad Boys J is making me want all kinds of fic, damn. So have some of Nika/drama girlfriend, set right after episode 3. If you know that Nika is the leader of BEAST and that Nakaken fights him (well duh), there’s pretty much no spoilers.

All Fired Up

Nobody has been able to get Danno all fired up lately, like Kaori said, and that includes Kaori herself.

Danno’s been distracted, listless, and even Kaori’s new perfume and shortest skirt don’t get her the result that she wants. She can initiate some action herself and in the last few weeks certainly has, but it isn’t the same. Even the black off-the-shoulder number that Danno bought her for her last birthday earn her little more than an appreciative glance before Danno’s eyes slide off her and into the distance.

Not that she can’t go a little while without a little rough and tumble from Danno, but it’s been much longer than a little while and a girl does need some attention after all. And it’s been long enough that even the other BEAST girls have started to pick up on Kaori’s dissatisfaction leaking out around the edges of her game face.

“Boys are so much trouble, ne,” Haruka commiserates as they lounge around on the couch at their headquarters. Rina and Mio agree with sighs of their own, and privately Kaori thinks to herself that the guys in their gang wouldn’t seem quite so unattainable if the girls did anything besides go eat cake together.

Mariya leans forward with a suggestive grin. “But Kaori-chan could take care of the problem herself, ri~ight?” Mariya twiddles a few fingers in the air, in case anybody on the planet doesn’t get it.

“Mari!” Haruka gasps, but it only makes Mariya giggle. Kaori doesn’t bother reprimanding her for speaking to her top like that; BEAST ladies do what they will, after all. Plus Rina’s expression of scandal, her mouth a perfect lipsticked O, is pretty funny.

Kaori doesn’t get her hopes up too much when the guys start talking about this Kiriki Tsukasa; there’s been a dozen other hotshot leaders that have failed to get any rise out of Danno before one of their lieutenants takes them out. It’s not until she’s standing right next to Danno and feels the thwack of Kiriki’s fist connecting squarely with Danno’s chest that Kaori’s heart starts to pound a little. When Danno slides back a step, she thinks maybe, finally, just maybe.

And sure enough, as soon as they turn to go, Danno’s hand is around her wrist to tug her along just a little too fast for her heels, his fingers just a little too tight against her skin. Kaori doesn’t let it show on her face, but her pulse is already speeding a little by the time they get out of the garage.

Danno doesn’t stop or even slow as they march into their headquarters, through the front room where some of the other gang members call out questions or are murmuring to each other. He drags Kaori back to the room he’s been sulking in for weeks, slamming the door behind them. There’s a table sitting in the middle of the room from earlier, the map of gang territories with all its X’s still strewn across it, but Danno pays it no mind as he grabs Kaori by the waist and lifts her up onto the table like she weighs nothing.

It suits Kaori just fine. She wouldn’t mind her territory being claimed for once, she thinks as she leans back on her hands a little, smirking.

“Hide?” she asks, making her eyes a little wide as if she couldn’t have any idea what this is all about. Danno eyes her, not fooled, and strips the fur coat off her shoulders. He tosses it aside carelessly, but Kaori hardly minds where it lands when his hands go right back to her waist, hot through the thin fabric of Kaori’s dress.

He kisses her roughly and Kaori all but melts against him, arms around his neck tight like she’s afraid he’ll just drift off again. She can feel his heart still thudding from fight adrenaline and her own speeds to catch up as Danno drags hands up her back and down her bare arms. His fingers dig into her skin a little too hard but it only makes Kaori flare hotter, exactly what she wants.

“Please,” she drags her lips across Danno’s jaw to murmur in his ear. She wraps her legs around his thighs to drag him even closer, making her skirt ride up until she’s rubbing against him closely enough to feel how much he wants her. “Hide, please…”

Danno gets a hand in Kaori’s hair and tugs roughly enough to make her tilt her head back, baring her throat. He nips his way down it, leaving marks that sting for only a second before fading, and Kaori gets hands in Danno’s hair to push him closer, encouraging him to go harder. He pulls at the neckline of Kaori’s dress until it comes down over her shoulders and her breasts spill out over top of it. Not bothering to wait until he undoes the clasp, Danno closes his mouth over one nipple right through the slick fabric and sucks on it hard enough to make Kaori gasp his name.

Arching against him, Kaori whines low in her throat when he doesn’t let up. Danno lets his teeth scrape just a little, just enough for her to feel it through the wet fabric, and Kaori is ready to beg if that’s what he wants, just so long as he touches her already.

As if reading her mind, Danno lifts his head suddenly and pushes Kaori down onto her back. Kaori spreads her legs so that her skirt hikes the whole way to her waist, begging wordlessly, and the way Danno’s eyes rake over her sends want curling up her spine. She reaches into her bra and pulls out the condom she had hidden there with two fingers, offering it to Danno with a heated grin.

A BEAST lady is always prepared, after all.

While Danno tugs at his zipper with impatient fingers, Kaori slides a hand down her stomach and into her panties. She makes a show of it, knowing Danno is watching every movement, but the way she groans when she slides two fingers inside herself isn’t for show at all. She just wants it, wants him, that badly. Her hips rock up into her own touch involuntarily as she thumbs at her clit.

“If you don’t hurry,” she sighs, then her words cut off in a gasp as Danno drags her panties off with rough hands, tossing them aside every bit as carelessly as her coat. “You just want to watch, hm?”

“Not just,” Danno says, tugging her hand free by the wrist and sliding two of his fingers inside her instead. His fingers are thicker, longer, the rough touch feeling so good and not nearly enough at the same time. Kaori squeezes tight around them and lifts her hips higher, trying to get him deeper, but Danno only grins down at her knowingly, refusing to speed up or go any harder.

“Don’t tease,” Kaori begs, tossing her head a little so that her hair will spread out messily, arching her back enough to make an irresistible picture. “Don’t you want me?”

“Fuck yes,” Danno growls, tugging his fingers free and tearing the condom wrapper open. Kaori would sit up and help roll it on, but she likes to watch a little herself, and it’s definitely worth watching Danno stroke himself with those longer fingers, still slick from being inside her.

He tugs Kaori to the very edge of the table and pushes inside in one smooth stroke until his thighs slap the backs of hers. He doesn’t give Kaori any time to adjust before he starts fucking her, but Kaori doesn’t want him to. The rough thrusts, the way his fingers dig into her hips, the slap of their skin, it’s exactly what she’s been craving for weeks. She isn’t with the leader of BEAST for nothing, and the reminder of just how strong Danno is, how dangerous he can be, makes her nerves sing and her blood rush.

Kaori arches into it on each of Danno’s thrusts, still putting on a show since she has Danno’s undivided attention. She tugs her bra down enough to free her breasts, ignoring the way the underwire digs into her ribs and squeezes her nipples between her fingers. The one is a bit sore from Danno’s rough treatment and it only drives Kaori higher.

“Touch yourself,” Danno orders, and Kaori drops a hand to obey without thinking, her middle finger finding her clit to circle it, so close to where Danno is pounding into her. Danno growls his approval at the sight, or maybe the way she squeezes more tightly around him, maybe both, and Kaori speeds up in response, too close to stop now that she’s getting exactly what she wants.

She gives one high “Oh,” before she’s coming, back arching clear off the table and body clenching around Danno’s cock, trying to hold it exactly where she wants it. When she finally falls back against the table, skin damp and flushed, Danno looks like he’s pretty close himself.

“Like that?” she asks, stretching her arms over her head lazily. Danno agrees with a low growl that is only half words. “Mm, well don’t rush on my account, feels so good.” It does, Danno hot and hard inside her, body still thrumming from aftershocks. It’s a shame Danno probably won’t last much longer from the looks of him, because he could definitely fuck her into coming again if he kept going just like that.

Danno’s fingers are probably going to leave bruises on her hips, but Kaori only moans breathily as he fucks her harder, obviously close. When he comes with a long groan of his own, Kaori squeezes tight around him on purpose, grinning when all his noise goes up a half-octave. He collapses on top of her, breathing hard, and Kaori settles his head against her bare breasts, stroking fingers through his sweaty hair until he calms a little.

“Hmm,” Danno says, eyes closed and looking like he’s going nowhere in the immediate future. He’s heavy and he’s still inside Kaori, but she wraps her legs more tightly around him to keep him exactly there.

After all this waiting, she surely isn’t letting him go after just the once, even if she has to roll him over on the table and ride him herself.

Out in the main room, as soon as Kaori’s voice had started coming through the door, the boys had mostly made themselves scarce, but the BEAST ladies still had a little time to kill before the all you can eat cake hour started at the cafe.

“Honestly,” Mio says when Rina’s cheeks go bright pink at the next thump of the table against the floor. “Haven’t you ever watched a porno or something?” She clicks her tongue when she notices the way Haruka is squirming a little on her other side.

“Hey, though,” Mariya slides a little closer with a sly smile. She trails two fingers up Haruka’s knee, making her squeak. “We’re BEAST ladies after all. We don’t have to take care of it by ourselves…”

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