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Kis-My-Ft2, Can You Scream?

The Screamers crash-land in Tamamori's apartment. (Tamamori, Miyata, Screamers)

Kis-My-Ft2, Unbreakable Wall

Kitayama's accidental introduction to ghost catching happens in a girls' bathroom, because of course it does. (Gravity Verse AU, Kitayama)

Ebikisu, Power Play

The Tokyo Stars are in the playoffs, Kitayama is leading the leagues in goals, and Fujigaya is leading it in anxiety. (Hockey AU)

SixTONES, Six of One, Half a Dozen of the Other

All six of them have things they think about for the sake of themselves and the group. (Gen)

Kis-My-Ft2, Hitotsu to Naru Team

It's as much about who you work with as it is how you work with them. (Gravity Verse AU, Kitayama, Fujigaya, Jinguji, Genki, Kishi)

JE, Favorite Senpai

Hokuto needs comfort, so he goes to a favorite senpai. (Gen, Hokuto, Sakuma)

SixTones, Voice

Taiga needs vocal lessons when he gets cast in Elisabeth. He gets way more help than he bargained for. (Taiga, SixTONES, Horror)

Kis-My-Ft2, First Come, First Served

Senga is excited that they match. (Gen, Kitayama, Senga)

SixTONES, Cutie Mark Crusaders

Your mark doesn't show up until you find your special talent, but it's worth waiting for. (SixTONES)

SixTONES, Too Early to Call

Practicing for a future that might happen was hard. Practicing for a future that definitely will happen is harder. (Gen)

SixTONES, Teamwork

Juri has some feelings about the summer split, but Jesse helps him sort them out. (Juri, Jesse, Gen)

JE, Every Step Up the Mountain

SixTONES takes a field trip and decides what the best wish would be. (Gen, Juri, Taiga, Shintarou, Kouchi, etc)

JE, Born Under the Same Star

In some universe somewhere, Shintarou and Hashimoto are the same age and form a cute duo unit thanks to their shared birthday. (AU)

SixTONES, Bara Bara no Jigsaw

Even if all six of them have outgrown their Bakaleya days, there's no reason that they can't keep growing until they find a way to fit back together again. (Gen)

SixTONES, Brain Freeze Is Its Own Reward

Hokuto attempts to motivate his group. (Gen)

Baka6, Hell Yes

Shintarou demands they all go out for dinner, and Juri is amused by his lack of subtlety. (Baka6 gen)

A.B.C-Z, Newly Formed Stars

Hasshi doesn't really get sarcasm. (Gen)

SixTONES, All Puff and Fluff

The fic where Shintarou gets cursed and turned into a chinchilla. (Gen)

JE, Traditional Concept

It's anybody's guess what the concept of this group is. (Gen, Hokuto, Jesse, Yasui, Hagiya, Shintarou, Taiga, Juri)

JE, Wishful Thinking

Shintarou shares his birthday wish with Shintarou. (Hashimoto and Shintarou)

JE, Too Cute

Chinen has an awful lot of kittens. (Gen, AU)

JE, Man Down

Shori sustains injury during Shounen Club filming and Kotaki is the designated piggybacker. (Gen)

Baka6, Coelliptic Orbit

What if the right moment comes and it's one of the times they aren't right there next to him? (Shintarou, Jesse, Taiga, Hokuto)

Kis-My-Ft2, Closer

After they get the new studio, strange things start to happen. And then Senga finds the song. (Senga, Kis-My-Ft2, gen, horror)

Kis-My-Ft2, Wish in One Hand, Spit in the Other

Honestly, Kitayama doesn't know what he's supposed to do about their group's merging issues. (Kitayama, Kis-My-Ft2, Gen)

A.B.C-Z, Limitless

[We're waiting for you] the mail said, and Kawai rereading it for the 20th time didn't change what it said. (A.B.C-Z, Yara, gen)

JE, Take It Up With Management

Kawai can tell you how Hashimoto became A.B.C-Z's manager, but it still won't actually explain anything that happens after that. (Ebikisu, gen)

KAT-TUN, Disaster

Kame can't stand that they're all sitting there so calmly in this meeting, when all he wants to do is stand up and shout. (Gen)

JE, Kitayama and Hashimoto’s Excellent Adventure

"We need a time machine," Kitayama says, offering a water bottle; Hashimoto nods fervently, smile thin but grateful. (Gen)

JE, Presidential Concerns

Johnny settled in at his desk and opened his laptop as he usually did about this time of night. (Gen)

A.B.C-Z, The Internet is for…

"What did you do?" Totsuka sighs. (Gen)

Kis-My-Ft2, Rainbow Tono and the Color Kids

Patrick O'Green was on his stomach near the frog pond, a usual haunt, flicking star sprinkles at any lily pads that happened not to meet his standards. (AU, Gen)

Kis-My-Ft2, Special Guest Star

After years of lobbying, Nikaido had finally landed his first drama roll. (Gen)

Kis-My-Ft2, Miracle World

"Whoa," Yokoo snatched the little cosmetic pot out of Senga's hand, nose wrinkled, "just what is that?" (Gen)

JE, Dakara Happy

Leader's life is hard. (Gen)

JE, Bodhisattva

Totsuka really felt that he'd been more than patient. (Gen)

Kis-My-Ft2, True Love’s Kiss

At this point, Fujigaya drags his feet into the Duet photoshoot every time, because their mission is to make his life hard. (Gen)

Kis-My-Ft2, A Journey Without a Map

For Kis-My-Ft2, the moment when the reality of debut sinks in is different for all of them, but they all end up in the same place in the end. (gen)

JE, As Many As You Can Carry

Fujigaya isn't so pleased with his kouhai as some. (Fujigaya, Totsuka, Tackey)

Kis-My-Ft2, Let’s Go, Try Again

Ft2 are the senpai, Nika is Leader, Kitayama is the brat, and Senga is Fujigaya's favorite senpai? It must be AU week~ (Kis-My-Ft2)

Hey! Say! JUMP, HSJ vs Sexy

"We'd like to try something new," one of the managers says during the concert planning meeting. (Okamoto, HSJ)

JE, Senga no Monogatari

AU: Kitayama can't sleep, and Fujigaya and Totsuka trash a bunch of fairy tales. (Gen)

Kis-My-Ft2, You Are My Baby Babe

AU: If Kitayama had joined as young as Fujigaya, things might have been different. (Gen)

JE, Eye to Eye

In some universe somewhere, 14-year-old Yabu gets grouped with Hikaru, Nikaido, and Senga in a unit called 2SHY, and somehow they still all grow up into strong, talented adults. (Gen)

ABC-Z, Contained Destruction

Hasshi comes stomping in like some pretty-haired, big-eyed Godzilla, and A.B.C. is Tokyo. (Gen, or Hasshi/ABC)

JE, JE Pet Shop

JE pet store AU for JE100 au week. (Gen)

JE, Crossed Wires

Kame meets Yuuko...and Hiromi. (YamaNade)

Kis-My-Ft2, Brand New Season

Fujigaya sulks with plenty of good reason. (Gen)

NEWS, Densha no Otoko

Ryo used to love the train. (Gen)

A.B.C.-Z, Deported

7/15 is both Hasshi and Shintarou's birthday. (Gen)

NEWS, Umeboshi

For Masuda, it isn't summer until his favorite summer flavor appears. (Masuda, Yamapi)

JE, Inter-Unit Sympathy

The youngest members of other JE units reacts to the news about Ryutarou's incident with the stalker. (Gen)

Pokemon/JE, The Gym on Route 7

Sanada and Nozawa need their Skating Badges; Gym Leader Kitayama stands in their way. (AU)

JE, Asoko Kara Koko Made (From There Until Here)

Ten years of moments, from when Fujigaya and Tsukada entered the Jimusho, until this one. (Fujigaya, Tsukada)

JE, Kakkoii Otona ni Natteru (Turning Into Cool Adults)

Hikaru and Yabu are guests on Shounen Club, and do far different dances than the last time Shoon saw those exact same choreographies. (Yabu, Hikaru, Shoon)

JE, Mugendai

Reassurances pass from one person to the next. (Gen)

Hey! Say! JUMP, 5 Times Hikaru Told JUMP What They Wanted To Hear

The Your Seed dance is totally beyond them, but Hikaru know better than to actually tell anybody that. (Hikaru/HSJ)

TOP3, The Highest Form of Flattery

Takaki, Sanada, Kamei, Shoon, Koyama, and Nozawa all tell Hasshi things he doesn't really want to hear. (Hashimoto)

TOP3, A Little Help From My Friends

Koyama seems sad, and Hasshi, Nozawa, and Sanada just want to help out. Also Nikaido is a tool, Nakamaru is wise, Shintarou is leader, Shige is panicked, Akun is skeptical, and Shoon is coordinated. (Various Shounen Club Regulars)

Ya-Ya-yah, 2 of Us (x2)

Yabu and Hikaru get to record a duo mini-album, Shoon gets to run interference. (Gen)

JE, Five Bands Shoon Was Adopted By After Ya-Ya-yah

Shoon tries to find his place among the other groups of Johnny's Entertainment, with mixed results. (Gen)

Ya-Ya-Yah, Itsumademo

Taiyo and Shoon are getting a little worried about Yabu's mood lately. (Gen)

Ya-Ya-yah, A Squid In the Hand

Reon makes Shoon a present, and the present makes Shoon miserable. (Gen)

Ya-Ya-yah, Five Times Shoon Hates Being Called Pretty

five times Shoon hates being called pretty, and once he doesn't mind so much. (Shoon/Ya-Ya-yah)

JE, The Ugliest Geisha

Even Yamapi can tell that this is trouble. (Gen)

JE, Group Costume

Pin convince Kame to collaborate. (Gen)

JE, Hanging With My Peeps

Kame is traumatized by Jin's costume. (Gen)

JE, The One Where Kame is Blue

Jin is an adorable, bracelet-jangling natural disaster, and Kame is blue. (Gen)

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