Baka6, Hell Yes

Title: Hell Yes [Baka6]
Rating/Warnings: G, gen group fic
Summary: Shintarou demands they all go out for dinner, and Juri is amused by his lack of subtlety.
AN: April 14th is the anniversary of the first episode of Bakaleya airing, so I just wanted to toss out some quick fic about that. I love these guys, and I hope they have an awesome time at Crea this summer. Title like HELL NO except yes XD.

Hell Yes

“Hey,” Shintarou says, sauntering up oh-so casually, which he only ever does when he wants something. He grins at Juri hopefully.

“S’up,” Juri answers, raising one eyebrow over his phone. “Want something?”

“Noooo.” Shintarou picks at the sleeve of his long-sleeved T-shirt, scuffs the heel of his sneaker against the ground. “Nope. Hey, want to go to dinner later?”

“Hmmmmmm,” Juri says. He’s in, yay for food, but just wants to see what Shintarou will do if he seems hesitant because there’s no need for all this casualness just to ask if Juri wants to grab some food. Sure enough Shintarou whines a come onnnnnn. Juri pretends to consider it. “Who else is in?”

“Hokuto,” Shintarou answers promptly. “Jesse said yes if Taiga says yes because they’re supposed to be finishing some lyrics, Taiga said maybe then no if Hokuto is going to do his stupid food thing then yes if Jesse is coming unless the group is too big so I told him that’s a yes. Then you and me. And I haven’t asked Kouchi yet, but he’ll say yes if all of us say yes. So yes, right?”

Juri stops himself just short of reaching over to pinch Shintarou’s cheek. “Okay, okay, geez. You’re such a little kid about group time.”

“Shut up, dude,” Shintarou says, back to normal now that Juri is giving him his way. He punches Juri hard in the arm. “You’re the biggest girl about that stuff out of any of us.”

“Riiiiight.” Juri lets Shintarou drag him along to ask Kouchi to come too, and as predicted, he gets another yes.

They’re spread out for practice variously today, and while they’re waiting for the others to meet up at the end of the day, Juri watches Shintarou all but bounce on his feet. He shares an amused look with Kouchi, who reaches over to ruffle Shintarou’s hair, making him grin and whine at the same time. Hokuto and Jesse arrive from vocal practice and they head out; Taiga will have to meet them at the restaurant because of his Elizabeth practice.

They end up in the corner of a family restaurant halfway between their practices and Taiga’s. It’s nothing special, but it doesn’t have to be when they’re collected together, the atmosphere relaxed and silly. Wedged in the middle of the group, Shintarou is silliest of all, already betting with Jesse who can fit more fries in their mouths at once and wheedling Hokuto into refilling his soda since Hokuto’s on the end. When Taiga does show up, all five of them cheer like they haven’t seen him in a month, making Taiga hide his grin by scowling at his shoes.

“Is it your birthday or something?” the waitress who brought him over asks, puzzled.

“No, they’re just idiots,” Taiga tells her, which makes all of them laugh.

Halfway through their food, after Taiga has threatened to pour his drink in Hokuto’s lap if he makes any more weird food noises and Juri and Jesse have eaten enough to start playing with their food instead, Juri looks over to see Shintarou paused with his fork halfway to his mouth, just watching them. He ducks his head a little when he notices Juri watching, but he’s still grinning.

“You gonna say what you deal is already?” Juri asks. “And don’t say it’s nothing, you’re being obviously and completely weird about something. Share with the class?”

The others glance over, pausing in their shoving and gossip to listen. Shintarou fidgets under their gazes.

“It’s silly, it’s no big deal.” Shintarou glances around at all of them, smiling sheepishly. “But it’s our anniversary. Today’s the day the first episode of Bakaleya aired and…” Shintarou broke off as the others started snickering at him. “What?”

“We know, you idiot,” Juri laughs. Shintarou’s mouth turns into a perfectly round O. “All of us know. Here, I’ve got something for you guys.”

Juri digs into his bag and pulls out several cellophane-wrapped packages to hand around, one for each of them. They each contain a couple shortbread cookies with emoji faces drawn on with food coloring.

“I tried to make them match your faces,” Juri explains, grinning because Taiga is scowling at his frowny faces and Jesse thinks his sleazy winkfaces are hilarious. Shintarou’s :O face is a perfect match, and Juri feels entirely self-satisfied.

“I got us bowling vouchers,” Kouchi speaks up, reaching into his pocket and pulling out a little stack of them to hand around. “They’re open late, so maybe we can manage it even with Taiga’s show.”

“Can I?” Jesse asks Taiga, who shrugs. Jesse grins at them. “We wrote another song. For us, though. If you guys like it, maybe they’ll let us do it at Crea? Taiga wrote the lyrics so he can sing with us even though he’s busy on his own.”

“Don’t say it weird like that,” Taiga complains, but he’s smiling too, one side of his mouth curled up, pleased.

“We can practice it at karaoke,” Hokuto says, pulling out some vouchers of his own.

Everyone turns to Shintarou expectantly, who whines.

“I didn’t know I needed presents!” he protests. “I just wanted to hang out with you guys!”

“You really are the baby,” Juri chuckles, patting Shintarou’s back. Shintarou presses the button for the waitress and orders them some ridiculous ice cream and brownie concoction for dessert, then asks cutely for some candles to be stuck in it. The waitress seems convinced that it truly is Taiga’s birthday, much to Taiga’s displeasure, because she brings back some other waitresses to sing to him.

After they leave, Juri pulls out all the candles but three and relights them with his pocket lighter, then shoves the plate in front of Shintarou.

“You blow them out,” he orders.

“Me?” Shintarou asks.

“You’re the magic one,” Juri shrugs, ignoring Shintarou’s noise of protest. “Make a wish, and it better be good. Don’t waste all your chances!”

Dutifully, Shintarou scrunches his eyes closed and concentrates for a second, then opens them and blows the candles out as ordered.

“I hope you wished to sing better,” Taiga says. Jesse and Juri both kick him under the table while everyone else claps for successful candle blowing.

Who knows, Juri thinks, shoving a spoonful of brownie and ice cream into his mouth and feeling positive about them, this summer, and the whole universe. If he’s with these guys, all those things will work out fine.

On the table, Jesse’s sleazy winkface cookies seem to agree.

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