Snow Man, Open Invitation

Title: Open Invitation [Watanabe/Sakuma]
Rating/Warnings: PG-13
Summary: Watanabe and Sakuma don’t need much help to get started.
AN: This was probably going to be longer but then we had a crazy tornado warning and I spent an hour in the bathroom with the guinea pigs and chinchilla.

Open Invitation

“It doesn’t look like we’ll be doing some sort of fake roller derby,” Fukazawa said cautiously, making Watanabe snort. He knew better than to put any faith into the rehearsal schedules this early in the planning stages of a show. What Takizawa told them to be ready for and what they actually ended up doing on stage were sometimes not very closely related.

“Mm, don’t worry,” Sakuma leaned in to say quietly. “I’m sure we’ll still find some use for the kneepads.”

Watanabe looked down to find Sakuma grinning up at him, cheek resting cutely against Watanabe’s shoulder. Too cute to resist, really; Watanabe tilted his head down to brush noses with Sakuma, making him snicker, before kissing him. The kiss was lazy, unhurried and utterly unconcerned about the wolf-whistling some of their group mates were encouraging them with.

“Okay, okay!” Iwamoto broke them apart eventually, waving his hands between them in a showy display of jealousy which only made Sakuma grin wider. He glanced over his shoulder at Watanabe as Iwamoto tugged him away, though, his hooded glance promising Watanabe to pick up later where they’d left off.

Sure enough, at the end of the day Watanabe was sitting next to his bag, rummaging through it and air-drying a bit after his shower, when Sakuma dropped into his lap.

“Still interested?” he asked, twining his arms around Watanabe’s neck and blinking at him with false innocence. The question was unnecessary, since only his towel was separating Sakuma from how interested Watanabe was. “Unless you need the audience to really get going.”

Watanabe laughed, mouth against Sakuma’s ear and making him shiver deliciously. “I can get started all on my own, thanks. But anybody who comes through that door is welcome to join in.”

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