SixTONES, Bonus Round

Title: Bonus Round [Shintarou/Juri/Hokuto]
Rating/Warnings: Hard R
Summary: Juri and Hokuto don’t wait for Shintarou to get started.
AN: I was trying to write some cute 6Tones fic (!!!!) but what actually came out was Shintarou/Hokuto/Juri. Oops. Set far enough in the future that they have hotel rooms and also I don’t have to lock this because Shin will be 18 after this summer.

Bonus Round

”Well, you’re free to join us next round,” Juri said.

Hokuto couldn’t help but laugh at Shintarou’s face from the next bed over, scrunched from sleep and vaguely scandalized from Juri’s suggestion. When they’d come back to the hotel room, Shintarou had flopped face-down on his bed and was out like a light in no time flat. Juri and Hokuto, meanwhile, had decided to use Juri’s bed to work off some of their post-concert adrenaline. Even if either of them hadn’t been a shameless exhibitionist, Shintarou slept like a rock, so it wasn’t like noise was a problem.

By the time Shintarou had stirred, Hokuto was flat on his back with Juri riding him lazily, apparently in the mood to tease. Was still riding Hokuto, in fact, hips rocking steadily despite both of them looking over at Shintarou. Hokuto’s laughter was making him bounce a little as they waited for Shintarou’s reaction. Hokuto figured there was a 50% chance Shintarou would kick them out, and a 50% chance he would just roll over and go back to sleep.

He was not at all expecting Shintarou to get out of bed, shuffle across the meter separating their beds, and then to climb on top of Hokuto so he was sitting right behind Juri.

“Feh, next round,” Shintarou said, wrapping his arms around Juri’s waist to start stroking his cock, bending his head to nibble at Juri’s neck. Shintarou’s voice was rough from sleep, his hands looked huge against Juri’s skin, and his weight was pressing Hokuto deeper into the bed. All of it made Hokuto shiver and twist his fingers tighter in the sheets, eyes glued to where Shintarou was thumbing the tip of Juri’s cock. “You assholes always try to have fun without me. Are you close?”

“Yes,” Juri whined, head tipping back against Shintarou’s shoulder. Hokuto could feel him trying to move his hips faster, feel Shintarou holding him still, making Juri squeeze tighter in frustration.

“Not you, idiot, Hokuto. Close?”

“Mmm,” Hokuto glanced up from Juri’s dick in Shintarou’s hand to Shintarou’s face, brown eyes amused over Juri’s shoulder. “I feel like the right answer is no. No?”

Shintarou laughed, and Hokuto felt it through Juri between them and all over his skin. “Yup, right answer. Just give in already, Juju~.”

Hokuto couldn’t stop laughing at any of it, Juri’s whining and squirming after being such a tease himself, Shintarou’s idiotic use of that syrupy nickname in context, or the tickle of Juri’s fingers scrabbling against Hokuto’s ribs as Shintarou brought him off with a few more strokes of his stupidly strong hands. Juri made a decent mess all over Hokuto’s stomach and Hokuto didn’t blame him even a little when he thought about how nice Shintarou’s fingers felt around his own dick or sliding inside of him.

“Okay, bye,” Shintarou said, pushing Juri off to the side without ceremony and grinning down at Hokuto while Juri fell onto his side in a heap of still-shivering limbs.

“Shin!” Hokuto protested, but it wasn’t much of a scold since he was still laughing.

“Whatever, he’s fine.”

“Teaching you sex things was like the worst idea I ever had,” Juri grumbled, and this time it was Shintarou who laughed, throwing back his head as he yanked his T-shirt off and tossed it aside. Hokuto’s cock twitched at the sight, all of that tanned skin stretched over Shintarou’s muscles, aaaall the way down.

He expected Shintarou to get up and kick off his sweatpants too, but instead Shintarou reached down to pull the condom off from Hokuto, stretching to drop it in the little hotel wastebasket so it wouldn’t get lube all over. With his other hand he stroked the lube off from Hokuto’s cock as best he could, making Hokuto’s eyes flutter at the touch.

“Your hands are so good,” Hokuto said, not bothering to censure whatever was falling out of his mouth. “Don’t do that too much or I’ll embarrass myself too.”

“Your FACE is embarrassing,” Juri sneered at him. Hokuto turned his head to make sure that Juri wasn’t actually annoyed, but Juri was settling against the headboard to watch the two of them.

Then Hokuto’s attention was pulled back to Shintarou sliding down his body and settling between Hokuto’s legs, and oh, ‘not too close’ was definitely the right answer because Shintarou’s mouth was sliding over the tip of Hokuto’s cock, licking away the taste of the lube and latex before swallowing Hokuto more deeply.

“Fuck, fuuuck,” Hokuto groaned, dropping his hand to the top of Shintarou’s head and wrapping fingers in his hair. Shintarou lifted his eyes to watch Hokuto’s face while sucking him off, the whole picture making Hokuto wish he hadn’t been kind of lying about how much longer he might last, because the only thing hotter than how good Shintarou was at giving a blowjob was how much he liked doing it. He hummed approval every time Hokuto pulled on his hair, eyes low-lidded and dark with interest as he watched Hokuto’s reactions.

“I could watch him suck you off all day, damn,” Juri commented.

“Shut up!” Hokuto groaned, because Juri reminding Hokuto that they had an audience was just one more thing making the knot of heat in his belly draw up tighter.

“Are you gonna suck him off after or let him do you?” Juri asked, as if it were just casual conversation, but he was smirking when Hokuto glared at him out of the corner of his eye. “You could fuck him about no effort, Shin-chan. We were gonna go the other way at first, so…”

“No, wait, hey—” Hokuto tried to protest, but Shintarou was already raising an eyebrow. Hokuto felt fingers slide down from his hip, where Shintarou had been holding him down, under the curve of his ass and tease at the edge of his hole.

Juri was being a jerk, but not lying, and Shintarou slid in two fingers without any trouble at all. Hokuto cursed fiercely at both of them, but as soon as Shintarou curled his fingers, it was too much. Hokuto came suddenly, clenching tight around Shintarou’s fingers and arching his back. When he flopped back down, shivering, Shintarou was still licking at him, and Hokuto whined and shoved at him ineffectually.

“Hey, don’t break him.” Juri sat up and took a much firmer grip on Shintarou’s hair, pulling him up so that his mouth slipped off of Hokuto with a wet pop. “I was promised a round two.”

Shintarou rolled his eyes. “You’re the only one on round 2! Maybe if you woke people up for round 1…”

“Ehh, go tell it to Taiga,” Juri said dismissively, yanking Shintarou’s hair a last time before letting his hand drop. “But you’ve got the most come on you out of any of us, so he probably won’t get what you’re whining about.”

“I know…” Hokuto was still panting for air a little. “…how we can fix that…”

Shintarou and Hokuto shared a look, and then both of them pounced on Juri, Hokuto holding down his shoulders while Shintarou straddled him, already palming his own cock. Shintarou had kind of a headstart, since he really did like giving blowjobs, plus Juri was pretty cute when he was struggling, so it didn’t take long to make him the messiest one out of the three of them.

Then they picked him up and shoved him through the door connecting their room to Jesse and Kouchi’s room, locking the door behind him and laughing at him through it.

“Do I even want to know?” Taiga asked from his sprawl across the end of Jesse’s bed. Kouchi was already rolling his eyes, Jesse looking up from his notebook in interest.

“Shut up!” Juri ordered, flinging out a hand to point at them. “I’m going to the bathroom to wipe off, and when I come back out here, it’s going to be round 3 whether you like it or not!”

“Pretty sure you’re on at least four, dude, given what I heard through that wall,” Jesse said.

Hokuto called through the door, “I’m still winning!”

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