SixTONES, Dangerous Halo

Title: Dangerous Halo [Juri/Taiga]
Rating/Warnings: PG-13
Summary: The last time Taiga had been blond hadn’t been anything like this.
AN: Joji said I had to start Sonic again XD you would have got this last night but I actually fell asleep on my keyboard. TAIGA’S HAIR THOUGH.

Dangerous Halo

The last time Taiga had been blond hadn’t been anything like this, Juri was sure. It had looked silly, they’d all pointed and laughed, and it had lasted less than a week before it was over.

This time it wasn’t silly at all. This time the blond waves were perfectly scrunched, framing Taiga’s warm brown eyes and cute smirk, fluffed up like a dangerous halo from the humidity when it was lit up by stage lights. Even in just the practice room it was dangerous all the same, Taiga glancing over his shoulder to see Juri watching and holding the glance a beat longer than expected.

He winked, and Juri muffed the rap.

“So you like it,” Taiga asked, not a question, when they paused to let Jesse and Hokuto work out a kink in their fan service.

“You know it looks good,” Juri said without really looking at Taiga’s face, gaze focused somewhere around Taiga’s shoulder. “Do you need complimented so badly?”

Juri wasn’t expecting the touch, so he jumped when Taiga’s fingers closed around his chin, jerking his face up to see Taiga’s face eye-to-eye.

“Tell me how good it looks,” he said, and Juri’s mouth went suddenly dry.

“It looks really fucking good,” Juri told him, heart skipping a beat or two as Taiga’s eyes narrowed a little in pleasure, the corner of his mouth curling up in a smirk. “Like I wanna get both my hands in it; like I want to push you down and see it spread across my pillows.”

“That really what you want?” Taiga’s thumb edged up from Juri’s chin, swiping just barely along the edge of Juri’s lower lip. “Or are you just running that Tanaka mouth just to run it?”

“Say yes and find out,” Juri said, sounding bolder than he felt. Not like this was his first trip to the rodeo, but something about the way Taiga had been looking at him lately made him feel less sure of himself than usual, part anticipation and part nerves. Jesse had told him once that he didn’t fool around with Taiga much, because he was a little afraid of what might happen if Taiga decided he wasn’t fooling around.

Juri was still staring into Taiga’s eyes, blood racing as if Taiga were touching places a lot more scandalous than his chin, and he understood what Jesse had meant, definitely.

And because Tanakas possessed a lack of self-preservation to go with that mouth, Juri reached up to twirl a piece of Taiga’s gloriously bleach-rough hair between his thumb and finger for a second, then gave it a yank just hard enough to make Taiga’s eyes flutter.

“Yes,” Taiga answered, eyes a dark brown gleam under his heavy eyelids. “But it might not be me spread across the pillows, just to warn you.”

“Yeah, okay,” Juri agreed before Taiga was even done speaking, reaching up to get both of his hands into Taiga’s hair, like he’d been dying to do, and crushing their mouths together to show Taiga exactly what else Tanakas could do with their mouths before their bandmates noticed and broke up the fun.

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