A.B.C-Z, Apparent Utility

Title: Apparent Utility [Goseki, A.B.C-Z]
Rating/Warnings: PG-13
Summary: Goseki’s not entirely sure why he keeps these guys around.
AN: Have some Kawai/Goseki? Kawai’s been awfully touchy lately and also somehow Hasshi/Goseki got voted best Ebi pair in one of my mags. Weird! I mean, you know, appealing, but not would I would have guessed.

Apparent Utility

“What are we going to do with you?” Totsuka asked, shaking his head fondly.

“Whipped cream,” Hashimoto suggested seriously, as if he were pitching an addition to a concert setlist or something. “Handcuffs. A leash?”

“Not on stage, Ryosuke,” Goseki warned mildly. It only made Hashimoto grin harder, made Totsuka start grinning a little bit too, and Goseki was opening his mouth to warn them about that shit too, when a heavy weight landed suddenly on his shoulders, squishing the air out of his lungs with a whuff.

“What’d Hasshi get banned from our concerts now?” Kawai asked, arms sliding around Goseki’s waist. He curled up against Goseki’s back comfortably, chin settling on Goseki’s shoulder. Goseki met Tsukada’s eyes in front of him, Tsukada looking entirely too amused.

“Whipped cream, possibly,” Totsuka filled him in. Goseki rolled his eyes a little when that only got the three of them going harder, Hashimoto theorizing that if they named their next single Whipped Cream, they’d have to let him do whatever with it on stage, right?

“Emphasis on whatever,” Kawai murmured in Goseki’s ear as Hashimoto tried out some choreography that apparently represented whipped cream in Hasshiland. He beckoned with a finger, possibly coaxing Totsuka to come lick it off, then cracked up laughing when he got Tsukada instead, catching the shoulder of Hashimoto’s T-shirt between his teeth.

“Not that I mind the attention, Fumito,” Goseki finally spoke up about the touching. “But is there some particular reason you felt like staking your claim?”

“I have no idea what you’re talking about,” Kawai said. His arms tightened like he was cinching a belt one notch, his nose brushing the side of Goseki’s neck. Goseki tilted his head in slight invitation, but wasn’t entirely distracted from his question.


“It’s cause of the shoot,” Hashimoto says, looking up from where he’s been half-shoving, half-tickling at Totsuka. All of them look at him. “You know, best couple? Gocchi and I won best for the group.”

Goseki hadn’t thought much of it since then, since they did any number of ridiculous magazine requests every month, but now that he thought about it, ever since then Kawai had been just a bit clingier, especially where others can see, especially on camera.

“Jealous, huh?” Hashimoto asked, his smugness at once both cute and infuriating. “I don’t blame you, I’m pretty amazing. I guess I could use my group baby powers to snatch Gocchi away…if I wanted to.” Hashimoto winked.

“Easy there,” Totsuka commented mildly, which meant Hashimoto had gone entirely over the line. Totsuka should have stopped Hashimoto way earlier and they all knew it, but he was a meddler and was watching for Goseki’s reaction, brown eyes sparking with amusement.

These idiots. Goseki had no idea why he kept them.

“You brat,” Kawai accused, breath curling warm over Goseki’s collar. “I was group baby before you could even say ABC.”

“I’m not honestly sure he can do that now,” Totsuka murmured, then yipped when he got a pinch to the side from Hashimoto.

“I’ll show you want you can snatch,” Kawai growled, and then he was twisting Goseki in his grip and crushing their mouths together, the possession in it fierce and more than a little appealing so far as Goseki was concerned. The whooping of Tsukada and Hashimoto only served to ramp up Kawai’s competitive streak.

Hm. Maybe that was why.

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