SixTONES, Brain Freeze Is Its Own Reward

Title: Brain Freeze Is Its Own Reward [Juri, Hokuto, Jesse, Taiga]
Rating/Warnings: PG-13
Summary: Hokuto attempts to motivate his group.
AN: idek it’s 2am and it’s too hot and you’re lucky I even managed this because wakamono failure.

Brain Freeze Is Its Own Reward

“I’ll cheer you on, I promise.”

“Would you get off the floor, you utter loser?” Hokuto demands in exasperation. He pulls his foot back like he’s going to kick Juri, but in the end only nudges him again with his sneaker, making him roll back and forth like a helpless turtle.

“I caaaaaaan’t,” Juri whines, totally for show, shoving at Jesse who is also sprawled on the floor. The two of them had an ill-advised ice cream brain freeze contest at the end of lunch and now are all but useless at the moment when Hokuto really needs them to get up because he says so, before the choreographer shows back up and Hokuto gets another lecture about his terrible leadership.

“Go on without us!” Jesse yells just to be melodramatic. “Save yourself! Remember us when you’re a famous international idol!”

Why are you like this? Hokuto wants to demand, except for it won’t help and they’re always like this and before this whole Team Ra renaissance where he somehow tricked people into thinking he could be any kind of leader, Hokuto would have been rolling around on the floor right along with them.

Jesse throws out his arms and legs in full starfish sprawl, pinning Juri’s legs to the floor and banging Juri’s nose with his elbow. “It’s all over for us, Hokuto! Tell my mom I loved her!”

“Mamaaaa!” Juri adds, voice nasal with his nose squashed under Jesse’s arm.

“Listen, you assholes,” Hokuto starts, but before he can figure out what the worst possible thing he can threaten them with, Taiga sticks his head into the room and takes in the scene with a soft che that means he hadn’t expected any better.

“You’re doing it wrong,” Taiga says, strolling over and ignoring Hokuto’s snapped Don’t you think I know that?!. Taiga steps half over Juri’s waist, so that when he drops, he lands heavily on his knees and Juri’s stomach.

“Oof,” Juri grunts, but Taiga has his full attention.

“The longer you jackass lie on the floor like Kamenashi-kun’s used pairs of jeans, the longer it’ll be until we can do something more interesting,” Taiga informs them. Jesse perks up in attention as well, and when he’s sure he has both of their attention, Taiga puts his arms over his head land rolls his hips deliberately enough to get even Takizawa fired.

He climbs to his feet without waiting for their response, giving Hokuto a half-shrug with one shoulder on the way by. Hokuto just clicks his tongue in irritation.

“Even I could have done that,” he grouses. Juri struggles to his feet too quickly, wobbling from lightheadedness and nearly tripping over his undone sneaker laces.

Whatever, Hokuto thinks. He gives Juri a shove back into Jesse and sends both of them crashing to the ground.

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