SixTONES, Cuddle Pile

Title: Cuddle Pile [SixTONES]
Rating/Warnings: PG-13
Summary: Until Shintarou’s magic birthday, SixTONES has to settle for the cuddle pile.
AN: I leave for a week tomorrow and I am struggling with my whole life D: Here, have a SixTONES cuddlepile.

Cuddle Pile

As he settled into their comfortable small tangle of limbs, Juri thought that despite his complaining, he might actually miss the group cuddle pile once Shintarou had his damned magic birthday so they could finally have their group orgy. Not that he whined about it nearly as hard as Jesse did.

“Oh come onnnnn,” Jesse had complained when they were throwing pillows and blankets down on Taiga’s living room floor, like they were building some kind of weird alien colony nest. “You’re totally close enough! You’re just making up rules. First it was all, nooo we need a name, now it’s all, I’m not legal.”

“That’s not a made-up rule at all!” Shintarou had laughed. “I’m not legal!”

“You have slept with everybody in this room!”

“Well, yeah, but not at once.” Shintarou answered primly, making both Hokuto and Juri snort. “I’ve got to save something for you guys to get me as a present, right?”

“I’ll give you a present all right,” Jesse had grumbled. But he looked happy enough now, wedged between Shintarou and Kouchi, eyes half-closed in the bluish light the television was casting over all of them. Juri was more than a little familiar with how comfortable being Shintarou’s little spoon could be, but he wasn’t jealous, even when Shintarou started tracing lazy circles on Jesse’s stomach.

Rolling over onto his back, Juri grinned up at his own big spoon. “Hi there.”

“Hm?” Hokuto asked, eyes still on the television. They fluttered shut when Juri leaned up and brushed light kisses along the line of Hokuto’s jaw. “Mmm. Hey. You trying to break group cuddle pile rules?”

“Kissing is a completely acceptable cuddle pile activity,” Juri murmured. He reached the edge of Hokuto’s jaw and nibbled ever so lightly.

“Not the way you do it,” Hokuto said. He turned his head to catch Juri’s mouth with his own, licking his way into Juri’s mouth until Juri was the one humming in pleasure. With a last lick to Juri’s bottom lip, Hokuto broke the kiss. “Behave.”

“Take me home later and you’ve got a deal,” Juri countered. Hokuto murmured an okay, and Juri resettled into his original position, satisfied for the moment with the warmth of Hokuto’s chest against his back and the weight of his arm thrown over Juri’s waist.

For the moment. Later he wouldn’t be satisfied until there was nothing but skin between them.

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