JE, Five Bands Shoon Was Adopted By After Ya-Ya-yah

Title: Five Bands Shoon Was Adopted By After Ya-Ya-yah [Shoon, A.B.C., Kis-My-Ft2, NewS, Tokio, and Reon]
Rating/Warnings: PG-13 for Tokio’s group uniform.
Summary: Shoon tries to find his place among the other groups of Johnny’s Entertainment, with mixed results.
AN: Step 1: get mousapi a little drunk. Step 2: ask Jemz for a 5 things prompt. Step 3: add in Shoon backdancing for Tokio during the New Years Countdown. Step 4: Laugh self silly.

Five Bands Shoon Was Adopted By After Ya-Ya-yah


A.B.C. was the logical choice, initially. Shoon was known for his acrobatics after all, and his stunt set during Daibouken had attracted some attention. He was roughly the same age as the other members, and four was kind of pathetic number for a Johnny’s group anyway.

At least, that’s what Shoon told himself as the other members of A.B.C. stood in a row in front of him, inspecting him thoughtfully. He tugged on his forelock before remembering that it was childish and tucking his hands behind his back.

Totsuka-kun’s serious expression crumbled first as he broke down into giggles. “We’re just kidding, Shoon-kun! It’ll be fun, ne? Maybe you can force Kawai to admit that he’s not really the pretty one.”

“You’ll pay for that later,” Kawai informed Tottsu with an indulgent smile, and nobody knew whether he was imitating Jun-senpai or not.

It was fun to practice with other acrobats, and Shoon found himself getting into it quickly, agreeing readily when Goseki-kun challenged him to a handspring contest, and laughing wildly as Tsukada talked him into doing a two-person roll, the kind he hadn’t done since he’d taught Hikaru more than half a decade ago.

But after several hours, Shoon was totally exhausted, while the others hadn’t even needed their second wind yet. This did explain, however, how Kawai had time to learn the choreography to every single senpai song ever, plus most of Justin Timberlake’s.

“We’re just getting started!” Tottsu informed Shoon, who was sitting on a pile of mats, trying to catch his breath and staring with wide eyes as Kawai and Goseki ran the “Crush” routine for the thirty-seventh time, looking just as energetic as they had the first time. Shoon waved Tottsu off, clutching his water bottle for dear life, and Tottsu shrugged. “Ne, Tsuka-chan, let’s do Sunrise Nippon!”

Kawai perked up immediately, eyebrows seeming to double in size, and Shoon planned to quietly sneak out the back door.


“And you have normal-length practices, right?” Shoon asked, trying not to look ungrateful, but still rather sore from his last practice. He fingered the edges of the bright red coat nervously, feeling kind of like a little sparrow trying to cosplay his way into a tropical parrot competition.

“Of course!” Miyata said, looking as if he knew exactly what Shoon was talking about. “It goes a little long sometimes when Taipi makes Tama-chan cry, but that doesn’t happen too often anymore…”

“Watch out!” Senga bellowed, and Shoon and Miyata hopped out of the way barely in time to avoid Nikaido zipping by on his roller skates, Senga holding onto his coat and zooming along for the ride, giggling wildly.

“You can skate, right?” Miyata turned back to Shoon.

“Um, a little…” Shoon trailed off as he watched Senga and Nikaido crash into Kitayama and Yokoo, taking them all down in a tangled heap.

“Don’t worry,” Miyata said, “no one will notice if you can’t.”

“Is Kitamitsu unconscious?” Nikaido wanted to know. “I’m leader till he wakes up!”

Shoon caught himself tugging on his hair and forced his hand down, but before he could open his mouth to wonder if this was such a good idea, Fujigaya took charge and ordered everybody into their positions with the air of a hardened drill sergeant. He barely hesitated before sticking Shoon in between Tamamori and Senga.

“Let’s do our best, ne?” Senga stage-whispered to Shoon with a big grin, and the tension in Shoon’s shoulders faded a little at the thought of being the group big brother to such cute, talented kouhai.

At least until he realized that on his other side, Tamamori was addressing his footwear as “skate-san.”

Once they got going, though, Shoon lost track of time quickly. Kis-My-Ft2’s routines were fun, made even more fun by the swirl and swoosh of all the pieces of fabric attached to his coat.

“Okay!” Fujigaya clapped his hands, and a still-dazed Kitayama beside him winced at the noise. “Good work! Now let’s try it without our shirts.”

“What?” Shoon asked, jumping when Senga began stripping off clothing as though he’d been born for nothing else. “Seriously?”

“Maa, Shoon-kun,” Nikaido commented, leaning in closer as Shoon nervously let his coat slide down his shoulders. “You’re going to need to get pierced a bit if you want to really fit in.”

As soon as Tamamori uttered the words “nipple-san” Shoon decided that escape was yet again his best plan.


“It’s this really okay?” Shoon asked, at this point tugging his forelock like his life depended on it, childish habit or not. “You’re debuted!”

“Ya-Ya-yah was our little brother band, wasn’t it?” Koyama assured, giving Shoon a smile.

“Besides,” Masuda put in, looking away momentarily from the girly slapfight he was having with Ryo, “nobody knows how many members we have anyway. It’ll be nice to be eight members again!”

“Seven members,” Ryo corrected, slapping Masuda across the back of the head.


“Well, I really liked backdancing for Yamapi-senpai during ‘Kiss de Tsutaete,'” Shoon offered, returning their smiles shakily.

“That’s the spirit!” Yamapi hollered, slapping Shoon on the back and making him stumble. Tegoshi hugged him from the other side, and Shoon looked down to find Tegoshi giving him a huge, sweet smile.

He wondered why that made him feel so nervous.

Just then Shigeaki stormed in, hair spike bristling in indignation and demanding to know who had filled his shoes with goldfish and then left a note signed “Love, Yamashita-kun.”

“Wrong Yamashita!” Yamapi said, then was suddenly gone.

Shoon looked up at a furious Shigeaki-kun, escape hampered by a clinging Tegoshi-kun, and swallowed hard.


“It’s our uniform,” Nagase-senpai said, patting Shoon on the shoulder, but Shoon shrieked at the touch and covered his eyes harder and vowed that he would never ever be that naked when he was as old as the senpai, not ever.

Fortunately, the entire experience was burned from Shoon’s memory when Leader bent over to take off his remaining sock and all of Shoon’s neural synapses fried themselves in self-defense.


“I’m really just not sure I want a new unit,” Shoon said, trying to look as pathetic as he felt.

Unfortunately, Reon always won those kinds of contests. Shoon blamed it on himself for spoiling his younger brother.

“But,” Reon’s lower lip trembled just a tiny bit, “don’t you want to perform with us?”

“Yeah, Shoon-kun!” Yamapi-senpai added, leaning on Reon’s shoulder and pouting just as easily. “Don’t you like us?”

“Of course I do,” Shoon sighed, wondering if he could find the genius who thought it was a great idea to form a unit of all the Yamashita and then strangle that person until they died.

“It’s only temporary anyway,” Yamapi assured, slinging an arm around both brothers’ shoulders and herding them along to the practice stage, and Shoon relaxed a little. Surely backdancing for one of his favorite senpai with his little brother couldn’t be all bad, could it?

But as the curtain came up on the next week’s Shounen Club and Shoon found himself waving at the camera from in-between two other Yamashita in identical fuzzy bunny costumes, Shoon had more than a few doubts.

Maybe, he thought as he pushed a floppy pink ear out of his face, performing without a group wasn’t the worst thing in the world.

(On the other hand, Shoon had learned from the whole ordeal that when he had his huge, insanely popular solo debut, he was definitely wearing a coat with lots of swooshy things.)

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