JE, The Ugliest Geisha

Title: The Ugliest Geisha [NEWS]
Rating/Warnings: PG
Summary: Even Yamapi can tell that this is trouble.
AN: Written for 2006 Trick or Treat.

The Ugliest Geisha

“Even I can tell that this is trouble,” Yamapi said, voice certain and arms crossed.

“What are you talking about, Yamashita-senpai?” Tego asked sweetly, blinking his big brown eyes, but Yamapi knew better than to be distracted by that ploy.

“Last time you were holding that hammer you nearly killed Shige with it,” Yamapi pointed out, but he was interrupted by Massu draping himself over Tego’s shoulders and giving him the thousand-watt smile.

“It’s really nothing,” he assured. “Say, don’t you want to go hang out with Ryo and Uchi in the other room? Although you might want to knock first as they’ve been gone way longer than it takes to remove pants even with your hands tied to the dressing room chair…”

“As tempting as that is,” Yamapi interrupted loudly, “I’d rather you just tell me what Kusano and Shige are failing miserably to hide back there.”

“Kato Shigeaki has no idea what you’re talking about!” Shige exclaimed. He and Kusano shuffled closer together.

Yamapi crossed his arms and looked stern; Jin said he was getting better at it. “Tego, I know where you keep your w-inds. cds.”

“Aaaaww,” Tego whined. “Go on, guys, just show him.”

Shige and Kusano exchanged a glance and stepped apart to reveal a miserable Koyama in a kimono and lots of foundation.

“I just wanted to prove I wasn’t the ugliest geisha!” Shige exclaimed.

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