JE, Group Costume

Title: Group Costume [Kame, Jin, Yamapi]
Rating/Warnings: G
Summary: Pin convince Kame to collaborate.
AN: Written for 2006 Trick or Treat.

Group Costume

“I refuse,” Kame said.

“Come ooooooon,” Jin wheedled, clasping his hands in front of him and pouting hugely. “We even talked Ryo into it!”

“You talked Ryo into this?” Kame raised an eyebrow. “How did you talk Ryo into this?”

Yamapi coughed and flashed Kame a sheepish V.

“Kame-kuuuun.” Jin sidled up close and slid an arm around Kame’s waist and sat his chin on Kame’s shoulder. “Pleeeeease? We just have to have a better group costume than Junno, Koki, and Nakamaru this year!”

“And they’re being Sasuke’s group from Naruto,” Yamapi informed Kame with huge eyes. “And Junno’s being Sakura.”

“Fuck,” Kame said. “Junno looks great in pink.”

“It’s the only way,” Jin intoned, and Kame sighed.

“Okay,” Kame gave in, and Jin and Yamapi cheered, “but only if I get to be Sailor Mercury.”

Yamapi opened his mouth to protest and Jin kicked him in the shin.

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