Kis-My-Ft2, Special Guest Star

Title: Special Guest Star
Rating/Warnings: G
Summary: Nikaido finally gets his drama.
AN: Written for 2012 Halloween JE100 drabble exchange, written for Snowqueenofhoth, who wanted Nisen to finally get their drama.

Special Guest Star

Nikaido was feeling good about life right about now. His newly-debuted band was recording its first album, he was beating Fujigaya in Duet’s new popularity poll, and after years of lobbying, he had finally landed his first drama roll.

Best of all, Senga was his co-star. Talk about incredible luck.

“Aw, Nika, it’s not luck,” Senga protested a couple weeks into filming. “It’s just that we’re the last two who hadn’t even been in a drama, isn’t it?”

“It just took them too long to realize our potential,” Nikaido informed him, but Senga quit protesting when Nikaido leaned in to kiss his cheek. “Now hurry up, we’ll be late to makeup. We’re the hottest vampires on television!”

Yup, strolling out of his and Senga’s dressing room (okay, it was actually just a van), Nikaido felt on top of the world. Let Kitayama have his school delinquents and Tamamori have his fake band; he and Senga were vampires! That was way trendier, definitely.

“Because we have better hair and capes,” Nikaido said to Senga.

“Mm, but Nika,” Senga said, “they said they were getting a special guest star this week, right? A senpai? Who do you think it is?”

“Who knows,” Nikaido shrugged, unconcerned. “Could be anybody, right? Like Kame-kun, he’s done vampires before, right?”

“Nika…” Senga started, then gave an ‘oof!’ when Nikaido stopped so suddenly they bumped into each other. Nikaido turned to grin at Senga.

“Think we’ll get somebody from SMAP?” he asked, eyes going starry. “That would be awesome! I bet it’s totally SMAP, and then the two of us can go on SMAPxSMAP and Waratte Iitemo and…”

“Nika!” Senga tried to interrupt again.

“‘Cause nobody’s cooler than SMAP-san, right?” Nikaido just went on gushing, heedless of Senga’s widening eyes and attempts to shush him. “Sure there’s lots of senpai, but SMAP has the most fans and is the most fun and has the best concerts and…”

“NIKA!” Senga finally wailed, grabbing Nikaido’s face between his hands and turning his head forcibly.

Behind them stood Matchy, looking unimpressed from head to sparky-conversed foot.

“Oh,” Nikaido said weakly, “it’s…”

“Go on,” Matchy eyed Nikaido evenly, “say it. I dare you.”

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