Tackey & Tsubasa, A Reasonable Hour

Title: A Reasonable Hour [Tackey/Tsubasa]
Rating/Warnings: PG-13
Summary: Tsubasa just wants to know if Tackey plans to sleep at all, ever.
AN: Written for 2011 Halloween JE100 drabble exchange, for Pinkpapyrus.

A Reasonable Hour

“Any chance you’re coming home tonight?” Tsubasa asks, voice sounding far-away over the phone connection. Tackey swallows a sigh.

“I’m coming home,” he assures, looking at the scatter of Snowmen trying to run herd on everybody else in his stage play, such as it was at the moment. “Just…you know, in a while.”

“In a while like…” Tsubasa probed further, “…like you might sleep for three hours?”

“Maybe,” Tackey hedged. “Could be three.”

“In a row?”

“Tsubaaaaaaa,” Tackey sighed in mock distress. “Don’t tempt me with things I know I can’t have. And anyway, you aren’t home either, are you? Be honest.”

“I might go home if there was somebody there to come home to.” Tsubasa pointed out. “Somebody waiting just for me. In an apron, maybe.”

“Ah, but it looks so much better on you…” Tackey sighed, cutting off their banter when Nozawa snapped at one of the younger juniors, probably about to make them cry. “Damn that kid, he’s as bad as Fujigaya-kun.”

“Nobody could be,” Tsubasa laughed. “Mm, Hide? Let’s make a deal. I’ll come home at a reasonable hour if you will.”

“That does sound like a fair deal, I’ll admit,” Tackey chuckled. “I’ll try, really.”


It’s after one in the morning when Tackey wakes Tsubasa up by tripping over his own pants and cursing. But not too much after.

“Better than I thought you’d do,” Tsubasa murmurs, still half-asleep. “Come to bed already.”

Tackey grumbles that he’s trying to as he kicks his pants off at last, and then groans in bliss as he slides under the pre-warmed blankets to curl up along Tsubasa’s back. “Why do you put up with me?”

Tsubasa rolls over suddenly, pinning Tackey to the bed and looming over him. Even in the dark, Tackey can tell that he’s grinning.

“Because you let all those barely legal acrobats and flakes and everything else tire you out, so that you’re easy prey by the time you crawl home to me.”

Tackey’s laughter is cut off by the press of Tsubasa’s mouth against his.

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