JE, Hidden Attraction

Title: Hidden Attraction [Kitayama/Totsuka]
Rating/Warnings: PG-13
Summary: It’s like a junior high date, complete with terrible haunted house.
AN: Written for the 2011 Halloween JE100 drabble exchange, for Talisa_ahn who wanted Kitayama/Totsuka or else a Kisumai haunted house. so she got both.

Hidden Attraction

“You know, Hiromitsu,” Totsuka said, voice mild, “when I said we should go on a proper date, I didn’t mean as if we were in junior high.”

In front of them was the Kis-My-Ft2 room for the Johnny’s Entertainment Cultural Festival, done up like a traditional school festival haunted house.

“Your fault for not specifying,” Kitayama shrugged. He held out his arm. “Shall we?”

A blood-curdling scream came through the doorway, but it evoked no other reaction than Kitayama wondering out loud what section of the room Nikaido had gotten lost in this time.

“It really is well done,” Totsuka allowed after several skeletons dropped down on them, clacking and grinning toothily. He poked the nearest one, setting it swinging into the others with a clatter. “Excellent craftsmanship.”

“That’s because we didn’t let Taisuke draw anything,” Kitayama said. They rounded the next corner, and Kitayama hid a smile as Totsuka’s hand tightened briefly on his arm at the sight of someone with long, dark hair over their face as they crawled out of a cardboard “well.”

He relaxed after a second, though. “Hello, Miyacchi. Long time no see.”

The dark hair flipped back to reveal Miyata’s usual grin and scrunched eyes. “Busy with the stageplay and Leader, you know.”

“Mm, I do know,” Totsuka said dryly. Kitayama tsked and tugged Totsuka along, telling Miyata to get back into character already.

They only went a few steps farther, to the next corner, before Totsuka came to a halt.

“Nice as this little date is,” Totsuka reached out and grabbed a fistful of the black cloth that was making up the ‘walls’ and held it up to reveal a small, dark niche, “want to make the entertainment a bit more adult?”

“Hell yes,” Kitayama grinned, letting Totsuka tug him behind the cloth, Fujigaya and Kawai’s bet about which group’s attraction had the most attendance bedamned.

A little while later, Senga and Fujigaya were waiting at the end of the Haunted House, smugly watching a string of white-faced juniors stagger out.

“Ah, Marius-kun,” Fujigaya snagged the unlucky junior by the shirt collar, ignoring his look of panic. “And just what did you think was the scaaaariest part?”

“The m-m-moaning,” Marius managed to stutter.

“Yeah, that was seriously too much,” Nakaken shivered, then peeled Fujigaya’s hands off his group member to shoo him off. “Good job, senpai.”

“Moaning?” Senga asked Fujigaya. Fujigaya just shrugged. These juniors were just total weenies, was all. Not enough hazing, definitely.

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