Tackey & Tsubasa, Home Movies

Title: Home Movies
Rating/Warnings: PG
Summary: Tackey just doesn’t want to watch it alone, really.
AN: Written for 2011 Halloween JE100 drabble exchange, for Fuyukoi, who wanted Tackey/Tsubasa.

Home Movies

When Tackey had suggested a movie night in, Tsubasa was pleasantly surprised. When Tackey actually cancelled a couple meetings and showed up on time to the movie night in, Tsubasa was downright stunned.

When the DVD in question turned out to be Kis-My-Ft2’s debut concert DVD, Tsubasa became a lot less surprised.

“Oh come on,” Tackey wheedled. “Don’t you want to see our cute kouhai all grown up and doing all the stuff we’ve taught them since their tender youth?”

“You mean stealing all our tricks?” Tsubasa wanted to know, but his resolve weakened when Tackey snuggled a little closer on the couch.

“I already made the popcorn…and when was the last time you even watched a concert, any concert, from start to finish? Running one doesn’t count!”

“All right, all right, you don’t have to twist my arm,” Tsubasa grumbled, reaching over to snatch the remote out of Tackey’s hand and hitting play. “But I’ll just keep this, thank you very much, or else all we’ll do is watch you replay Tai-otouto swing his hips like a two hundred yen whore.”

Agreeing immediately to Tsubasa’s demands, Tackey settled in against Tsubasa’s side, Tsubasa’s arm wrapping around his shoulders. It was a good show (excepting those starting costumes which made even Tackey wince), and Tsubasa forgot to tease after only a few songs.

His attention was pulled away when Tackey heaved a little sigh against his shoulder. Tsubasa looked down and saw Tackey’s expression was soft and a little sad. He seemed invested in the concert, though, so Tsubasa didn’t ask any questions, even when Fujigaya’s aforementioned hip-swinging started up.

By the end, Tackey still hadn’t said anything, and finally over the closing credits, Tsubasa had to ask, “You just didn’t want to watch this by yourself, did you? Be honest.”

“Why are they so grown up?” Tackey whined softly. “Why are we so old?”

“Hide, you are not either old.” Tsubasa rolled his eyes at Tackey’s melodramatics. “And they wouldn’t turn out half so talented if you’d stop training them up like that. You’ve only yourself to blame.”

“I know I shouldn’t want to keep them,” Tackey sighed, “but they’re such good backers…is it so wrong to want to keep the good kouhai for myself?”

“A shame, but sooner or later the Lost Boys do grow up. At least some of them. How are you ever supposed to get new ones if the old ones don’t start being ridiculous all on their own?” Tsubasa pressed his lips against Tackey’s temple, making Tackey’s give a soft sigh. “Let’s go to bed and prove how youthful and vigorous we still are, hm?”

That made Tackey smile at least. “All right, it’s a deal, partner.”

Later on, sufficiently tired out and youthful energy proved, Tackey allowed that maybe it was all right if some of the kouhai, the really cute ones, grew up and got their own songs and concerts and graduated from being juniors and made Tackey really proud.

“So long as I get to keep Yara-kun,” he added as a stipulation, and Tsubasa gave a fake snore rather than comment on what Yara himself might think about that.

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