Mis Snow Man, Save You a Seat

Title: Save You a Seat [Abe/Snowmen]
Rating/Warnings: PG
Summary: Abe’s homecoming.
AN: Written for 2011 JE100 Halloween drabble exchange, for Flailinginlove who wanted Abe rejoining Snowmen. I’m so happy this came true~

Save You a Seat

“I told you!” Sakuma blustered, making Fukuzawa and Nozawa stare at their sneakers. “I said you shouldn’t pick on him all the time! If you’d have helped him study instead, or even just left him alone, then…”

“Then we’d still have Abe-kun, right?” Watanabe interrupted, and Sakuma turned to find the rest of the Snowmen looking just as guilty. “They he wouldn’t have had to stop for school.”

Sakuma heaved a sigh, then relented. Sad Snowmen weren’t a pretty sight after all. “Well, it’s too late now, so let’s not worry about it. Abe’ll definitely be back, right?”

“He promised,” Fukuzawa nodded, face hopeful. “It won’t be so long…and we’ll be busy, so it’ll seem like no time at all. Right?”

The others still looked doubtful, but Sakuma pasted on his brightest Leader grin. “Right! And he can’t come back too soon anyway, because we need plenty of time to plan his welcome back party. Right?”

“Right!” the other six cheered.


“You guys did all this…” Abe looked around in bewilderment. “For me?”

“Yup,” Sakuma surveyed their work proudly, their Shounen Club dressing room decorated festively and grinning juniors as far as the eye could see. “Fukka swapped rooms with ABC-Z for just this filming, Hikaru blew up all the balloons, Date and Shota took care of the snacks, I decorated and pained the banner…”

“What about Non-chan and Sanapi?” Abe wanted to know.

“Well…they got half an hour off to come to the party,” Sakuma admitted, making Abe chuckle. “Abecchi, we really did mi—”

Sakuma’s words were cut off by Abe leaning in and pressing his lips against Sakuma’s sweetly. When he pulled away, Sakuma just blinked at him, cheeks turning pink.

“Thank you,” Abe said, heartfelt. “I missed you all too, you know. I was worried I wouldn’t have a place when I came back, but…this means a lot to me. Now if you’ll excuse me,” Abe winked at Sakuma, “I’ve got a lot of other bandmates to thank as well.”

“Yup,” Sakuma laughed. Abe only got about three steps before he turned to grin at Sakuma over his shoulder.

“Don’t worry,” he said. “I’ll be back for Leader, for sure.”

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