Mis Snow Man, Midnight Snack

Title: Midnight Snack
Rating/Warnings: PG-13
Summary: Iwamoto stops by for a snack.
AN: Written for the 2011 Halloween JE100 drabble exchange, for Kira, who wanted Iwamoto/Sakuma, so I wrote in the AU thing she’d written some stuff about, where a mix of vampires and regular humans were at school together.

Midnight Snack

Sakuma wakes when the bed shifts, and when he opens his eyes, for second there’s nothing there. Then he blinks, and Iwamoto is leaning over him.

“Hi there,” Iwamoto smiles, all sharp teeth and dark eyes deep enough to drown in.

Sakuma doesn’t drown, though. Instead he just stretches, smiling himself when Iwamoto’s eyes are drawn to where his T-shirt rides up, baring a stripe of pale skin. “Hi. Came to visit?”

“Mm,” Iwamoto drags his eyes back up, slow, enjoying the trip, “more like…midnight snack?”

“Dork. I thought vampires were supposed to be cool? Seductive?” Sakuma tilts his head to expose his neck, though, Iwamoto’s mark glimmering in the low light. He sighs when Iwamoto drops onto him, skin cool against Sakuma’s, although it begins to warm almost immediately. “But you know…”

Iwamoto pauses with his mouth hovering just over Sakuma’s neck. “Hm?”

“We could play a little first?” Sakuma turns his head so that it’s his mouth instead of his neck under Iwamoto’s, and presses their lips together. It’s sweet for a second or two, before Sakuma licks along Iwamoto’s bottom lip, surprising him into opening up and letting Sakuma explore as he wills.

Sakuma’s hands explore as well, brushing along Iwamoto’s sides, over his shoulders and down his back. Iwamoto is warming against Sakuma, drawing Sakuma’s warmth into himself, but Sakuma’s got plenty to spare. He tugs at Iwamoto’s clothes, spreads his legs so that Iwamoto settles tighter against him, all the while licking his way into Iwamoto’s mouth.

When Sakuma runs his tongue over the sharp tip of one of Iwamoto’s fangs, Iwamoto pulls his head away with a groan.

“You aren’t normal,” Iwamoto pants, giving Sakuma his best vampire stare and growling when Sakuma only laughs at him some more.

“That’s why I’m yours,” Sakuma points out, trying all the while to tug Iwamoto back down with hands in his hair. “So have me already. Please?”

Iwamoto doesn’t have to be told twice; dropping his head back down to the tempting curve of Sakuma’s neck, he sinks his fangs into Sakuma’s skin and lets the hot pulse of Sakuma’s blood drive both of them out of their minds.

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