Mis Snow Man, The Rainbow Log is Unsurprising

Title: The Rainbow Log is Unsurprising [Sanada/Nozawa]
Rating/Warnings: PG-13
Summary: The Snowmen get turned into Snowpigs.
AN: Written for Halloween 2011 JE100 Drabble exchange, for Yararanger, who wanted Snowmen to switch places with the Snowpigs (which it might help you to know is what we call the 6-pig litter which my guinea pigs Sanapig, Nokkun, and Datte all come from).

The Rainbow Log is Unsurprising

At first, Sanada didn’t really even understand that anything strange was going on. In his defense, he was just waking up for a nap, and the dark fluffy hair around his ears had totally been there always, and it certainly wasn’t the first time he’d seen Nozawa in white fur.

The fact that he was lying on woodchips didn’t bother him a whole lot either. They smelled good~ and they were nice and comfortable. Even the rainbow logs didn’t exactly tip him off, after that PV they’d done with Tackey-senpai.

It wasn’t until Nozawa rolled over and blinked at him with big dark eyes on either side of an orange-furred nose that Sanada caught on something was perhaps amiss. But when he tried to ask, nothing came out but a soft squeak. He cleared his throat and tried again, getting panicky, and only got a louder wheeeeeek out.

It didn’t stop him trying though, until Nozawa narrowed his eyes and even without words managed to clearly indicate that he was not at all impressed. Sanada shut his mouth.

“YOU GUYS!” someone shouted over top of them, and Sanada was cowering under the rainbow log, pressed close against Nozawa’s side before he’d even realized his furry little legs had gotten moving. The voice lowered to a more acceptable level. “Ooh, sorry! Don’t be scared, it’s just me, Hikaru. Come out please.”

Nozawa gave a soft snort of derision, but the two of them edged back out cautiously. Sanapig found it hard to look straight up with his new wide-spaced eyes, even when he lifted his nose straight up, and instead settled for sort of eyeing Iwamoto from the side with his head tilted.

“Something happened and…” Iwamoto flailed a little, “Hasshi-kun switched your water bottles, and now…Goseki-senpai said it should wear off soon? I had a juice from the vending machine, so…I can take care of you until then? Oh, the others are okay too! Date’s on the floor here…”

A long, plaintive wheeeek sounded.

“Sorry, but you know exactly why I can’t put you back in with Nabesho!” Iwamoto scolded. “Fukka and Sakkun and Shota are next door so…things…don’t happen before you change back. They’re really cute! Er, not that you two aren’t! Sanada, you’re totally oshare!

Nozawa’s dismissive once-over said he was ambivalent on the subject.

“But here!” Suddenly a bunch of green stuff was falling around them, smelling grassy and good to the guinea pig’s nose. “It’s hay! The internet said you’d like that, so go on and eat up and I’m sure you’ll be totally back to normal! I’m going to go check on the others, okay, so just relax!”

Iwamoto bustled out, but Sanada hardly noticed, already face-deep in the hay and wheeking conversationally to Nozawa about how good it was. Nozawa munched on a few pieces himself, before retreating back under the rainbow log and lying down with a little sigh.

Satisfied for now, Sanada finished chewing the piece of hay he’d been stripping of it’s soft flowery bit and trotted over to nose at Nozawa. When he didn’t get much of a response, he flopped down next to his partner, their soft, furry sides pressed close together.

Nozawa picked up his head to nibbled Sanada’s ear casually, then both of them froze when Sanada let out a long, low rrrrrrrrrrrrrr. They blinked at each other for a second before a look of interest came over Nozawa’s face, and then he nibbled with a little more purpose, making Sanada’s eyes slit nearly shut, purring loud enough that Miyadate gave a protesting noise from below.

After that, neither of them cared really how long it would take for things to go back to normal; they figured out how to entertain themselves well enough.

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