Kis-My-Ft2, Like an Aristocrat

Title: Like an Aristocrat [Miyata/Tamamori]
Rating/Warnings: PG-13
Summary: Tamamori is definitely not drunk enough for this.
AN: Written for the 2011 Halloween JE100 drabble exchange, for Loveandcoffee who wanted some MiyaTama, based on this story of Miyata’s about a hotel room incident.

Like an Aristocrat

For starters, there definitely hadn’t been any sort of juice in that wine glass.

“What are you laughing at?” Tamamori demanded, his scowl only making Miyata laugh harder, but he ducked his head to try and hide his smile.

“Nothing~.” Miyata went back to lathering up his hair, sneaking the occasional glance at Tamamori. The wine glass made him look even more prince-type than usual, until you got down to his bare feet and the way he was scrunching his toes in the carpet. “Senpai kicked you out, huh?”

“Yeeeess.” Tamamori grumbled. “I’m legal and everything! Unfaiiir.”

“Ah, but it doesn’t look good,” Miyata tsked at him. “And so…you came back here to watch me bathe?” He took a pointed glance at the curtain that had been separating him from the rest of the room when he’d started washing his hair.

“N-no!” Tamamori snapped. “I just wanted to see who was in there!”

“Tama-chan,” Miyata tried to keep the laughter out of his voice, but mostly failed, “it’s our room. Who else would be in here!”

“I don’t know! Anybody could!”

Miyata’s laughter cut off with a yelp as shampoo slid down far enough to sting his eyes. Cursing, he flailed blindly at the faucet to turn it on so that he could rinse off, but succeeded in doing nothing but banging the edge of his hand on the faucet.

“Honestly.” Miyata felt fingers wrap around his wrist and still his hand, then heard the whoosh of the water being turned on. “Good thing I did come back since you need a lot of help.”

And then Miyata’s head was pushed under the water without further warning.

When he resurfaced and blinked the water out of his eyes, still stinging a bit, he found Tamamori leaning over him, sweater tossed casually aside, eyeing him with a mix of affection and shouganai.

“My hero.” Miyata grinned. “You really are prince-type, Tama-chan.”

“Tcht.” Tamamori looked away, cheeks dusted pink. “Just get out of there before you drown. Let’s go to bed already.”

Definitely,” Miyata agreed, standing up in a rush and sloshing water out of the tub and over the legs of Tamamori’s jeans. “Oops.”

“I’m not drunk enough for this,” Tamamori complained, but he let Miyata drag him close enough for a kiss, hands slick against Tamamori’s skin and promising that he’d definitely make the trouble up to him until they could take another bath together.

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