A.B.C-Z, Devil or Angel

Title: Devil or Angel [Totsuka/Tsukada]
Rating/Warnings: PG-13
Summary: Letting Hasshi pick their costumes was maybe not their brightest idea.
AN: Written for 2011 Halloween JE100 drabble exchange, for Shisaigas who wanted this pairing and costumes with horns.

Devil or Angel

“And the moral of the story,” Totsuka commented, “is that letting Hasshi-kun pick our costume theme just proves that he’s the genius and we’re the idiots.”

Tsukada laughs, full-throated. It makes a pretty picture in combination with his red silk shirt and his very tight black leather pants. The best part, though, in Totsuka’s opinion, is the way Tsukada has styled two pieces of his hair up into little curled horns, ala A.N.JELL’s Yuuki.

“But we’re supposed to be demons,” Tsukada is still laughing. “So what do we know about the moral of the story?”

“Point taken,” Totsuka murmurs, but he thinks to himself that when Hashimoto is parading around in the white silk with the fluffiest wings you ever saw, that somebody probably ought to know something about morals. He reaches over to tug one of Tsukada’s horns. “Cute. Are demons supposed to be cute?”

“Demons can totally be cute,” Tsukada assures. “Just look at the rest of our unit. Want me to do up yours too?”

Amenable to that, Totsuka sits and lets Tsukada do as he will, eyes slitting a little at the pleasure of Tsukada brushing fingers through his hair, coaxing it to do this and that with the gel.

“There,” he finally announces. “Give a couple minutes to set and you’re good to go.”

“Hmm.” Totsuka blinks up at Tsukada. “And how do you propose I keep occupied for those couple minutes?”

Tsukada grins a perfect, sharp demon grin just before he drops into Totsuka’s lap, then presses their mouths together.

It seems like only a few seconds later that the door bangs open and Hashimoto marches in, tiny feathers dotting the carpet behind him. “Hey, have you seen Gocchi or Fumikyun? They better not be tormenting Snowmen without…” He stops short when he gets a proper look at Tsukada tucked tightly into Totsuka’s lap. “Hey! No fair playing without me!”

“Mm, but Hasshi,” Totsuka rubs his cheek a little against Tsukada’s shoulder, feels Tsukada’s hands tighten on his waist, “you’re the angel, right? The only cute little angel in our unit full of rapacious demons. So we can’t defile you now, can we?”

“Heeeeeeeeeey,” Hasshi protests louder, making Tsukada and Totsuka both snicker at his expense Totsuka snuggles in even tighter against Tsukada’s muscled chest.

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