SixTONES, Too Early to Call

Title: Too Early to Call [SixTONES]
Rating/Warnings: PG
Summary: Practicing for a future that might happen was hard. Practicing for a future that definitely will happen is harder.
AN: Stage show planning! because Shountentachi and Crea and Summer Suite (Sweet?) and SixTONES feels like a miracle always.

Too Early to Call

Practicing for a future that might happen was hard enough, but it was mostly a problem of motivation. Practicing for a future that definitely will happen is harder, or at least scarier. Kouchi is surrounded by people he would rather die than disappoint, and the longer this planning meeting goes on, the less sure he is about how, exactly, he is going to manage everything asked of him.

But he has to, somehow, because Jesse and Shintarou are practically bouncing in their seats, and Juri has been scribbling notes a hundred times more seriously than he ever did for a class, and Taiga is still wearing the doofy grin from when he came in and found the five of them waiting for him. And Hokuto is looking right at Kouchi with one eyebrow raised like he already knows what Kouchi is thinking about. Oops.

“Are you freaking out?” Hokuto leans in to ask quietly. Kouchi shakes his head, trying to make his face more unreadable. Is it working, he wonders? Hokuto is still watching him evenly so it’s probably not working at all. “It’s okay to be freaking out.”

“I’m not freaking out,” Kouchi murmurs back. “Pay attention, we’re gonna get yelled at.”

“Oi, are you guys paying attention down there?” Jesse demands, just to be a jerk. He’s grinning at them when they look up.

“No, they’re busy freaking out,” Juri says, pen catching up to where the staff member stopped talking and pausing to flex his wrist.

“We’re not!” Kouchi protests. He glances to the side where Hokuto is looking sheepish. “I’m not. I’m understandably anxious and that is not the same thing as freaking out.” Everyone stares at Kouchi for several moments, the attention making his nervousness expand. “Look, quit picking on just me! Shintarou’s down there making that face like he’s the kind of excited where he might puke on the table!”

Everyone turns to look at Shintarou’s face instead, making Shintarou whine a protest.

“Ah, me too, me too!” Jesse exclaims with no shame at all. “Why isn’t there a word for that emotion? We have it all the time, we should name it!”

“Pukecited?” Juri suggests. “Nausecstatic?”

“Is this going better or worse than when you start stageshow planning meetings with A.B.C-Z-senpai?” Taiga asks the staff member, looking genuinely curious.

“Too early to call it,” staff-san says with a sigh.

“Vomithrilled,” Juri decides on, but Jesse says no, pukecited was way better.

“Oh god, we begged for this to be our unit,” Hokuto groans, burying his face in his hands. “Lie and tell me this is going to work out fine.”

Kouchi, who feels like there is definitely some kind of freakout brewing in the center of his chest, pats Hokuto between the shoulders and says it’ll be fine, for sure. It’s probably not even a lie.

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