SixTONES, Beauty School Dropout (Go Back to High School)

Title: Beauty School Dropout (Go Back to High School) [Taiga/Jesse]
Rating/Warnings: R, cross-dressing
Summary: Taiga and Jesse get really into the uniforms while shooting the girl-version SixTONES comic.
AN: Yeah so this happened and since Jesse as always can’t keep his hands to himself, Taiga teaches him a lesson. Kind of. Set just after shooting that comic where SixTONES is vs girl versions of themselves. (PS Shintarou’s girl version isn’t called anything in the text so I used our fannish ‘Shina’ lol). Also can we talk about how Jesse, Juri (Julie), Hokuto, AND Taiga all don’t actually have to change their names at all to be girls? Like really.

Beauty School Dropout (Go Back to High School)

“No shape to properly appreciate a gangbang,” Jesse tsked, as if it were a sad state of affairs indeed. His fingers said otherwise, steadily creeping up Taiga’s bare thigh, pushing up his skirt. His fingertips were leaving hot trails along Taiga’s skin, still tingling even after the touch had passed. Taiga was used to Jesse’s inappropriate touches after all this time, they all were, but somehow this touch seemed restless, more lingering, and if Taiga hadn’t been wearing the long sleeves of the girl uniform still, the staff would be taking pictures of the goosebumps running up his arms.

Right, the staff. Along with the inappropriate touching, Jesse was also a master of terrible timing. Taiga barely looked up as he brushed Jesse’s hand off his thigh, not wanting to give Jesse the satisfaction, but he gave Juri a slight roll of the eyes that made Juri grin.

“Since we’re all still done up as girls, and you’re the only guy here,” Juri pointed out with amusement, “wouldn’t it be you getting gangbanged?”

Jesse sputtered a bit, and Juri gave Taiga a wink.

“Honestly,” Taiga said, amused despite himself. “Serve both of you right if staff wrote this conversation down right in the magazine.”

Their conversation was interrupted at that moment by “Shina” hollering that he would definitely be the only one with decent tits, dammit, and Juri got up to save his best friend. Jesse skittered off too, yelling Kouchi’s name, but Taiga only smiled to himself. In his group, learning patience was one of the smartest things he’d ever done.

The right opportunity presented itself a half-hour later, their shots done and staff’s attention squarely on the next batch of JE girls (something about Genki that didn’t surprise Taiga one bit and something about Genta that Taiga would rather not think about). Jesse was last to undergo girl transformation and consequently last to be released, which is how Taiga caught him in the hallway by himself.

Jesse yelped pleasingly when Taiga grabbed him suddenly and shoved him back against the wall, pinning him there by the one wrist Taiga had grabbed and the weight of his body.

“Um,” Jesse said, eyes still wide with surprise as his glance flicked down to Taiga’s sweater vest and plaid skirt. “You haven’t changed yet?”

“What’s the matter, Jesseko?” Taiga purred, leaning in a little harder. “You don’t want to touch me now that there’s no cameras watching?”

“No,” Jesse said, free hand coming to rest against Taiga’s leg. The touch was light, Taiga barely feeling it through the skirt.

“That’s now how you were touching me earlier.” Taiga grabbed Jesse’s wrist and slid it under the skirt, much higher up his thigh. “I was wondering something.”

“Huh?” Jesse asked. His fingers flexed a little against Taiga’s skin, making Taiga shiver from the little trails of heat again. Taiga smiled, and Jesse swallowed.

“What part of this do you find so appealing?” Taiga asked. He shifted his knee just a bit in between Jesse’s, the skirt posing barely any more resistance than pants would have. “Is it that you like me being the girl? Or…” Taiga squeezed Jesse’s wrist more tightly. “Is it that you want to be the girl?”

“I’m honestly not sure,” Jesse said, breathy and still wide-eyed. Taiga could have done without the wig, but the eyes Jesse was making at him he liked quite a lot. Jesse licked his lips. “Both? Tell me what to do so the answer can be both.”

“Stop talking,” Taiga ordered. He had to stand almost on tiptoe to kiss Jesse as forcefully as he wanted, but the way Jesse went entirely boneless between him and the wall said that it didn’t ruin the effect any. Honestly Taiga wasn’t 100% sure that it wasn’t the skirt Jesse was hard for so much as how aggressive Taiga was being with him, but if that was the game that Jesse wanted to play at the moment, Taiga could be down for that.

Jesse playing the not-so-innocent schoolgirl for him, that had some appeal. Taiga was surprised how much, actually; but then again he was the leader of the SixTONES girl version band, so maybe he ought to act like it and see where it got him.

“Bathroom,” Taiga said as soon as the kiss broke. Usually he was so much smarter than this, but Jesse’s eyes were still wide, his lips pink and slick with gloss, and he was totally slouching down lower on the wall so that Taiga seemed taller against him. “Now.”

“Yes, ma’am!” Jesse agreed. Taiga turned, dragging Jesse along behind him still by the wrist, and didn’t stop until they had slipped inside the bathroom and the door was shut behind them.

“Stay there,” Taiga said, pressing Jesse casually against the back of the door as he flipped the lock, then took two steps back. It was just far enough to look Jesse over, cheeks turning pink, chest rising and falling quickly, skirt brushing enticingly just above Jesse’s knees. It really did make you want to flip it up and see what was underneath, Taiga mused, faintly amused at his own schoolboy tendencies rising to the surface.

“We’re in the girl’s bathroom,” Jesse pointed out, a nervous snicker escaping.

“But you are a girl, Jesseko,” Taiga said.

“Oh, right.” Jesse spread his hands wide against the door, and Taiga wondered where Jesse was trying to keep himself from touching. “Right, right. Just Jesse’s fine, you know. It’s already a girl’s name.”

“You want me to say your name?” Taiga asked. Damn, it was getting harder to keep his face cool and commanding with Jesse getting more into the act, pressing harder against the door and shifting as if embarrassed by the attention, letting his hair hang more in his eyes.

“Yeah,” Jesse said. He lifted his eyes to meet Taiga’s for just a second, glimmering with interest, and then dropped them again. One hand dropped to twist fingers in the hem of his skirt.

“Jesse,” Taiga murmured. Jesse shivered a little, and Taiga’s grin widened. “Mmm, Jesse. You look really cute today. It’s a shame I only ever see you in that uniform. I bet your normal clothes are really cute too, right?”

“My…yeah.” Jesse caught on quick enough to play along with Taiga. Smart enough in all the most dangerous ways, as always. “I mean, I guess. I’m not anything special, but…”

Taiga stepped closer again, interrupting Jesse’s modest act. He put fingertips against the edge of Jesse’s chest and drew them down lightly, tracing the edge of Jesse’s body from side to hip. “If I took you out, would you dress up for me?”

“Uh-huh,” Jesse agreed, so quickly that Taiga filed that away for later, not entirely sure whether the answer was part of only this game or not. “But, umm…right now…”

“Something you want, Jesse?” Taiga asked. He slid his hand down further, to cover Jesse’s where he was still fiddling with the hem of his skirt. “If you tell me, you might get it~.”

“I’d rather…” Jesse bit his lip as if embarrassed to say. Taiga had to stop himself from leaning in to bite Jesse’s lip himself. “I’d rather take clothes off for you right now than put different ones on.”

“Yeah, definitely.” Taiga kissed Jesse, hard enough to knock his head back against the door. He was struggling to think past the heat clouding his judgement to figure out where he could take this that wouldn’t spoil the game but also be quick. They couldn’t stay in the bathroom forever.

Not that Jesse would need long for anything, given the way he was already whining into Taiga’s mouth and rubbing against him. Taiga could feel how hard Jesse was even through both their skirts; he chuckled against Jesse’s lips because for all his height and English shouting, all it took to melt him into a puddle of desperation was a little decent dominance.

Jesse pouted, lips pursing appealingly against Taiga’s. “Are you laughing at me?”

“A little,” Taiga admitted, kissing up along Jesse’s cheekbone instead, over to his earlobe. “Can I touch you?” He slid his hand under Jesse’s skirt, trailing just high enough up his inner thigh to make his meaning clear. “Let me touch you.”

“Y-yes.” Jesse’s voice hitched when Taiga’s hand rose high enough to tease the edge of Jesse’s underwear. “Please, yeah.”

Taiga knew for a fact that Jesse had on black briefs, he’d seen them this morning, but with his skirt in the way it was easy to pretend Jesse had something cute and pink on under there. Probably with little hearts. Or something silly like bears. Taiga chuckled, air puffing against Jesse’s ear, and Jesse huffed at him. Really, he was too adorable like this.

Nudging two fingers under the elastic of Jesse’s underwear, Taiga stroked the side of his cock for just a second before twisting them backwards instead. Jesse gave a surprised moan as Taiga rubbed the pad of his finger over Jesse’s hole, teasing at the wrinkled edge.

“Later,” Taiga whispered into Jesse’s ear, thinking about how they could play this girl game really easily if he were better prepared. “If this skirt had any pockets, I’d have brought something. Why doesn’t girl shit have any pockets? This’ll have to do for now.”

“Because girls don’t need to bring their own lube? Fuck, just do something,” Jesse moaned, his flush spreading down underneath his collar. Taiga had half a mind to undo all those buttons with his teeth, but occupied himself instead with tugging his fingers free and cupping Jesse’s cock through his briefs. He rather be touching skin, but Taiga was mindful that they had to turn these skirts back in any minute and messing them up was not a smart option. Jesse was hard enough that Taiga could practically feel every detail of him through the thin cotton anyway.

“Mmm, Jesse,” Taiga praised as Jesse thrust up into his grip. He licked at the skin just under Jesse’s ear, nibbled lightly on his neck. “Close, huh? So easy. No wonder all the boys like you.”

Jesse’s fingers were under Taiga’s skirt suddenly, digging into the back of Taiga’s thighs. “Mean!” he hissed. “I’m not like that! I—aah!

Taiga grinned in victory as Jesse twitched under his hand and shuddered himself out, feeling the heat of Jesse’s release spreading under his palm. “You were saying?”

“Quit being a jerk and kiss me,” Jesse panted, and Taiga complied readily. It was messy, Jesse still gasping for air and Taiga feeling rather desperate, and Jesse’s fingers were still digging into Taiga’s thighs, maybe hard enough to leave marks. Taiga thought about rubbing off on Jesse just like that, but in the end pulled back.

“You’re taking me home,” he ordered. Jesse nodded quickly, pink all over, wig askew, and definitely cuter than was safe under any circumstances. Taiga dropped his hand to give the hem of Jesse’s skirt a yank. “Try and smuggle this thing out, unless you’d rather try and fit in your sister’s uniform.”

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