JE, Persuasion

Title: Persuasion [Kauan/Reia/Hokuto]
Rating/Warnings: NC-17
Summary: Kauan is not sure why is group is being so cute with him all of the sudden.
AN: I’m not really sure how this happened. surprise Team Ra porn?


“You’d look so good on your back,” Shintarou was murmuring into Reia’s ear when Kauan came into the back room of the Gamushara practice space to put his stuff down. All if of it made Kauan uncomfortable, from the knowing lilt of Shintarou’s voice, to the way Shintarou was looming over Reia and keeping him half-pinned against the wall. Kauan hesitated two steps inside the door when it didn’t break up immediately, wondering if it would be more awkward to turn around and go back out or stay and just hope they quit it.

“Shin!” Reia laughed, shoving at Shintarou’s chest. Shintarou didn’t budge. “Aw, come on, Kauan-kun’s here.”

“Pfft, he can watch,” Shintarou said, but backed up a step when Reia gave him another shove. “Okay, okay. I can take a hint.” Already changed into his sweats, Shintarou bopped the top of Reia’s head lightly with his fist as he headed out to the main practice area. “Have fun, you two.”

“Really?” Kauan demanded, setting his bag down on the table. Reia stuck his tongue out and then came over to his own bag, sitting near Kauan’s where Reia had apparently dropped it before being waylaid by Shintarou.

“Hi, Kauan-kun,” Reia greeted properly as he unzipped his bag. He smiled up at Kauan sweetly when Kauan said hello back.

“You know, I don’t get it.”

“Hm? Get what?” Reia asked, distracted digging through his bag.

“The way they…you know.” Kauan felt his cheeks heat at even the mention of what he’d interrupted, and he scowled. “The way they’re always touching you and pushing you up against walls and…stuff. Hokuto’s older than you and Shintarou is so much bigger, and you’re so…”

Reia looked up, expression amused. “I’m what?”

Kauan scowled harder at Reia’s big eyes and cute face. “Little. Cute. Stop looking at me like that. They aren’t making you, right?”

“No,” Reia answered. “You’re sweet. But it isn’t like that at all. Who do you think taught Shin-chan half of what he knows about sex in the first place?”

“Never mind, I don’t want to talk about this anymore,” Kauan decided abruptly, trying to turn away, but Reia caught at his wrist and turned him back around. “Let go. I’m sorry I interrupted.”

“You didn’t.” Reia shook his head. “He knows better than to do it in a place we have to be worried about who’ll walk in. Or I do, at least.”

Kauan frowned. “But you knew I was coming in.”

“No kidding,” Reia said, looking up at Kauan expectantly. Kauan stared back, no idea what Reia was getting at. “Because Kauan-kun is cute too. You could play too, and then you wouldn’t be walking in on anything anymore, would you? Only if you wanted.”

“With those guys? Is this a joke?” Kauan looked towards the door, half-expecting to see them waiting there to say that’s exactly what it was, ready to point and laugh at him. “Even if I was interested, which I’m not saying I am, I don’t know what makes you think they would want to do any of that with me.”

“They would,” Reia insisted. “You’re cute. But they think you aren’t interested, and like I said, they don’t want to force you or make it any more awkward than it already is. We wouldn’t make you do anything you didn’t want to, you know, I promise. Even if you only want to fool around a little, that’s fine. Just in case you were interested.”

Kauan scoffed. “I keep saying I’m not. What makes you think I am?”

“Well,” Reia said, and suddenly Kauan realized that Reia was still holding his wrist, Reia’s thumb pressing gently against the inside of it. “For one thing, your heart is beating awfully fast.”

“You’d be nervous too if a bunch of guys were trying to have their way with you!” Kauan blustered, and then he stopped, looking Reia over. “I guess you wouldn’t.”

Reia laughed, the sound of it just as sweet as his face. “See, and you’re funny! Aw, come on, just a little? I don’t make you nervous, do I?”

“No…” Kauan trailed off as Reia pressed a little closer, still grinning up at him.

Reia came in for a kiss so slowly anybody would have realized what he was doing, giving Kauan plenty of time to say no or to step back. Kauan wasn’t even sure why he didn’t say no, other than Reia was really cute, and saying no to him was surprisingly hard. What harm could a kiss do? Reia’s lips felt nice when they finally touched his, and Reia didn’t rush him, only a gentle press of his mouth until Kauan started to kiss back. And then it only made sense to put arms around Reia’s waist.

For balance. That was definitely why Reia’s arms were around Kauan’s neck suddenly. And then Kauan opened his mouth for some reason and somehow the kiss turned a lot more serious. By the time Kauan broke it to get some air, his whole face felt hot, lips tingling.

“Just so you know,” he panted. “That did not slow my heart rate any.”

“Tell me again how uninterested you are,” Reia retorted, grinning. “Mm, at least somebody taught you to kiss.”

“I kiss fine, thank you,” Kauan informed him. For some reason, Kauan felt like he had to back that statement up with proof, which was how he found himself kissing Reia again, firmly enough that he slid his hands down to Reia’s hips to hold him in place. Reia still showed no signs of rushing Kauan, letting him set the pace entirely, which Kauan appreciated because he enjoyed kissing for the sake of it. Especially with someone like Reia, who was all clinging cooperation and teasing brushes of tongue. Reia’s fingers had found their way into the back of Kauan’s hair, and Kauan hummed his approval at the gentle tugging.

Reia pulled back, and Kauan blinked at him in puzzlement. Reia smiled and leaned in a little closer, as if he were about to share a secret.

“Can I?” Reia asked.

“Can you what?” Kauan said, but Reia was already sliding down Kauan’s body, out of Kauan’s grip. He settled on his knees, fingers stroking over the denim of Kauan’s jeans, warm against his thighs. “Oh.”

“You don’t have to return the favor if you don’t want,” Reia reassured. He shrugged a shoulder. “I just like it. Is it okay?”

“Yeah,” Kauan said. Reia continuing to ask him was nice, but Kauan felt awkward having to answer definitively, even though he realized it was a situation he’d created himself. “You don’t have to keep asking. What guy goes around rejecting blowjobs?”

“A dumb one, if it’s me offering.” Reia’s confidence was even cute, somehow, his eyes still big as he blinked up at Kauan, but it had an awfully difference effect when Reia was rubbing his cheek a little against Kauan’s thigh. “You’re a lot smarter than that, I’m sure.”

Reia unzipped Kauan’s jeans and pushed them down just far enough to be out of the way, nuzzling the front of Kauan’s briefs for a second before pushing them down too. Kauan felt a flash of embarrassment about how he was mostly hard already just from Reia’s teasing, but Reia’s expression said he was pretty satisfied with what he found waiting for him.

“Go on, make a Brazilian joke, I dare you,” Kauan said, just to break the tension.

“Actually I’m not the one with the foreigner fetish.” Reia gave Kauan a flash of grin as he wrapped a hand firmly around him, then flicked his tongue against the tip of Kauan’s cock. “Although if they’re all as nice as you, maybe I could be converted. Put a hand in my hair, show me how you like it.”

“How can you talk like that and not be nearly as embarrassed as me?” Kauan grumbled, his stupid face heating up again. Reia just giggled at him and licked a long, slow stripe along the underside of Kauan’s cock. Kauan took Reia’s advise and worked fingers into Reia’s hair as Reia went back to licking around his tip.

Reia sucked Kauan’s cock in shallowly, only working the first couple centimeters until Kauan used his grip in Reia’s hair to push him down a little further. He didn’t pull hard and tried to keep his hips still, not sure how far down Reia could go and wanting to be polite about it, inasmuch as ‘politeness’ was a term you could apply to another dude sucking you off. He didn’t need to worry about it, he realized quickly enough as Reia worked his way down far enough that his nose was nearly brushing Kauan’s belly, his fingers still kneading restlessly against Kauan’s thighs. He paused there, still watching openly for Kauan’s reactions, until Kauan tugged him back and forward, showing him the speed he preferred. Kauan liked it a little slow, actually, like the kissing, and Reia seemed to approve of that, soft groans gradually sneaking out more and more frequently around Kauan’s cock.

Involved in Reia’s attentions, Kauan barely heard the door opening. He startled a little at the whistle of approval and whipped his head around to find Hokuto eyeing the pair of them. Kauan tensed up, ready to pull away from Reia but body entirely reluctant to do that. Reia slid his mouth off of Kauan, fingers sliding around to the back of Kauan’s thighs to keep him from escaping.

“C’mere,” Reia told Hokuto, and then to Kauan, “Hokuto’ll make you feel good too, okay? Go easy on him, Hokuto-kun.”

“Hey,” Kauan said shakily, not sure if he was protesting or what as Hokuto strolled over and slid in against Kauan’s back, arms wrapping easily around his waist.

“He still looks cute even when he’s ordering us around, you know?” Hokuto murmured into Kauan’s ear, the brush of his warm breath making Kauan shiver. “That’s so weird.”

“Yeah,” Kauan had to agree, or maybe he was just saying that because Reia’s mouth was sliding down his cock again, and Hokuto’s hand was splaying large and warm over his stomach. Hokuto pressed gentle, lingering kisses to Kauan’s jaw and down his neck, and Kauan found it harder and harder to worry about anything, pleasure shivering over his skin. After rubbing a few soothing circles, Hokuto’s hands slipped under the edge of Kauan’s T-shirt. One stayed there, fingers trailing over Kauan’s hipbone and through the trail of hair leading down to his cock; Hokuto’s other hand drifted higher, teasing at the bottom of Kauan’s ribs before sliding up to toy with his nipples. Kauan tried to keep quiet but couldn’t help most of his noises, helpless between Hokuto’s hands and Reia’s mouth.

He groaned desperately when Reia pulled his mouth away to sit back on his knees, watching Hokuto kiss and tease at Kauan. “Mmm. You want to finish like this? Before you answer, you should know that Hokuto looks really interested. You could totally have him.”

“I…what?” Kauan’s brain was too fuzzy to work out what Reia was talking about.

“Oh yeah,” Hokuto agreed, rubbing his nose coaxingly against Kauan’s cheek. “If you want, I’m definitely in.”

“Wait, you mean fuck you?” Kauan shook his head to try to clear it a little, stepping back enough to twist around and see Hokuto’s face. “You like that?”

Hokuto shrugged, amused. “I like it both ways. Convenient, right? Plus it seems only fair since Reia’s got you all worked up already.” He gave Kauan a smile that was surprisingly like Reia’s, equal parts sweetness and heat. “Only if you want. But…” Hokuto’s gaze flicked down to Kauan’s cock and back up again. “You seem interested after all.”

“I told you,” Reia said, pushing himself up to stand and looking around like he was thinking about logistics. When he turned back and found Kauan watching him, Reia smiled and leaned up to kiss Kauan’s cheek, finding one of Kauan’s hands with his own to tug him in the right direction.

“Why’s everybody so cute all of the sudden,” Kauan asked despairingly, and both Reia and Hokuto laughed at him.

Reia pushed down Kauan down on one end of the couch, which was a bit slumped from overuse but more than good enough for the moment, while Hokuto dug a condom and a packet of travel lube out of Reia’s bag. He stripped off his shirt and sweatpants quickly while Reia urged Kauan out of his T-shirt before waving Hokuto onto Kauan’s lap. There seemed to be a lot of hands suddenly, and Reia and Hokuto didn’t need much help from Kauan to get Hokuto stretched and a condom onto him, then to get both of them slicked up. Hokuto got a few kisses from Kauan while Reia was opening him up, at Reia’s encouragement, and maybe Kauan lost track of time a little, but it still seemed fast to him that Hokuto nipped his lower lip a last time and turned to tell Reia he was fine already.

“That was awfully easy, wasn’t it?” Kauan asked suspiciously.

“Feel for yourself if you don’t believe me.” Hokuto slid a hand over Kauan’s where it was resting on his hip, and pushed it down and back, towards his hole. Kauan only managed half a protest before Reia was helping push two of his fingers inside Hokuto. Hokuto was slick and hot around Kauan’s fingers, and he moaned sweetly as he rocked down to take them deeper, making Kauan’s cock twitch. “Oh, that’s nice. Mmm, long fingers.”

“He is pretty easy, though,” Reia chuckled as he leaned forward to kiss Hokuto’s cheek. He flopped onto the other end of the couch, pushing down his own pants, fly already undone, to pull out his cock and start stroking slowly.

Kauan glanced over at him as he tugged his hand free, ignoring Hokuto’s whine. “Don’t you want…” Reia shook his head and said he was fine like this, go ahead.

Hokuto didn’t need any more encouragement. He slid down onto Kauan’s cock steadily until he bottomed out, pausing for a minute to catch his breath as his weight settled into Kauan’s lap. His cheeks were turning pink and his hair was a bit ruffled, and Kauan wouldn’t have minded making out with him a bit longer if in the back of his mind he wasn’t wondering who else might come through the door if they took too long.

Fortunately, Hokuto didn’t seem like he was going to wait long enough to find out. Pushing up onto his knees, Hokuto rocked up and down on Kauan’s cock, hands braced on Kauan’s shoulders and already giving soft, breathy moans each time he came back down. Kauan gripped Hokuto’s hips and tried to help out as best he could, thrusting up. It took a minute for them to find a rhythm that worked for both of them, but it was worth it when Hokuto curled arms tighter around Kauan’s neck and started whispering, “yeah, yeah,” in his ear. Hokuto’s mouth was out of reach, but Kauan was at the perfect height to kiss and lick and the skin of Hokuto’s collar bones, nibbling around his usual necklace and drawing even more sweet moans out of Hokuto as he squeezed tight around Kauan.

“Shit,” Kauan tried to warn when he realized he was too close to hold back. “Gonna come.” Hokuto only breathed another couple yeahs, not even slowing down as Kauan dug fingers tight into the skin of his hips and came, yanking down Hokuto’s weight hard into his lap as he pulsed himself out. Kauan went limp against the back of couch, head tipping back as he tried to catch his breath. “Sorry.”

“S’fine,” Hokuto said. He was still rocking a little, and Kauan could feel Hokuto’s cock pressing hard against his stomach. “Mmm, felt so good. Can you just—”

“My turn,” Reia interrupted, sitting up and grabbing for Hokuto’s arm, yanking him off of Kauan and flat onto his back on the couch.

Kauan wasn’t sure what he was expecting, but it was not for Reia to clamor over top of Hokuto and urge one of Hokuto’s legs around his waist before pushing inside of him in one deep thrust. Hokuto stretched his arms over his head to grab at the couch arm, arching into Reia’s quick, rough thrusts. If Kauan hadn’t been able to imagine Reia as a top before, he could certainly see it now, Reia’s gaze intent on Hokuto as he reached between them to jerk Hokuto off, humming in satisfaction when Hokuto’s moans rose in pitch. Unsurprisingly neither one of them lasted long; once Hokuto had tensed and spilled over Reia’s hand, Reia grabbed his hips and chased his own orgasm down in another minute, the shiver of it working down his spine obviously.

When Kauan reached over to trace the line of Reia’s spine with his fingers, Reia’s sweet moan sent a shiver across Kauan’s skin too.

To Kauan’s surprise, Reia let go of Hokuto and turned to crawl into his lap, only pausing to tug the condom off of Kauan before curling up in his lap, arms around his neck.

“Heyyyy,” Hokuto whined. He didn’t move, still sprawled flat on his back, chest rising and falling irregularly.

“Shush, I’m trying to teach Kauan-kun the best part,” Reia scolded. He nudged at Hokuto’s hip with his foot. “You’ve got a whole unit to cuddle you.”

“They’re not here! Mean.”

“So, how do you feel?” Reia asked Kauan, snuggling into a more comfortable position. “Good, right?”

“Uh-huh,” Kauan answered vaguely. It did feel pretty nice, especially with Reia’s fingers brushing through the back of his hair again, and the light kisses Reia was pressing against the side of his neck. His own arms curled around Reia’s waist again, feeling like the most comfortable spot for them, and Kauan relaxed as much as he could while knowing that he still had two hours of double-dutch practice in front of him.

“See, if you’d all just listen to me in the first place, everything would work better.”

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