Snow Man, Pet

Title: Pet [Sakuma, Fukazawa, Abe]
Rating/Warnings: PG
Summary: Fukazawa is a high maintenance pet.
AN: I’m out of time and falling asleep so you get some short Snow Man (see what I did there?).


“Why don’t you beg some more,” Sakuma commented, grinning at Fukazawa. He was flat on his back, flipping the television channels at a steady clip while not even looking at it it. “It might help, really.”

“It really will not,” Abe said, nose firmly buried in his textbook on the opposite hotel bed.

“Aw, don’t cut him off so quickly, it’s so cute when Fukka tries to get his way with you,” Sakuma said. He laughed when Fukazawa gave him a dirty look.

“Tries to have his way with me, you mean,” Abe said.

“Yeah, I like that too.”

“Don’t talk about me like I’m not here!” Fukazawa swatted at Sakuma’s foot. “You guys are so mean to me.”

“I warned you yesterday I couldn’t play every night. I have a bunch of reading to finish, and like two hours before I fall asleep with my face in this book.” Abe finally looked up, offering Fukazawa an apologetic smile. “Come on, Tatsuya. It won’t go any faster with you interrupting.”

“Fiiiine.” Fukazawa gave in. “It’s no fair when you use my name like that.” Abe gave him a vague mm-hmm, already back to his book. Fukazawa turned to Sakuma, purposefully blocking his view of the television. “Cuddle me, I’m sad.”

“Okay, okay,” Sakuma agreed easily enough. “For the oldest, you’re a pretty big baby. Take off your shirt though.”

“Oho?” Fukazawa asked, wiggling his eyebrows.

“Not for that. Don’t think I don’t know you were outside smoking with your precious Tono like twenty minutes ago. You aren’t getting in my bed with your shirt all gross still.”

Fukazawa stripped his shirt off carelessly as instructed, and crawled onto the edge of Sakuma’s bed. He paused there for a moment on his knees. “My hair still probably smells like it, though.”

“Can’t exactly make you take that off, can I?” Sakuma rolled onto his side and slid to the other edge of the bed, giving Fukazawa plenty of room. “I’ve got a solution for that too. C’mere, already.”

Once Fukazawa laid down, Sakuma rolled into him, coming to rest with one knee flung over Fukazawa’s thigh and his cheek resting on Fukazawa’s shoulder. Once his arm flopped down comfortably on Fukazawa’s chest, he went right back to flipping channels.

“This is more like I’m cuddling you,” Fukazawa pointed out. Not that he had a serious objection to that. Sakuma was warm, his body working like a giant heating pad, relaxing Fukazawa’s sore muscles. “Spoiled pet.”

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