JE, Presidential Concerns

Title: Presidential Concerns
Unit for Points: T&T
Word Count: 100
Characters/Pairings: Johnny-san plus one
Author’s Notes: I think this is the most disturbing JE100 thing I’ve ever written, hahaha.

Presidential Concerns

Telling his secretary he was not to be disturbed, Johnny settled in at his desk and opened his laptop as he usually did about this time of night. Slouching just enough to get comfortable, Johnny thought that Takizawa-kun had been right after all about this whole internet thing. Certainly it was…entertaining.

He frowned when his favorite bookmark yielded unsatisfactory results. A few more clicks, and Johnny realized that there was, indeed, a big problem.

Halfway around the world, a telephone in another office rang and another president answered.

“YOU,” Johnny demanded, “fix Megaupload right now!”

“Ah,” President Obama said, “Johnny-san…”

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