Kis-My-Ft2, You Are My Baby Babe

Title: You Are My Baby Babe x 9
Unit for Points: Mis Snow Man
Word Count: 100 x 9
Characters/Pairings: Kis-My-Ft2, esp Kitayama and Fujigaya
Author’s Notes: I’m pretty sure the very first one will clue you in to what’s AU about this, but there’s other fun little AU tidbits sprinkled throughout.

You Are My Baby Babe x 9

“Sorry, one more!” the staff lady says, shoving the kid into the audition, and the man giving the directions just rolls his eyes and tells him to hurry up.

The kid has a soccer tan and a soccer haircut and doesn’t look anything like an idol, and Fujigaya tells him exactly that during a break.

“Pfft, and you do?” he retorts. “My mom says I can’t join so I snuck out, but she’ll see when I get myself in.”

“Whatever.” Fujigaya scowls. “We’ll be rivals, just so you know.”

“It’s Kitayama,” he introduces, fire in his eyes. “Bring it on.”


It’s a toss-up where they’ll put him. He’s bendy enough to throw in with Tsukada and Totsuka, Koichi’s been making noises about new backers, and KKKity wouldn’t notice another letter.

“Hey,” one staff member points, “look what he wrote here.”

“We’re gonna what?” Fujigaya asks, unimpressed.

“Skate.” Kitayama’s grin is huge and worrisome as how cute his haircut looks growing out. There’s a pair in his hands, dangling by the laces and well-used. “I’m teaching you.”

“Uwah!” the littlest one, their S, exclaims, cutting off Fujigaya’s sneer and beaming up at Kitayama.

Actually, beaming over, more like, given their heights.


They keep getting paired together, for songs and dances and talks, and the more they obviously dislike each other, the more fun the senpai seem to have forcing them to do romantic-type sketches together. It’s a vicious cycle.

“God, I hate your stupid face,” Fujigaya snarls, no better at hiding his emotions at sixteen than he was at thirteen.

Kitayama’s coolness just riles him up further. “Easy, Taipi. We just got voted number one couple in Duet. Like I’d kiss your stupid face.”

“You don’t get to call me that,” he hisses, and then stomps off to whine at Kawai.


“I HATE you and I hate this GROUP,” and then Fujigaya slams the door as hard as he can.

“Unprofessional much?” Nikaido glares, Senga hiding behind him, and Tamamori snaps that’s rich coming from him. “Fuck you, learn to skate.” Yokoo’s headphones are loud enough to hear, ignoring all of them until the scuffle tips Miyata practically into his lap and he snaps at them all to grow up.

“Listen to me,” Kitayama says, so quietly furious that they all stop, “I don’t care if you all hate each other’s guts—”

“Done and done.” Kitayama glares and Nikaido shuts it.


“Oh no,” Fujigaya says before he can stop himself.

“Unless you don’t want to debut,” Johnny-sacho says, and Fujigaya shuts his mouth.

Not like this, Fujigaya wants to argue, not with them, because the brats still can’t skate a whole song without a four-way collision, Yokoo’s OCD is driving Fujigaya insane, and Kitayama is working his very last nerve entirely on purpose.

“You better not fuck this up,” is Kitayama’s pep talk to him as the other front man, and Fujigaya channels his rage into a furious mail to a favorite senpai.

It gets better, Koki soothes him. Sort of.


Even Miyata’s unfailing niceness has its limits, and after faking the fakest smile for twelve straight hours of promotions, he can’t do it one second longer.

“I can’t do this,” he says when Tamamori finds him curled up in a corner, the words pouring out and he can’t stop them. “They’re awful, we’re awful, it’s all, it’s…”

“Awful?” Tamamori supplies. Miyata scrubs at his eyes and tells him to shut up, shut up. “It’s doable, since Miyacchi’s here too.”

Miyata freezes when Tamamori leans in to kiss him full on the mouth.

“Finally,” Nikaido tsks in passing. “So fucking obvious.”


Their first concerts are too close, too soon, and there’s not near enough time to learn all the songs, all the choreo.

And then there’s the skating. It’s their gimmick, something unusual and a senpai thing rolled into one, and it’s bad enough on a normal stage, but Tamamori takes one look at the notes about moving platforms and ramps and feels his energy drink start to crawl up his throat. Across the group, Senga and Nikaido look worse.

Kitayama actually smiles, just a bit, when Ft2 shows up with their skates and pleading expressions. “Idiots. Should’ve asked years ago.”


The fistfight’s punishment is a meeting where Johnny marvels at their vigor, and then a joint drama.

In the country-side. Nobody else their age for kilometers. Senga frets that Johnny-san thinks seven was too many after all.

But then…

“Here.” Fujigaya hands Kitayama the second lunch. Nobody gets insulted for ten whole minutes. It’s small, but a start. Some senpai-smuggled beer during their last night goes a lot farther.

“As an adult,” Kitayama blinks at the stars, “you aren’t the worst.”

Fujigaya wonders how it would’ve been if they hadn’t been at each other’s throats since primary school. “Thanks, fatso.”


They come back tan and with stupid haircuts, and somehow it’s like starting all over.

“Scary,” Senga hisses to Yokoo as they peer into the dressing room. Inside, Kitayama and Fujigaya share a mirror without complaint or stabbing.

Yokoo says don’t be silly and pushes him inside the room, but he does inquire what the love story’s all about.

Fujigaya shrugs. “We are Duet’s number one couple.”

Kitayama passes the flat iron and gets a showy kiss on the cheek; he slaps Fujigaya’s ass in retaliation. Nikaido announces that nobody’s allowed to do gay shit like that during their concerts.

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  • By ri, 2012.08.23 @ 9:01 pm

    okay, this one. this one really hit me, because of what you told me about their history and shit and even though it’s au it feels real.

    i think i like fujikita even more now. xD i love how you wrote them bickering at each other and lmao the ending. hi pot, i’m kettle.

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