JE, Senga no Monogatari

Title: Senga no Monogatari x5
Unit for Points: Mis Snow Man
Word Count: 100 x 5
Characters/Pairings: Fujigaya, Senga, Yokoo, Totsuka
Author’s Notes: lol, on request: Taipi and Tottsu in fairy tales. I guess the AU in the first part is….Kitayama can’t sleep? XD

Senga no Monogatari x5

And then, without warning, disaster strikes.

“You’re joking.” Fujigaya says. Kitayama’s glare and ringed eyes say otherwise. “How can you not be able to fall asleep?”

“I had a paper due!” Kitayama snaps. “I had an energy drink!”

“You had a six-pack of energy drinks,” Yokoo says, glancing in the bin.

“I can fix it!” Senga chirps, scrambling over Fujigaya and settling on the couch, patting his thigh. “Lie down!”

Dubious, Kitayama curls up in the small space leftover, head in Senga’s lap. “So? Now what?”

“Bedtime story,” Senga says, grinning at his own genius. “Once upon a time…”


Prince Fujigaya stumbles suddenly into a clearing, only a high tower above him. Seeing a window at the top, he calls out with his dashing, princely voice.

“Why the hell am I in this story?” Fujigaya demands. Yokoo and Senga both shush him.

“Oh,” a cascade of dark hair comes tumbling out the window, followed by a pair of gorgeous brown eyes, “a prince! Hello, handsome.”

“Tottsu?” Prince Fujigaya blinks. “What are you doing up there? And I told you, you need a haircut!”

“No way!” Another head leans out, pout firm, eyes narrow. “I hafta hold on to something!”


“All right, all right,” Senga says when Kitayama and Fujigaya veto the first story. “How about…”

Prince Fujigaya looked over the ball, sighing. None of these women interested him at all. How could he pick one to marry when they were all wearing masks?

A tap on his shoulder, and he turned to find a mask that did nothing to hide the rich brown eyes behind them. “I don’t suppose you’d care to dance, highness?”

A dozen dances later, Prince Fujigaya was captivated. “Tell me your name!”

The clock chimed midnight, and Fujigaya was left with just a silver sneaker.


“Next,” Kitayama yawns, unimpressed.

Prince Fujigaya isn’t terribly impressed either to find himself on a beach, wet sand sucking at his boots and saltwater staining his tunic as he drags drowning victim out of the water.

“Is a thank you too much to ask?” he grumbles. Apparently so, because the person is mute. And naked. Cursing chivalry, Fujigaya gets his companion up on shaky legs and starts towards the castle.

When it turns out to be a magic spell, Fujigaya is struck dumb by the sweetness of the voice that goes with the midnight hair and eyes.

“We are Daybreaker…”


“Maybe you ought to try a Japanese story instead,” Yokoo counsels, pinching the bridge of his nose. “What about the Snow Lady? You know, she has dark hair and ruby lips and…”

“That’s a ghost story, idiot.” Fujigaya rolls his eyes. “A proper Japanese story, like the Tale of the Bamboo Cutter, with the Moon Princess and…”

“Shh!” Senga hisses.

“What?” Fujigaya narrows his eyes. “Only you can tell stories?”

“No,” Yokoo nudges Fujigaya, “look.”

In Senga’s lap, Kitayama gives a soft snore, limbs relaxed, face peaceful.

“See?” Senga beams. “I’m a genius.”

And they all lived happily ever after.

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