Kis-My-Ft2, Got You Coming and Going

Title: Got You Coming and Going x 6
Unit for Points: Mis Snow Man
Word Count: 100 x 6
Characters/Pairings: Kitayama/Fujigaya, Fujigaya/Senga, Senga/Nikaido
Author’s Notes: Not worksafe in spots. so sunscribble posted this drabble about Kitayama watching Fujigaya in porn, and then this whole thing happened, lol. obvs Senga is the porn kouhai XD XD XD

Got You Coming and Going x 6

The cameras are finally off, staff bustling about with equipment, but Fujigaya ignores them, sitting on the edge of the bed, smoking a well-earned cigarette.

“Mm,” behind him, Senga stretches, sticky and probably sore, “Taipi was energetic today.”

“Had the girl scene before,” Fujigaya grunts. Senga laughs.

“Nika’s coming over tonight. Wanna come over too? He won’t mind.”

“Your cute university boyfriend?” Fujigaya takes another long drag. “Haven’t you had enough sex today?”

Fujigaya gasps, nearly fumbling his cigarette into his lap when Senga is suddenly warm against his back, tracing the lines of Fujigaya’s shoulder tattoo with his tongue.


Nikaido isn’t the only guest at Senga’s apartment that night.

“He’s a senpai from school,” is Nikaido’s dismissive introduction, leaving Kitayama and Fujigaya to size each other up for themselves. More than the stylish haircut and the very nice muscles, Fujigaya is more interested in the flash of recognition in Kitayama’s eyes.

“I’ve just seen the one,” Kitayama admits freely when asked, no trace of shame. “I was supposed to be watching the girl.”

“They all say that.” Fujigaya winks, then a soft moan sends them into the kitchen to interrupt any porn that Senga might be instigating without them.


“So you like girls?” Fujigaya asks, to make conversation.

“Well enough,” Kitayama takes a long draw from his beer, and when he puts the can down, his eyes say Fujigaya isn’t fooling anybody. “You don’t.”

Fujigaya snorts. “You could tell from just the one video?”

“You don’t have much of a game face.”

“Tcht,” Fujigaya says when Senga and Nikaido both crack up, “and just what do you do?”

“I dance, actually,” is the answer. Fujigaya runs eyes over the lean line of Kitayama’s body again, over the sleek muscles. Oh yeah, he thinks, I just bet that you do.


They don’t fuck that first night, surprisingly. Fujigaya says he’s not like that; truthfully, he’d have given in if Kitayama pushed.

Kitayama doesn’t, makes a proper date next weekend, and Fujigaya likes that better. It’s Italian, excellent, and Fujigaya says yes before Kitayama finishes asking him over.

Kitayama grabs beers while Fujigaya snoops shamelessly. He pauses at an idol poster, Kitayama dead center, on skates no less.

“Told you I danced,” Kitayama smirks. Fujigaya demands proof. On Kityama’s laptop, Fujigaya eyes Kitayama’s hips and thinks he might do okay making porn himself.

Kitayama clicks the laptop shut. “Let’s practice, then.”


Kitayama is definitely at an advantage.

He seems to know anything and everything Fujigaya likes, how Senga licks at his pulse point, how Tackey-senpai holds his wrists down, even that thing Goseki does with his teeth.

“Thought you only saw one?” Fujigaya groans. Kitayama laughs.

“I had, then. I did more research.” He laps at the tip of Fujigaya’s cock. “Thought if I did things you liked, you might let me do it again. And, like I said, it’s easy to see what you like.”

Plans to flip Kitayama onto his back melt away as Kitayama proves an apt pupil.


But on the second go-round, Fujigaya is surprised again when Kitayama rolls them over himself, gets comfortable against his pillows.

“Hm, well,” Kitayama stretches, and Fujigaya likes the look of that well enough, “maybe I saw some things I liked myself.”

He’s lazy as hell, but he’s tight and sweet when Fujigaya pushes inside, voice coaxing him into fucking Kitayama harder, deeper.

“I’m not some girl,” he growls.

“Thus the basis of your appeal,” Fujigaya retorts, planting his knees and resolving to make Kitayama see stars.

Afterwards, sated and back warm against Kitayama’s, Fujigaya hopes Kitayama’s free next weekend too.

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