NEWS, Densha no Otoko

Title: Densha no Otoko
Unit for Points: NEWS
Word Count: 100
Characters/Pairings: Ryo
Author’s Notes: I just was tired of having ties every week.

Densha no Otoko

Ryo used to love the train. He used to love the whoosh of the scenery by the window, peaceful rhythm of the Shinkansen sliding over the rails as it took him from one home to the other.

The pleasure of it runs thin during summer tours as he takes it back and forth and back and forth and…

“What do you mean, no?” Koyama frowns, worried. “You like the train.”

“It’s nothing.” Ryo scrubs at his eyes, shakes it off. “Forget it.”

It’s too much effort to explain. Ryo loved the train, when he wasn’t the only one riding it.

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