A.B.C.-Z, Every Group Needs a Megane Character

Title: Every Group Needs a Megane Character
Unit for Points: A.B.C.-Z
Word Count: 100
Characters/Pairings: Hasshi/A.B.C.-Z
Author’s Notes: If Tottsu would be sad otherwise, I have no doubt that Hasshi would somehow get himself into any prestigious school you could name.

Every Group Needs a Megane Character

The only person who cries harder than Hashimoto’s mother at Hashimoto’s graduation is Totsuka.

“What are you even crying for?!” Tsukada demands, while Hashimoto pats Totsuka’s back soothingly. “We want him to be less illegal!”

“Speak for yourself,” Goseki grumbles. “Besides, don’t even pretend you don’t think his glasses are hot. We won’t be seeing them anymore.”

“Oh,” Kawai looks suddenly put out. Totsuka sniffles harder.

Hashimoto frowns thoughtfully.

Two weeks later, when Hashimoto proudly presents them with his acceptance letter from Waseda, Totsuka cries some more, and Tsukada slaps both Goseki and Kawai over the backs of their heads.

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