A.B.C.-Z, Specialized Skill Set

Title: Specialized Skill Set
Unit for Points: A.B.C.-Z
Word Count: 100
Characters/Pairings: Samurai unit A.B.C.-Z
Author’s Notes: Do ninjas have special honorifics for each other? I bet they do and I bet they’re badass too.

Specialized Skill Set

“What is Takizawa-dono thinking?” Kawai whines, flopping on his back on the floor of the dojo. Totsuka glares at the cleaning cloth limp in his hand.

“He said Hashimoto-san is talented,” Totsuka offers, going back to pushing his along the floor.

“He’s fifteen!” Kawai shouts at the ceiling. “We’ve been going on missions since Eisho 15 and we’ve been a unit for twice as long and…”

Kawai’s rant is interrupted by the swoosh of the sliding door.

“Totsuka-san?” Hashimoto is standing in the doorway, scrunching his feet in his tabi. “Goseki-san said you’d teach me to polish my sword.”

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