Kis-My-Ft2, Can You Scream?

Title: Can You Scream? [Tamamori, Miyata, Screamers]
Rating/Warnings: G
Summary: The Screamers crash-land in Tamamori’s apartment.
AN: I wrote 1k of Screamers fic. Why did I do that. I don’t understand. I need a Screamers icon.

Can You Scream?

“Adorable,” Tamamori repeated flatly. That was the not the word he would use for finding Miyata on the floor of his apartment surrounded by round…things. Birds? “Seriously, Miyacchi, what even are those?”

“I’m not sure?” Miyata laughed sheepishly, still absently petting the yellow bird thing lying smugly in the middle of his crossed legs, the purple one lurking anxiously nearby. The blue and green ones were hopping up and down on Tamamori’s couch, hooting shrilly, while the orange one was chirping at them even more shrilly. The red one was facedown on the floor, apparently napping, and the pink one was trying on Tamamori’s hats in front of his floor mirror.

All of them, inexplicably, were wearing tiny black roller skates.

“It’s making a piyo face at me,” Tamamori said, pointing at the yellow one.

“That’s just his face,” Miyata soothed. He reached up to tug Tamamori down by the wrist and plopped the yellow bird in his lap instead. Tamamori looked down and that thing was definitely making a piyo face at him. Tamamori made one back. Miyata meanwhile tugged the orange one into his lap and patted him; it huffed, still eyeing blue and green out of the corner of his eye.

‘What’s it doing here?” Tamamori asked. “Did you forget to lock the door again?”

“I’m not an it,” the yellow one said. “I’m Tamango.”

“That’s a stupid name,” Tamamori said and then frowned. What?

“Did you understand what it said?” Miyata gasped.

“Yeah? It spoke Japanese that time,” Tamamori said, poking the…Tamango in the side. Was this fur or feathers? The purple one was leaning over his ankle, flailing at Tamango with his little bird wings.

“It definitely didn’t,” Miyata said. Orange was squirming in his lap, and Pink skated over to see what the fuss was about, putting one of Tamamori’s spare hats onto Orange’s head and then twittering like he was laughing.

“You did, right?” Tamamori asked Tamango. Tamango piyoed at him. “Stop that. Talk again.”

“No.” Tamango looked down at Purple, still flailing at him. “Quit it, Benicchi, I’m right here.”

“They’re really biiiiig,” Purple whined, nose flaring. “They’re gonna eeeeeat youuuuuu.”

“He said his name is Tamango, and I guess that’s Benicchi?” Tamamori related. “And I’m not gonna eat him, ew.” Tamamori patted Purple’s head, and Purple deflated slightly.

“You can’t call him that, that’s my nickname,” Tamango huffed. “He’s Benita Imoya. That other big doofus is holding Mother Orange and Taipeach.”

“Yeah?” Tamamori ignored the way Miyata was watching him intently, clearly wanting to know what was going on. “What’s the red one, Chibi Cherry?”

“Cherry Mountain,” Tamango corrected.

“Uh-huh,” Tamamori said, eying the smallest ball of…featherfur. “Listen this is cute and everything, but can you guys go back to the pet shop or wherever? Miyacchi and I have work in the morning.”

“We’re not pets!” Tamango gasped, affronted. “Our spaceship crashed.”

“Tamango crashed the ship! Tamango crashed the ship!” Blue and Green chanted, still popping up and down on the couch.

“Shut up, Dancing Soda!” Tamango snapped. “And Nikamelon, you’re too dumb to even get a license!”

“Oi oi oi~!” Cherry Mountain finally rolled over and sat up. “I’m trying to sleep here!”

“There’s something new,” Taipeach snorted. “Maybe if you’d been co-piloting instead of napping, we wouldn’t be stuck here with these…things.”

“I’m not a thing, either!” Tamamori protested. He eyed Miyata, who was staring at him pleadingly. “Ugh, put the face away. They’re aliens, I guess, and this guy crashed their ship, so they’re stuck.”

“It wasn’t my fauuuuult,” Tamango whined. Benita Imoya leaned against him supportively.

“Oh!” Miyata looked down and Mother Orange looked back up at him. “Can we help?”

“We called the Screamer mothership, but they’re two quadrants away,” Taipeach said. He skated a neat little figure eight. “It’ll be a while.”

“Can we stay here?” Cherry Mountain asked, looking around. “This nest looks comfortable enough.”

“Please?” Dancing Soda chirped, Nikamelon popping up and echoing him a second later. “Please? Please? Please?”

“Okay okay, fine,” Tamamori grumbled, won over by cuteness. Tamango made a smug noise and Tamamori piyoed at him. “But watch the skates on my hardwood floor, you. Ugh, Miyacchi call Watta, huh? He’s the one with a pet certificate.”

“Yes, yes~,” Miyata agreed, stretching to try and reach his phone on the coffee table. Dancing Soda and Nikamelon tried to help, but ended up bouncing into each other and off the couch in random directions. Benita Imoya skated over to help, but on the way back, Taipeach tripped him, making him faceplant and sending Miyata’s phone flying through the air. It landed neatly in Miyata’s hand. “Thanks! Hey, these guys are fun.”

“Ehh,” Tamamori said. All the Screamers were up now, skating after each other in a complicated game, the blurs of bright colors whizzing by. “It’s like I’m on an acid trip in the penguin enclosure.”

“Maybe they can come to practice with us tomorrow!” Miyata suggested as he held the phone to his ear, watching their skating. “Some of their tricks look cool. They can’t stay cooped up here the whole time, right?”

“I am not carrying alien penguins on the train,” Tamamori blustered.

“We’re Screamers, not penguins!” Cherry Mountain huffed, stopping suddenly to glare. Nikamelon and Tamango crashed into him and bounced off; Taipeach just hopped over him, wings flapping for height. “But we are supposed to be learning about life on other planets, so I guess that would be fine.”

“Chibi Cherry says they want to go learn about earth life,” Tamamori reported.

“Cherry MOUNTAIN,” Cherry Mountain corrected. “Do you guys have sushi on this planet?”

“Sushi, sushi!” Tamango and Soda Mountain chanted excitedly.

“Lettuce,” Nikamelon put in, still on the floor.

“Hi, Watta!” Miyata said into the phone. “Listen, some weird things happened and can you pick us up for work tomorrow? Also, bring your bag.” Miyata paused, watching Cherry Mountain and Mother Orange hop over his ankle like a skating obstacle. “No, the really big bag.”

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