Kis-My-Ft2, I’m In If You Are

Title: I’m In If You Are [Kitayama, Fujigaya]
Rating/Warnings: G
Summary: The important part isn’t how they match, but how they’re different.
AN: Fujigaya’s buttmark is absolutely their first tour logo, as evidenced by the poster still on my wall in all its 2009 glory. 5th Kis-My-Ft2 anniversary means you get buttmark fic, apparently.

I’m In If You Are

“The third member of our team?” Senga asked, eyes excited.

“We’re not a team,” Kitayama and Fujigaya said at the same time, making Fujigaya scrunch his face. Kitayama only spared him a glance. “Senga-kun, you aren’t even in our unit anymore.”

“I’m gonna be,” Senga said stubbornly. “Because we match. And this guy does too, so hurry up and show him.”

“Get out of here, you.” Kitayama pushed Senga off gently. “People are gonna think we’re doing weird stuff to you back here, go on, out.”

Senga whined but went on Kitayama’s say-so, only shooting them a few more hopeful looks over his shoulder as he stepped out from behind the costume rack. Once they didn’t have an audience, Fujigaya’s shoulders relaxed a little, but he kept staring at the floor.

“Oh, come on,” Kitayama encouraged. “Is it embarrassing or something? Tsubasa-kun has a swarm of girly butterflies and nobody cares.”

“If you see it too, it’ll be real,” Fujigaya grumbled. “Right now if I’m the only one who knows so it’s not real yet.”

“Wait is a group of butterflies a swarm? Or a flock? A flitter?” Kitayama tilted his head. “Anyway Senga’s already seen it.”

“He doesn’t count,” Fujigaya protested. “He’s some cute kid with a stupid perm who just wants a group no matter…what…”

Kitayama eyed him. And his stupid perm.

“It’s a kiss mark and I hate it,” Fujigaya grumbled, shoving down the side of his sweats. Scrawled across the sharp edge of his hip was a kiss mark with a rose through the middle.

“But it suits you, though.” Kitayama reached out quick enough to brush two fingers over it before Fujigaya slapped his hand down. “It kinda looks like a cheesy tour logo, right?”

“Uuuuuugh. Why YOU? I’ve been here so much longer and done so much stuff and all I ever wanted was a cute little group like everybody else and it took FOREVER and now I’m probably stuck with soccer bozos and tiny kids and…” Fujigaya deflated suddenly, like that had used up all his air.

“I’m going to hug you, and it will make you feel better if you aren’t a big freak about it,” Kitayama said, already doing it. Fujigaya gave another soft ‘uuuugh’ against Kitayama’s shoulder. “Okay, it’s not fair. You’ve been here longer, I stand out too much. You’re better at dancing, I’m better at looking like I’m not having a painful rebellious period. But it’s not the worst, being your symmetry.”

“Thank you so much.”

“You’re serious, that’s why you’re frustrated. I’m serious, too, so it’s good. Nobody else seems to know what I’m doing here, besides being the butt of their jokes, but we match, so maybe you’ll believe me. I’m serious about this. So can I be in your group, please?”

“It isn’t up to me,” Fujigaya said. “I’ve already got the…thing.”

Kitayama thumped Fujigaya between the shoulder blades and pushed him back by the shoulders. “Of course it’s up to you. So I’m saying, I’m in if you are. Are you in?”

Once Fujigaya agrees that he is, Kitayama doesn’t bother to ask him over and over. Even when Fujigaya and Yokoo fight, even when they get stuck with a bunch of little weirdos, even when Fujigaya gets told off for making Tamamori cry, even when those same weirdos start to grow up and get better than the two of them at some things. Better growing pains than going nowhere.

He’s surprised they all don’t have brown envelopes printed on their asses.

It’s a while later that Kitayama finds a moment to be alone with Fujigaya, Fujigaya scrolling through a tidal wave of phone messages with pink cheeks and glazed eyes. Kitayama sits beside him on the couch and asks, “So are you in?”

“What?” Fujigaya asks distractedly. When Kitayama doesn’t answer, he finally pulls his gaze away from the screen. “Am I in for what?”

“You know what,” Kitayama tells him. Fujigaya rolls his eyes.

“It’s not up to me,” Fujigaya said. “We’ve already got the…thing.” Both of them looked over at the envelope, sitting on the table where Yokoo had laid it.

“Taisuke, it was always up to you, and it still is. That’s why I’m glad it’s you, and the others. Because you choose us all the time, over and over. That’s why I think that we can do it.”

“Hm,” Fujigaya said. “I know why yours is a skate.”

“Because we…skate?” Kitayama teased, nudging Fujigaya’s shoulder with his own.

“No, stupid. It’s because you know how to enjoy the trip.” Fujigaya smiled, expression wry. “Mine’s a rose because the harder I grip, the more it hurts, the more anxious I get. But you always look like you’re having fun on the way. If this is really the start line, I wish you could teach me to do that a little too.”

“Nah.” Kitayama grinned, making Fujigaya snort. “It’s cute when you’re panicked.”

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