Prince, Back to Nature

Title: Back to Nature [Jinguji/Genki]
Rating/Warnings: G
Summary: Genki has to admit nature isn’t the worst thing ever. Maybe the second worst.
AN: I watched the Mayonaka no Prince episode about camping where Genki was surprisingly successful (although admittedly they built a lowkey glamping tent that blew bubbles). I notice they knew better than to try and make him put grubs on fishhooks though, which were absolutely gross. Also they cut their own cups out of bamboo and Genki of course made a fruity one with a handle.

Back to Nature

In his pants was not where Genki wanted there to be any sand, much less quite a lot of it. He wasn’t even sure how all that sand had gotten there, since all he’d done so far was sit on the riverbank next to Jinguji for not even twenty minutes.

“Don’t fidget,” Jinguji murmured. “You’re scaring the fish.”

Genki glanced over to narrow his eyes, but Jinguji was only teasing, face amused.

“Your face is scaring the fish,” Genki replied without any heat. They were done filming, and the staff had told them to enjoy themselves at the campsite for a little longer while they checked their footage and packed up. Jinguji and Genki had opted to try fishing, since they’d missed out earlier, and Kishi had chivalrously baited their hooks for them with the grubs while Jinguji and Genki looked on in horrified fascination.

Now they were sitting shoulder-to-shoulder and the sun was just beginning to drop near the horizon. Neither one of them had had any nibbles on their lines, but Genki thought that was okay. He wasn’t sure what he’d do with a fish even if he caught one; the cautious bite Kishi had offered him earlier had been enough adventure for him.

“This is nice,” Jinguji spoke up. Genki looked over. “Here. It’s peaceful. You think so, too, right?”

“No,” Genki said.

“No, it isn’t peaceful?” Jinguji raised an eyebrow.

“You’re thinking camping was fun after all and I didn’t hate it nearly as much as we both thought I would and cooking for ourselves was fun and sleeping in a tent would be fun too, so next you’re gonna ask me if I maybe want to do a camping date sometime,” Genki said. “Right? So, no. No, I do not want to go on a camping date.”

“Aw, come on,” Jinguji chuckled, shifting closer so their shoulders bumped, and then not moving away again. “Your cup was really cute.”

“Great, I’ll bring it over next time your parents are away and we can make bamboo rice in the rice cooker and a blanket tent inside your temperature controlled house.”

Jinguji laughed again, more loudly, and from Genki’s other side Kishi warned lazily that Jinguji really would scare the fish.

It wasn’t the worst, Genki allowed, quietly and to himself. He could do without the bugs and the sand and touching grubs, but doing things for yourself was satisfying. Jinguji looked happy with his sleeves rolled up and top buttons undone, and if a bear showed up, Jinguji and Kishi would definitely protect him.

It would probably be distracted by Myuto’s screaming first anyway.

“Maybe we could put up a tent in your backyard,” Genki admitted.

Eyes lit up, Jinguji leaned over to whisper in Genki’s ear that a night under the stars would be perfect.

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