JE, As Many As You Can Carry

Title: As Many As You Can Carry
Unit for Points: ABC-Z
Word Count: 100
Characters/Pairings: Fujigaya, Totsuka, various kouhai
Author’s Notes: Shintarou would probably take a few off your hands as well.

As Many As You Can Carry

Fujigaya is entirely frazzled by mid-day; Senga and Nikaido won’t stop slapping and poking at each other, Miyata just trails Tamamori around like a lovesick shadow, and Tamamori himself is the most useless frontman in the history of Johnny’s.

“Want some extra kouhai?” Fujigaya asks irritably when Totsuka sits down next to him for a break.

“Not a chance.” Totsuka glances to the side where Goseki and Kawai are impromptu cheerleaders for Hashimoto and Tsukada’s flexibility contest, skirts included. “We’ve got enough pets, thanks.”

Takizawa strolls by with a gaggle (a flock? a flurry?) of snowmen looking perfectly satisfied.

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