Kis-My-Ft2, Communication

Title: Communication [Miyata/Tamamori]
Rating/Warnings: PG? Tamamiya are boobs
Summary: Miyata is weird after the last Yokohama concert and filming.
AN: Tamamori’s solo as Ren that they filmed after the last concert was seriously amazing, and the rest of his group openly admitted that they were sitting around backstage watching him. They seemed just as happy with it as us ♥

PS, I have a lot of kouhai who owe me fic, yo.


Tamamori knows the other six are watching him backstage while he sings Ren’s solo, and it’s a little embarrassing, but no more than having umpteen random fangirl extras watch him tooling about between takes, and he’s certainly gotten used to that in the last couple weeks. But it goes pretty well, in his opinion, and even though the fans have been instructed to suppress their natural reaction for the filming, he can see the faces of the girls close to center stage well enough. They look stunned, wide-eyed; one girl’s jaw actually is hanging open, and it’s a good thing Ren is supposed to be such a smug guy.

In all honesty, their reactions are nice, but not the one he’s most interested in.

They still have an audience when the rest of his group files out for third encore so he can’t ask their opinion directly, but he can read their faces easily enough. They’re proud of him, their expressions saying that his hard work is paying off, that Kis-My-Ft2 is lucky to have him as their T. Tamamori is glad in that moment, weirdly, that they can’t talk just then, because they’re things that he’s sure most of the others would never say in words. This kind of communication sometimes, for them, is better.

Miyata is the one who gets asked directly, of course, what he thought. He’s standing nearby Tamamori, out of formation, like he wants to sidle closer but is trying to talk himself out of doing it. He stutters a “So cool,” and Tamamori looks up, catching his eyes without exactly meaning to.

It’s a mistake, because the affection and wonder in Miyata’s eyes make Tamamori want to squirm in pleasure, embarrassment sending enough heat over his skin that Ren’s jacket seems stifling. He distracts himself from blurting out anything too mortifying by commenting that Miyata’s tour hoodie is unzipped disturbingly far (that’s not for fangirls to see, Tamamori scowls internally), and then Tamamori skitters to the stage entrance behind him to strip off the jacket and undo the shirt cuffs, trying to will his body back to normal temperature.

It’s only when they’ve finally shooed the fans home and been shooed off themselves in turn by the staff that Tamamori can finally catch Miyata for a moment.

“Well?” he pesters, and when Miyata doesn’t answer right away, Tamamori edges in closer, backing Miyata up against their ready room’s wall. “So?”

“You sounded great,” Miyata says readily. “You sounded so good.”

Tamamori frowns, because Miyata is staring somewhere around his shoulder. “Miyacchi?”

Miyata pulls his gaze up to give Tamamori a smile. “Really, really cool. I guess with all the vocal practice, they turned you into an angel after all, huh?” But as soon as he cracks the joke, Miyata’s gaze slides away again.

“What’s that about?” Tamamori demands, reaching up to squish Miyata’s face between his thumb and forefinger, yanking his chin back up so that they’re eye to eye again.

“Nothing,” Miyata says quickly, “it’s nothing.” Tamamori narrows his eyes and squishes harder. “Ouch! Okay, okay! It’s…” Tamamori lets go and Miyata rubs his cheek with a little sigh. “It’s just…you sound so, and you looked, and we were watching backstage, I was watching and…”

It’s unusual for Miyata to be at a loss for words, and Tamamori doesn’t know what to do besides just let Miyata run himself out. Something else is weird too, but Tamamori can’t quite put a finger on it.

“You felt far away,” Miyata finally says, voice soft. “You just suddenly leveled up, this huge level, and you were standing there by yourself…you felt really far away.”

Miyata isn’t touching him, Tamamori realizes, that’s the other weird thing. Instead he’s standing with his hands behind him, against the wall. That, at least, Tamamori can fix.

“Idiot, I’m right here,” Tamamori says, yanking Miyata forward to wrap arms around his shoulders. Miyata fits there exactly like he’s supposed to, without nearly breaking his nose or anything, and after a second, Miyata’s arms go around Tamamori’s waist like usual to squeeze him tightly back.

“I know that.” There’s some relief in Miyata’s voice, though.

“I haven’t gone anyplace you can’t follow.”

“I know that.”

“And it isn’t like some vocal lessons would kill you either.”

“I know that,” Miyata starts laughing, mouth pressed against Tamamori’s shoulder. It tickles and makes Tamamori laugh too, face buried in Miyata’s hair. He’s dizzy with lingering stage-high and filming nerves and exhaustion, and it’s a relief to let Miyata take some of his weight, to slump a little against him and the wall.

“Oi, let’s go, you two!” Fujigaya calls behind them, and it’s a wonder the others have let them alone even this long. It’s his reward for a job well done, Tamamori supposes.

“Yeah, yeah,” Tamamori gives Miyata a last squeeze before letting go. As soon as he turns, though, Miyata’s arms are back around his waist, Miyata’s chin heavy on his shoulder.

“You’re just jealous~,” Miyata chants, sing-song. “Because I’ve got the most talented member~.”

“We won’t lose to you!” Nikaido and Senga holler back immediately, like they’re just waiting for an excuse.

“Don’t even try starting that,” Fujigaya snaps, giving them the eye from behind his thick-rimmed glasses. He’s trying for threatening and it doesn’t work exactly (Nikaido flips him the bird and Senga bursts into giggles), but it interrupts them at least, which Tamamori is grateful for since Nisen are usually sore losers.

Plus they’re totally gross. Tamamori turns his head enough to kiss Miyata’s cheek quickly before shouldering him off.

“Come on, come on, come on,” Kitayama is calling from the doorway, “staff has to wait for us, you know,” and behind them Yokoo is having a last look around for trash and lost items, and in front of them Fujigaya is trying to separate Nikaido and Senga physically since nothing else seems to be working.

“Ready?” Miyata asks, shouldering Tamamori’s bag along with his own, right beside Tamamori. Exactly where he’s supposed to be.

“Mn,” Tamamori agrees. “Let’s go.”

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  • By ri, 2012.08.27 @ 6:06 am

    miyata fits against tamamori’s should JUST LIKE HE’S SUPPOSED TO. excuse me while i die.

    lol at tamamiya vs. nisen. i love that they don’t give a crap what taipi thinks anymore. xD

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