A.B.C.-Z, Tokubetsu na Hi

Title: Tokubetsu na Hi
Unit for Points: ABC-Z
Word Count: 100
Characters/Pairings: ABC/Z
Author’s Notes: Today Hasshi is legal ♥ hope his celebration is just as much fun as they were having while he wasn’t legal at all.

Tokubetsu na Hi

Four kisses was Hashimoto’s tanabata strip. Not that he doesn’t get four and more usually, but these four will be special. Hashimoto will know the difference, surely.

Goseki is first, which’ll please him, and is different. Today Goseki kisses him like they’re equal instead of like he’s continuing a lesson.

Tsukada kisses him just to kiss him, not a reward for a backflip or anything, just to do it.

Kawai is just himself, not anybody else; for him that’s change enough.

Totsuka is just the same. Hashimoto frowns, then realizes it’s him that’s different.

Totsuka’s birthday congratulations aren’t improvable anyway.

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