Category: Sexy Zone

SixTONES, Sweet Talk

Hokuto gets a little run down during tours, and as his roommate, Shintarou's job is to take care of him. (Shintarou/Hokuto)

JE, Favorite Senpai

Hokuto needs comfort, so he goes to a favorite senpai. (Gen, Hokuto, Sakuma)

Sexy Zone, Please Take Care of Me

If Kento would just give him a chance, Sou would show him that all he wants to do is take care of him. (Kento/Sou)

JE, Man Down

Shori sustains injury during Shounen Club filming and Kotaki is the designated piggybacker. (Gen)

Sexy Zone, Bad Timing

It's not the best Valentine's Day that Kento has ever had, but at least he gets to spend it with Fuma. (Kento/Fuma)

JE, The Other Side of Maybe

Hokuto's had the crush on Fuma roughly forever, but getting what he wants isn't the graduation present he was hoping for, as it turns out. (Hokuto/Fuma)

Sexy Zone, Contact Dance

Nakaken will have to make it up to Fuma later. (Fuma/Nakaken)

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