JE, Favorite Senpai

Title: Favorite Senpai [Hokuto, Sakuma]
Rating/Warnings: PG
Summary: Hokuto needs comfort, so he goes to a favorite senpai.
AN: Sakuma said in his jweb that he and Hirano pull their air mattresses together during break and end up talking instead of sleeping the entire break, which is adorable. Also poor Hokuto was injured for a bit, but I’m not exactly sure what part of him was injured, so I guessed ankle.

Favorite Senpai

“Real good,” Hokuto said snappishly, flexing the ankle with the ace bandage wrapped around it. “It’s great. Perfect.”

“Don’t be a dick to me,” Taiga warned, standing up and dusting his track pants off from sitting on the floor wrapping up Hokuto’s ankle. “You know better.”

Hokuto really did know better. “Sorry,” he apologized, even if he was still glaring at the floor. “Thank you.”

Taiga’s hand was warm when it landed on the top of Hokuto’s head, giving his sweat-damp hair a quick scrunch. Then he was gone, not much for giving comfort. Hokuto stood up too, testing his weight gingerly on his hurt ankle before shuffling off down the corridor on the floor that contained all the dressing rooms for Snow Man and SixTONES.

Every step made a sharp pain flash across the back of his leg, but Hokuto grit his teeth and tried to ignore it. He wasn’t going far.

Abe was studying quietly in the corner when Hokuto stuck his head in the room, headphones in. He wasn’t the goal, though; Sakuma was sprawled on his air mattress on the other side, just the senpai Hokuto wanted some attention from at the moment.

Unfortunately he had to step over Hirano to do it, whose air mattress was pulled flush against Sakuma’s so they could talk quietly. Hokuto wasn’t sure he could step over an ant, much less their airhead co-star, with his ankle the way it was.

“Hoku?” Sakuma asked, lifting his head a little. That answered the question of whether they’d been asleep or not. “You okay? You’re standing like a flamingo.”

It was true; Hokuto lowered the hurt foot to the ground with a wince. “Sorry. Am I bothering you? I can just…”

“Shhh, come here, hurry up,” Sakuma ordered, pointing to the spot next to him under his fuzzy, pink micro-fleece blanket. Member colored, of course.

Hokuto made his way over, forcing his face to stay neutral even as his ankle throbbed. It was a relief to sit down on the air mattress, then to scrunch down on his back and share the pillow with Sakuma.

“Take care of yourself,” Sakuma ordered sternly. “A twisted ankle is no good, but if you don’t rest it, it’ll be a lot worse than that no matter how cute you are.”

“Are you hurt?” Hirano asked, twisting to look at Hokuto despite him already being under the blanket. Hokuto tried and failed to suppress an eye roll.

“Yes, Sho,” Sakuma said patiently. “That’s why Taiga was wrapping his ankle, remember? And why he’ll be staying here, off of it, during this entire break.”

“Oh right.”

Hokuto wanted to argue, just because he felt grumpy and stupid and like a bother to everyone, and so he wanted to do the opposite of what anybody told him to do, even Sakuma. But instead he butted his forehead against Sakuma’s shoulder and whined a little.

“Tell me I’m cute again?” he asked. When in doubt, ask a favorite senpai to spoil you.

“You know you’re cute,” Sakuma said, but he smoothed Hokuto’s hair behind his ear and then snuggled closer, putting an arm around Hokuto’s waist. “But if it’ll make you happy, you’re really cute.”

To Hokuto’s mild surprise, Hirano’s weight leaned lightly against his back a second later, close enough to be warm but not so close to feel like pressure.

“You’ll feel better after a nap, Hokuto-kun,” Hirano said. “We always do. That’s why we come in here to nap between shows.”

“Except how you sit here talking and never nap?” Hokuto asked, a bit acidly. Sakuma pinched his side lightly. “Sorry.”

“Well, we do do that…” Hirano chuckled, no offense taken as usual.

Hokuto closed his eyes and heaved a sigh, relaxed at least a little with Sakuma’s arm over his waist, fingers drawing light shapes against Hokuto’s back. Bizarrely, maybe Hirano was right about one thing. Things would look better after a nap.

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