Sexy Zone, Please Take Care of Me

Title: Please Take Care of Me
Rating/Warnings: Hard R, aged-up characters
Summary: If Kento would just give him a chance, Sou would show him that all he wants to do is take care of him.
AN: I am not sure how this happened at all, but somehow I ended up having a long conversation about how Nakaken needs somebody to take care of him and is super romantic type and that Sou would totally be the best boyfriend for him if their gap wasn’t crazy. So then I wrote this. Set far enough in the future that Sou is 19, in case you are worried about that.

Please Take Care of Me

“Butt stuff, you know.” Marius did a hiproll, making Fuma’s look of alarm melt into a wrinkled nose. “I’m gonna be eighteen this year!”

“Don’t remind me, okay?” Fuma reached over, clapping his hands over Marius’s hips to hold them still. “Stop doing that! I saw it already!”

“You said we could do cool dances together,” Marius reminded. He grabbed Fuma’s wrists and yanked him a little closer. “You promised~.”

“Aw, geez, Mari, let go.” Fuma shook off Marius’s grip, but had to look away from Marius’s pout. “Ask Kento about doing that kind of stuff with you if you want.”

“I want to dance with you, though! I’m totally almost old enough!” Marius pouted harder until Fuma turned to Shori for help. Shori had been sitting next to Sou on the couch during the entire exchange, obviously enjoying Fuma’s discomfort at Marius’s blunt demands for ero fan service.

“Can’t you do something?”

“Shori won’t take your side,” Marius said, folding his arms. “He totally heard you promise me that ages ago! Seventeen is way older than fifteen already!”

“What Fuma-kun meant,” Shori spoke up, “was that he’d do sexy stuff with you when you quit being so much younger than him.”

Marius eyes widened, expression turning affronted. “But that’s never!”

“Now you got it,” Fuma confirmed, shoving his his hands in his pockets and trying to saunter off. It only made Marius more determined to grab Fuma and tickle him into submission, and Marius’s arms were a lot longer at seventeen than they had been at fifteen.

Sou turned to look at Kento on his other side. Kento’s eyes were still studiously glued to the magazine in his lap, but where their sides were close together Sou had felt Kento’s shoulder tense up when Fuma started talking about Marius asking him for “that kind of stuff.” It had been years since they’d had an actual fight about Fuma’s image and being too close, and the two of them had always been careful not to talk about it in front of the younger three, but Sou had always been the observant middle brother.

Or maybe it was just that he’d always watched Kento more closely.

“Hey.” Sou nudged Kento’s shoulder. “Do you have plans for dinner?”

“Just to go home,” Kento answered without looking up. Sou kept nudging until finally Kento pulled his nose out of the magazine. “What?”

“Let me take you out?” Sou asked. “We can go somewhere near your apartment if you don’t want to be out long.”

“Yes,” Kento agreed after only hesitating for a few seconds.

“It’s a date,” Sou said, grinning when Kento nodded without arguing. It had taken months of such slow progress to get Kento to understand that Sou wasn’t asking Kento to treat him as a senpai, that Sou’s “little crush” from when he was only up to Kento’s shoulder not only hadn’t been a stage to grow out of, but that it had been getting stronger that whole time.

Sou had waited ages, even after he’d turned eighteen, because he wanted Kento to take him seriously, but it had still been a struggle every step of the way to get Kento to see him as anything other than a little brother. Doubly frustrating was having to watch Kento quite obviously wanting somebody to take care of him and still insisting Sou shouldn’t worry about that kind of thing when it was all Sou wanted to do most of the time. He still didn’t think Kento had really understood until Sou backed him into the wall of the NHK Hall dressing room and kissed him, half elated to finally do it and half terrified Kento was going to refuse him once and for all.

Kento hadn’t told him no. He hadn’t exactly said yes either, but he hadn’t said no. It just made Sou all the more determined to win Kento over and now, months later, he could finally ask Kento to go out without arguing about what it meant for ten minutes. Sometimes he even got to kiss Kento goodnight, lately more often than not. Waiting sucked, but it was much more bearable when he was making obvious progress.

It should have been awkward to ask Kento’s manager to drop off Sou as well in front of Kento’s apartment building, but Kento’s current manager was a no-nonsense woman at least five years older than Kento who had about as little patience for his lack of self-care as Sou did. Much to Kento’s chagrin, she approved pretty vocally anytime she saw Sou trying to force Kento to either eat or sleep. Usually both.

“Make him eat real food,” she told Sou as Sou crawled out of the backseat.

“Yes, ma’am,” Sou replied, saluting. Kento complained that he was right there, geez. “Shush you, you had five coffees and a salad so far today. Where am I taking you? And don’t you dare say the combini’s fine.”

“So pushy,” Kento said. “Is the izakaya good enough for your big, fancy date?”

Sou snorted. “When we have a big, fancy date, you’ll know it.”

Karaage counted as real food, Sou guessed, plus all the other stuff the owner’s wife kept bringing them. She also seemed pleased to see somebody forcing Kento to eat and relax, making Kento protest that he wasn’t nearly as bad as everybody made him out to be.

“It really does take a whole village with you, doesn’t it?” Sou asked, amused. He switched Kento over to water after his second beer, though; relaxed Kento was one thing, but Sou didn’t want Kento half-drunk afterwards.

“Thank you,” Kento said, not arguing even once when Sou paid their bill. Sou beamed at him in approval.

Outside the restaurant, Sou looked around and decided it was dark and late enough for him to slide his hand into Kento’s. His grip was loose though, letting Kento decide whether that was okay or not. There might be girls or paparazzi after all. To Sou’s surprise, Kento didn’t pull away. He did glance around nervously several times during their short walk back to the apartment complex, but Sou didn’t begrudge him a little anxiety.

They stopped walking just short of Kento’s apartment entrance, where the front light didn’t quite reach them. To Sou’s surprise, Kento leaned in for a kiss without any coaxing, Sou’s hand still tucked tightly in his own. Kento felt so good against Sou, relaxed and warm against his side, and Sou hadn’t been planning on rushing this next part, but somehow the words just tumbled out of him as soon as the kiss broke.

“Invite me in?” Sou bit his lip when Kento’s mouth turned into a perfect O. “Sorry, that was a bit sudden. You can say no.”

“Um,” Kento hedged, backing up half a step. “I don’t really have anything to offer you.”

“I don’t want to inspect the contents of your refrigerator,” Sou said gently. “You know what I’m asking, right?”

Kento nodded, his eyes locked somewhere around Sou’s shoulder. “I’m not sure I’m ready for…you. You know, to…” Kento’s mouth bunched up.

“With me, you mean,” Sou filled in. Kento nodded. “Is that the only reason? Kento, look at me, please.” Kento did, and it was hard to tell in the dim lighting, but Sou was pretty sure underneath the anxiety there was some want. He really hoped he had it right. “I’m serious about this, so if you aren’t ready, really, I will absolutely wait for you. But be honest with me: do you think you’re ever going to feel totally ready?”

As soon as the words left his mouth, Sou regretted that question, regretted giving Kento an opportunity to say that he’d never be ready, never see Sou as old enough. But he had asked, and he had no choice but to hold his breath and hope for the few tense seconds Kento thought.

“I don’t know,” he finally said, which was at least an honest answer. “I guess it isn’t fair to make you wait so long.”

“No,” Sou rushed to say, “no no, it’s fine, I didn’t mean…”

“Just come up already,” Kento cut him off. Sou thought about arguing even though it was the answer that he wanted, because he really wasn’t sure if this was the right timing or not, but Kento squeezed Sou’s hand where he was still holding it between them, and Sou closed his mouth and decided to take his own advice.

If they didn’t try, they’d never get anywhere, right?

Upstairs, Kento ushered Sou into his genkan, fussing quietly the entire time he was locking the door about the shoes all over and how he should have cleaned up. Sou put his hands on Kento’s shoulders to turn him around, backing him up against the wall until Kento stopped talking.

“I’m not looking at your shoes, you know,” he said. Kento gave him a rueful smile, and Sou leaned in to kiss him, much more firmly than he ever dared to do outside on the street in front of the building.

Sou kissed Kento like he’d been dreaming about kissing him for years, pressed up against the wall with no space between them from mouth to knee. He curled one arm around Kento’s waist to hold him steady and brought the other hand up to cup Kento’s cheek, rubbing his thumb gently over the soft skin, warm from Kento blushing. Kento made a soft noise into Sou’s mouth and turned his head into the touch a little, and all of Sou’s common sense went right out the window. He dragged his mouth away from Kento’s to kiss along the line of his jaw, then down his neck. Kento’s voice was soft and sweet near his ear, Kento’s fingers digging pleasantly into his shoulders.

“Shit, sorry,” Sou gasped when he realized how tightly he was pressing Kento into the wall, how his knee had somehow started to work between Kento’s. He rested his forehead on Kento’s shoulder, trying to catch his breath. “Sorry, I got carried away.”

Kento’s fingers were in Sou’s hair suddenly, a little hesitant but twisting in tightly enough to send another flare of heat down over Sou’s skin.

“It’s fine,” Kento said. His voice was a half-octave lower than Sou was used to hearing it, and when Sou lifted his head, the look of raw longing on his face was just as unfamiliar. “I think I want…can you just…”

“Be sure,” Sou told him. He hadn’t meant it to come out so harshly, but Sou had enough sense left, barely, to realize that stopping would be kind of unbearable if they went any further and then Kento changed his mind. Honestly it was probably too late already. “You have to be sure.”

“Take me to bed, please,” Kento answered. Sou squeezed him so tightly in relief that Kento squeaked.

Over the years, Sou had thought more than a little about what he would do if he ever did manage to get Kento all to himself. In his head, he’d always sworn to be slow and show how well he could take care of Kento, since it was no secret that Kento was intensely romantic type, but he hadn’t realized how hard it would be not to rush through everything, or how stupid he would feel when his hands were shaking too much to get Kento’s shirt buttons undone.

“This is not cool at all,” Sou grumbled, making Kento snicker, his own hands just as unsteady when he tried to help. The nervous laughter seemed to help both of them, and somehow they managed to get stripped down to underwear without anybody’s clothes sustaining permanent damage.

“Okay?” Kento asked when Sou could only stare at Kento stretched out on the bed just for him, mouth dry and heart racing. Kento moved to cover some of himself with his hands, and Sou caught his wrists.

“You look amazing.” Sou couldn’t help but grin at how Kento flushed and squirmed a little under his direct gaze. He wanted to put his mouth and hands on every inch of that skin, and it seemed surreal that he might be allowed to.

“You’ve seen it all before,” Kento protested, but he stopped struggling.

“Not like this,” Sou said. He let go of one of Kento’s wrists to run his palm down Kento’s side, watching how Kento shivered when his fingers brushed the bottom of his ribs. “Tell me what you want.” Sou raised his eyes to meet Kento’s. “I’ll do anything you want.”

What Kento wanted, as it turned out, was for Sou to take care of him, for Sou to press him into the mattress and be inside of him. Sou was smart enough to have a few misgivings about how quickly they went from kissing on the sidewalk to fucking, to wonder how much of this had to do with him himself and how much of it had to do with how long it had been since Kento had anybody he could ask to do anything to him. But Sou would have had to be a much better person than he was to refuse Kento anything, especially this, after waiting for so long.

Instead of wasting his time trying to talk either one of them out of it, Sou focused on being as slow and strong as he could, on kissing Kento until he was relaxed bonelessly into the mattress. He took even longer getting Kento ready, coaxing Kento into relaxing around his fingers until he was completely satisfied he had done he best the could, until even Kento told him to get on with it already.

“I mean, you’ve done this before, right?” Kento asked. His tone was teasing, if desperate, but when Sou looked up, Kento looked uncertain too.

“I have, yeah,” Sou reassured. Not with a ton of people, but he’d had more sense than to save himself in some ivory tower for Kento. “I know what I’m doing, I promise.”

“That’s not why I asked that.” Kento frowned.

“Shh, I know.” Sou leaned up to grab a condom from Kento’s nightstand, kissing Kento’s cheek on the way. And then, because he knew what the answer would be, he offered, “We can still stop if you want.”

“Don’t you dare,” Kento growled, looking about ready to put the condom on Sou with his teeth if that’s what it would take to get him moving.

Sliding into Kento was so much better than Sou had been imagining all this time. In his imagination he hadn’t had any idea how Kento’s soft pants for air and low moans would make his pulse race, or how Kento would wrap arms around Sou’s neck and refuse to let go.

“Mm, Kento.” Sou wanted to say something, to tell Kento how amazing he felt or how happy he was to finally be here together, but all he could manage was just to murmur Kento’s name, using his extra centimeters of height to press breathless kisses to Kento’s face and hair. “Kento, Kento, Kento.”

It was too much to last nearly as long as Sou wanted to, and before long he had to ask if Kento could touch himself, his own hands occupied holding him up. It took some shuffling, especially when Kento was reluctant to stop clinging so tightly. Eventually he gave in, and Sou moaned shamelessly as Kento clenched tighter and tighter around him before finally shuddering himself out. Almost at his limit himself, Sou closed his eyes and gave in to his own orgasm, weight falling on top of Kento.

His heart was still racing a minute later when Sou tried to collect himself enough to at least not crush Kento, but it was hard to worry when he felt so euphoric, plus Kento was still clinging tightly with arms around Sou’s neck. It took another minute to realize Kento was shaking a little.

“Hey,” Sou said, trying to push himself up on shaky arms. When he heard a clear sniffle, Sou drew back far enough to look and was alarmed to find Kento’s eyes wet. “Whoa, are you okay? Did I hurt you?”

“No, m’fine,” Kento said quickly, trying to wipe at his eyes. It only made more tears well up. “Sorry, it just happens sometimes…”

“Are you sure you’re okay?” Kento nodded, and relief washed cool through Sou’s chest when Kento nodded. Sou gathered Kento into a tight hug. “It’s fine then, don’t worry about it.” Kento sniffled again, obviously trying and failing to get himself under control, and Sou rubbed his back soothingly. “How long has it been since somebody took good care of you?”

“I don’t even know,” Kento said, voice small and muffled against Sou’s shoulder. “Really long.”

“Well, I’m gonna do my best from now on, so forget about that.” Sou gave Kento a last squeeze and sat up to fuss with the blankets. “If that’s okay, I mean.”

“If…oh,” Kento looked confused when Sou laid back down, tugging the blankets carefully over both of them. “You’re staying? Here?”

“Is that okay too?” Sou asked. Kento curled up against Sou’s chest instead of answering, throwing a possessive arm over Sou’s waist. “Okay. Good.” He resisted the urge to ask what idiots had been fucking Kento and then leaving him alone, doubting very much that he wanted to know the answer. Better to focus on proving he could take care of Kento better than anyone else. “I’ll definitely stay as long as you want me here.”

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