SixTONES, All in One Breath

Title: All in One Breath [Juri/Shintarou]
Rating/Warnings: PG-13
Summary: Where Juri gets off telling a guy what his birthday wishes are, Shintarou has no idea.
AN: It’s over in Japan already but Shintarou’s 18th birthday was 7/15 like many of us were excited about and so you get some birthday JuriShin. I was thinking a lot about the little blurb from when Shintarou was 13 guessing what his life would be like at 18:

“This is a stubborn wish but after all, I want to be in a group and have a CD debut. More concretely, I think a group with 5 or 6 energetic and athletic members would be good. Among them, I would have brown hair and a piercing and I would maybe be a bit charai (flashy) character?! (laughs) In reality, I don’t want things like piercings and I absolutely don’t want to become a flashy fellow but people around me keep saying that ”in the future, you will surely become a flashy guy”. Because of that, I’m starting to be more and more like ”that might happen…” (laughs).” (from fuckyeahshintaro tumblr)

I hope you get all your birthday wishes this year too, kiddo. Also it’s totally fine to be charai ♥

All in One Breath

“‘Like an otaku’s wet dream come true’ means that you’re supposed to clean your room, you idiot,” Shintarou laughed, shoving at Juri’s shoulder with his own. They were on their stomachs in the middle of Juri’s floor, sharing the new Shounen Jump. “Nobody in their right mind would think the state of your room is anybody’s wet dream.”

“Mom has five sons, she should know better than to use sarcasm and expect to get the result she wants,” Juri replied, shoving back. “We’re men, we need simple, clear-cut directions—oh wait.”

Shintarou raised an eyebrow when Juri scrambled to his feet and rooted around on his desk for a minute. He dropped an envelope onto the comics in front of Shintarou, and then flopped back down beside him. Shintarou’s name was printed neatly on the outside, along with a doodle of some balloons.

“Awww, Juju, for me?” Shintarou said sweetly, making Juri call him an asshole.

“It’s from my mom, in case she doesn’t see you before your birthday next week.” Juri eyed the thickness of the envelope with suspicion. “I swear if she gives you more birthday money than me, I’m breaking up with you.”

Shintarou stuck his tongue out. “I’ll use it to buy a boyfriend who’s washed his sheets since the first time we did it on them.”

“Hm, is that romantic or disgusting?” Juri asked contemplatively, rolling onto his side protectively when Shintarou elbowed him some more. When Shintarou got the envelope open, along with a cute monkey card and a respectable amount of birthday money, a few folded magazine pages fell out. “What’re those?”

“Ugh, it’s me,” Shintarou said, wrinkling his nose in embarrassment. “Tiny, stupid me. Why does your mom even have these?”

“She saves some of that stuff to torment us later. You should have seen the junk of Koki’s she would put up on the fridge.” Juri grabbed one of the pages to smooth out. “Awwwww, look how cute you are! Your head is like a perfect sphere.”

“Shut uuuup!” Shintarou squirmed, cheeks turning pink. He flapped the pages in his hand at Juri, and a smaller clipping fell out. “What’s that one?”

Scooping it up, Juri read it curiously, a smile spreading across his face. “It’s where you thought you’d be at eighteen. You remember what you said?” Juri stretched his arm back to keep Shintarou from grabbing the paper. “Come on, do you?”

“Something dumb about debut, like everybody says.” Shintarou whined when Juri still wouldn’t give it up. “I thought I’d be the manly leader of my group.”

“The pierced, flashy member,” Juri corrected, snickering. Shintarou snatched at the paper again, and Juri let him grab it this time. “And five or six group members would be good.”

“What did that brat even know?” Shintarou said, voice distant. He reached up with his free hand to toy absently with the stud in his ear.

“Would you tell him, if you could?” Juri asked. Shintarou looked down and Juri was still lying on his side, grin having melted into a nostalgic smile. “What would you tell 13-year-old you?”

“You know, I’m not sure he’d be that impressed by almost-18-year-old me,” Shintarou admitted. “No debut, no hot girlfriend, plus I let you pierce me.”

Juri snorted. “You let me do a lot more than that, dude. Regularly.”

“He’d probably have some objections about that too.” Shintarou tucked the small clipping in with the rest of the magazine pages and folded them back up to put safely in the envelope. “I told them I wanted to be in a group with my best friend, but they wouldn’t print that part. Too specific. So I guess I’d tell 13-year-old me that he’ll definitely get his most important wish, so not to worry about the rest of it.”

“You got pretty much all of your wishes, you,” Juri said, sitting up to kiss Shintarou’s cheek casually. “And it’s not even your birthday yet. What are you gonna wish for this year?”

Shintarou kissed Juri rather than answer, kissed him until Juri was entirely distracted from silly old interview questions and even the Shounen Jump still open on the floor. He tugged Juri up to his bed, which actually had surprisingly clean sheets on it, and was happy to let Juri press him into the sheets and do a couple things in a row that his 13-year-old self would not at all have wanted to hear about. Curled up lazily together with sweat still drying on their skin, Shintarou felt comfortable enough to say his birthday wish out loud.

“It’s still the same,” Shintarou said. Juri stirred, asking what fuzzily. “My wish. Just to be in a group with my best friend.”

Juri pushed himself up on his elbows to look Shintarou in the face, his own expression a mix of affection and exasperation. “I’m right here, don’t waste your birthday wish on that crap! Honestly. Wish for all of us, at the very least.”

“Okay, okay,” Shintarou agreed. “Although where you get off telling another guy what his birthday wishes are, I don’t even know.”

“Then do it right!” Juri kissed Shintarou’s forehead soundly before letting his elbows give out and stretching out on his back. “I’m telling on you to Hokuto. After he and I used up our wishes asking for you to like yourself again.”

“You did not!” Shintarou gasped. “Juri!”

“We tried to get Jesse too but he blew his on the butai.” Juri snickered at Shintarou’s whine to quit teasing. “Relax, we only asked for you to like yourself a little more. Not like as much as I do, that’d be impossible.”

“No more feelings talk, gross,” Shintarou scolded, his tolerance for such things maybe high for a normal high school guy but not nearly so high as the Tanaka threshold for it. Just grabbing Juri around the middle and squeezing him breathless was enough to get his feelings across, thank you very much.

It was really too early to sleep, so Shintarou dangled one foot off the bed to try and snag the Shounen Jump from the floor with his toes. He had to give up after the second attempt just ripped the back page off, yelping when he leaned over the edge of the bed and Juri slapped his ass. When they got sick of pirates and volleyball players, Juri flipped on his television for a while until both of them were yawning and they gave up that too.

“Hey,” Shintarou said as they were shuffling around with pillows and whose knees were poking who where. “I’m gonna be super pissed at you if I spend my wish on something else and then you don’t stick around, you know.”

“You’re so worried about being left alone, you giant baby.” Juri’s voice was sleepy and gentle in the dark, though, rather than scolding. “You might as well waste it on wishing for air to breathe.”

Yeah, well I need that too, Shintarou thought about saying, but instead he just laced their fingers together and squeezed tightly.

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