Ebikisu, To Be or Natto Be

Title: To Be or Natto Be (Kitayama/Totsuka, Kitayama/Totsuka/Kawai)
Rating/Warnings: NC-17, threesome, rimming
Summary: Totsuka mentions that maybe they’re getting a little boring in their old age, so Kitayama invites Kawai home to shake things up a little.
AN: Written for 2015 JEFQF, prompt 28: A and B in an established relationship decide to play with freaky C to spice their sex life up.

To Be or Natto Be

“Ne, Hiromitsu,” Totsuka asked, apropos of nothing. “Do you think we’re getting boring in our old age?”

When Kitayama didn’t answer right away, the fingers that were running through his hair very pleasantly stopped. He opened his eyes to give Totsuka an unimpressed look, but it probably wasn’t very threatening since Kitayama was sprawled lazily across his couch with his head in Totsuka’s lap, being petted like a spoiled pet.

“Well?” Totsuka prompted.

“Are you bored?” Kitayama asked. Totsuka gave a half shrug with one shoulder, no answer at all. Kitayama tried again. “Are we talking about right this second, or are we talking about some kind of general life ennui? If it’s the first one, I think I have a pair of handcuffs in the closet from when Tama-chan and Miyacchi used to borrow my place.”

“As appealing as that sounds,” Totsuka said, smiling in mild amusement. “Not quite what I meant.”

“If you’re thinking of trading me in for a newer model, let me remind you that with age comes experience.” Kitayama wiggled his eyebrows to make Totsuka laugh. “Seriously, are you working yourself into a…you know, how you get.”

“However do I get, Hiromitsu?” Totsuka asked with an air of faint innocence.

“Weird sad. The weird part I like, but the sadness is no good.” Kitayama rolled over and sat up, putting a hand to Totsuka’s forehead like he was taking his temperature. Totsuka looked back at him, and Kitayama didn’t find anything of immediate concern in his expression. But you never could tell with Totsuka Shota. “Hm? Are you overdue for your Hip Hop checkup or something?”

“No need to worry about it.” Totsuka tugged Kitayama’s hand down by the wrist to kiss his palm. “But if you wanted to make a thorough physical examination, I can make an appointment.”

“How’s thirty seconds from now?” Kitayama asked, standing up and tugging Totsuka with him. “Let me show you my office.”

Once he had Totsuka spread out on his back in his bed, Kitayama expended an unusual amount of effort making sure that no inch of pale, smooth skin went uninspected. Maybe it had been a while since he’d been so thorough, and it showed in Totsuka’s raised pitch and volume.

“Someone’s been taking vocal practice seriously,” Kitayama praised. Totsuka twined arms more tightly around Kitayama’s neck and matched his heated grin.

“You just draw it out of me,” he said. “Or put it in me. It’s one of those.”

“Definitely the second one. Put your legs around my waist again, that was really nice.”

Afterwards Totsuka returned to stroking Kitayama’s hair just as pleasantly as before, humming snatches of who-knew-what to himself, and Kitayama assumed the immediate crisis had passed. Still, better not to let his guard down with this one, he promised himself.

A few days later, Kitayama left a concert meeting at roughly the same time as Totsuka ought to have been wrapping up his own show rehearsal. It wasn’t that far a trip to make an unscheduled stop for the purpose of giving Totsuka a pleasant surprise. Kitayama had no trouble finding his way back to where A.B.C-Z had been practicing, led by Kawai’s laugh echoing down the hallway.

Kitayama pushed open the door quietly, pleased to find only Kawai and Totsuka still there, sitting on a pile of mats with their backs to him. Perfect.

“—I’m so mad at that brat, I could kill him,” Kawai was saying as Kitayama crept up behind them. “I’m gonna get, like, a whole cake, and tie him down and—”

“Boo~,” Kitayama sang right between their heads.

“YAHHHH!” Kawai exclaimed. Totsuka whirled around with wide eyes that melted into fond exasperation almost immediately when he saw Kitayama. Kitayama considered the whole thing a great success. “Yo, Kitamitsu. What brings you here?”

“Thought I’d walk my best girl home.” Kitayama wrapped an arm around Totsuka casually as Totsuka leaned back into him. Totsuka’s T-shirt and hair were still soaked through from practice, but Kitayama found that kind of appealing. “The rest of you shrimps break up the party early?”

“Well, Gocchi can only torture us so much with shows coming up.” Kawai waved a hand airily. “The president told him it would look bad for the company if the rest of us dropped dead on the stage. Not that at least one guy isn’t trying as hard as he can.”

“Easy, Fumito,” Totsuka said. “Your palpitations.”

“Oh, shut it, you always take his side.” Kawai stretched as Totsuka stood up. “Now this guy shows up to take you away too. Poor Fumikyun.”

“Poor Fumikyun,” Totsuka agreed. He tugged at Kitayama’s sleeve cutely. “Ne, senpai, take me home.”

Not that Kawai’s pathos wasn’t all bluster, but Kitayama was still thinking about Totsuka asking if they hadn’t gotten boring in the back of his head. If there was one thing about sex with Kawai, it was never boring. It had been quite a while since Kawai played with them, but it couldn’t hurt to ask, right?

“You could come home with us,” Kitayama said. “If you’re looking for some late-night entertainment.” He looked over at Totsuka, still tugging on his sleeve. “Right?”

“Hmm.” Totsuka rubbed his cheek against Kitayama’s shoulder as if thinking about it, then grinned. “Yeah. Yeah, you should.”

“Natto Club reunion, excellent.” Kawai’s grin matched Totsuka’s, and Kitayama wondered if maybe he was getting a little over in his head letting the members of A.B.C-Z outnumber him instead of bringing along some backup of his own.

But then again, he was trying to spice up their love life, not turn it into a Snow Man orgy or something.

Kawai would honestly do well at a Snow Man orgy, Kitayama had to assume, given how quickly he ended up naked and in Kitayama’s bed, stretching leisurely like a small dog trying to take up as much space as possible.

“Man, I missed this mattress.” Kawai hummed in pleasure; Kitayama was pretty sure he heard at least one of Kawai’s vertebrae pop. “Can you two entertain yourself if I just make love to this bed?”

“Shower, Fumito.” Totsuka tugged Kawai up by the hand and pushed him towards the bathroom. “Hiromitsu gets ever so grumpy if we muss up his sheets with sweat that we didn’t work up in them.”

“Oi,” Kitayama protested without much heat. “Anything sounds stupid when you use that tone of voice.”

“Was I using a tone?” Totsuka inquired politely. Kawai was already cackling behind his hand before Kitayama made the same blank face back at Totsuka.

“I’m Totsuka Shota,” Kitayama’s voice was a recognizable, if not masterful, impression of Totsuka. “I sing in a boyband with snap-on pants and backflips.”

“Maybe you should leave the impressions to this guy,” Totsuka said, tugging a reluctant Kawai out of the bed and pushing him towards the bathroom. “Shower, go on. I’ll be along presently.”

Kawai wiggled his eyebrows at them, but strolled into the bathroom. Once the sound of water drifted out, Kitayama turned back to Totsuka.

“This is okay, right?” he asked. Kitayama watched Totsuka’s face carefully; best to make sure.

“Late to ask now, don’t you think?” Totsuka replied.


“Yes.” Totsuka answered Kitayama’s question directly for once, a welcome change. He leaned into Kitayama briefly, long enough to kiss his cheek. “If you were trying for not boring, Kawai is a good choice. And always welcome, at that.”

“Good.” Kitayama gave Totsuka a push towards the shower himself, then flopped onto his bed with a little groan of happiness. “Don’t worry, baby, I wouldn’t let Fumito have has way with you.” After a few seconds, Kitayama started shrugging out of his clothes, realizing that while it was nice to have others undress him, Kawai and Totsuka would already have a head start being naked, and were likely to drip all over him besides.

He listened with one ear, expecting Kawai and Totsuka to probably get distracted together and start without him, but the only thing he heard was an occasional cackle from Kawai and some questionable splashing. He raised an eyebrow when eventually Kawai padded out of the bathroom alone, wearing nothing but the towel he was rubbing over his hair.

“Lose someone?” Kitayama asked.

“He’s making himself presentable very thoroughly,” Kawai said, then cracked up at Kitayama’s eyeroll. He lobbed the towel back towards the bathroom door without really looking where it went and then crawled into bed with Kitayama.

“Mmm,” Kitayama hummed in approval when Kawai fitted himself easily against Kitayama’s side, an arm thrown loosely over Kitayama’s waist. “I nearly forgot how comfortable you can be.”

“Flattering, but I hope I didn’t get invited over just for nap time.” Kawai leaned up to brush lips over Kitayama’s jaw, and cheek, coaxing Kitayama to turn his head for a proper kiss. Kissing Kawai was just as comfortable as fitting their bodies together, like a thing Kitayama had nearly forgotten but remembered well once he started. Kawai was good at everything that involved touching or being close to other people, but kissing, Kitayama had always thought, was clearly one of his strongest charm points.

By the time it broke, Kitayama was pleasantly warm, the way Kawai’s fingertips were brushing over his cheek or hair or shoulder in fleeting passes spreading the feeling all over his skin. He’d rolled halfway towards Kawai during it, Kitayama realized, and then rolled the rest of the way onto his side to get an arm around Kawai’s waist and drag him even closer for another kiss.

Kitayama must have been entirely distracted, because the next time he pulled away to breathe, Kitayama realized that Totsuka was on the end of the bed, sitting cross-legged, just watching them.

“Don’t stop on my account,” Totsuka told them, smiling, eyes glinting with interest.

Kawai snickered. “That’s what this was about?”

“No!” Kitayama raised an eyebrow, asking Totsuka, “Is it?”

“Maybe for at least a minute.” Totsuka gave an shrug with one shoulder, the movement strangely elegant in context. “Kiss him again.”

Kitayama wasn’t sure who Totsuka was ordering around, but it hardly mattered. He didn’t have any problem losing himself in Kawai’s mouth again, sighing happily when Kawai teased along his lower lip with flicks of his tongue. Kitayama brought a hand up to work fingers into Kawai’s messy half-perm, tightening his grip until he could tilt Kawai’s head back a little, encouraging him to lick deeper.

This time they were both breathing more heavily when they broke apart, Kawai’s ears turning cutely pink, and from this close Kitayama always had the impulse to lick Kawai’s cute nose dot. Kitayama was starting to get hard, and he could feel Kawai digging a bit into his thigh. When Kitayama turned his head, Totsuka seemed to be breathing more quickly himself.

“You really aren’t going to just watch, are you?” Kitayama asked. He gave Kawai’s hair a tug, surprising a sweet noise out of him. “I didn’t bring the toy over just for myself, you know.”

“Feel free to send him my way,” Totsuka said easily, spreading his hands wide over his lap and the bed around him. Grinning, Kawai pushed himself up from Kitayama and crawled on hands and knees to steal a kiss from Totsuka as well. Kawai took his time with Totsuka just as much as he had with Kitayama, which Kitayama surely didn’t mind. Being kissed by Kawai and watching him kiss someone else were different, sure, but both were equally satisfying; Kitayama was more than happy to lean back against his headboard and stroke himself slowly while he watched Kawai take care of Totsuka.

Also Kawai’s ass was up in the air, since he was still on his hands and knees, and Kitayama pondered lazily whether he ought to do something about that, since it was right there and all. Much like all of Kawai’s other parts, the cuteness of his ass was puzzling, a little surprising, and mostly based on motion, the little wiggle of it as he kept kissing Totsuka entirely appealing.

As if sensing the focus of Kitayama’s attention, Kawai turned his head to grin at Kitayama, giving an extra obvious wiggle. “See something you like? Feel free to entertain yourself back there. Go to town, man.”

“I’ll take you to town all right—wait, switch sides with me.” Kitayama sat up and crawled up past Kawai, giving him a casual ass-slap that nearly tipped Kawai over and off the bed. He thumbed over his shoulder. “Shota up there, on your back. Fumito in the middle, hands and knees.” Kitayama glanced at Totsuka for approval. “Right?”

“Fumito in the middle,” Totsuka agreed right away. He kissed Kitayama’s cheek sweetly on the way by as he navigated the traffic jam in the middle of the bed to take his spot. Kawai and Kitayama watched for a few seconds as Totsuka stretched and wiggled himself into a position he deemed comfortable enough. Propped up on the pillows for a better view, one knee bent invitingly, Totsuka smiled happily at them. “I’m ready for my close-up, Mr. DeVille.”

“Go suck him off before he really does invite a fourth person in here,” Kitayama said in fake aggravation. Kawai’s laugh as he complied made the corner of Kitayama’s mouth twitch, infectious as always. “Knees, don’t forget.”

“Goodness, whatever could you be planning back there?” Kawai didn’t wait for an answer before leaning in to lick a slow stripe up the bottom of Totsuka’s cock. “Any requests?”

“Do you know ‘The Way to Pasadena?'” Totsuka quipped, before another lick from Kawai turned the joke into a low moan. He scrunched down a little, getting more comfortable and pushing towards Kawai’s mouth. “Oh, you know me, Fumito, I’m flexible.”

“We’ll get to that part in a bit,” Kawai assured. He wrapped lips around Totsuka’s cock, sucking firmly at the tip before starting to work lower, preventing him from spouting any more nonsense for the moment.

It was tempting to just sit and watch, like Totsuka had been doing earlier, just to admire Totsuka’s dark hair spiked across his pillows and the pale line of his throat when he arched into Kawai’s mouth and hands, the glide of Kawai’s mouth over skin, eyes fluttered half-shut but still watching Totsuka through his eyelashes. But Kitayama had all but promised something good, and Kawai’s weirdly cute ass was right there within reach.

Shuffling in close enough to kneel between Kawai’s ankles, Kitayama took a minute to just palm the warm curves of Kawai’s ass, kneading firmly until he started to get some noises out of Kawai. When he was sure he had at least half of Kawai’s attention, Kitayama used his thumbs to spread Kawai open, showing off the cute pucker of his hole. He teased one thumb over Kawai’s hole lightly, pressing in just enough to make the tight ring of muscle push back, then dragged his thumb down the soft skin underneath until he was brushing the bottom of Kawai’s balls. All of it was so tempting, the soft skin of Kawai’s inner thighs stretched tight over strong muscle, the shift of Kawai’s balls under his fingers, the way Kawai was trying to spread his knees just a little wider without sliding flat to the bed.

Not that Kitayama never appreciated a nice ass in his free time, but Kawai seemed to always make Kitayama want things that usually he would only think about with Totsuka.

“What is is about your group that makes the rest of us want to be kinky freaks too?” Kitayama tsked. Kawai snorted around Totsuka’s cock and Totsuka gave a breathless laugh too, smiling down at Kitayama over Kawai’s head.

“Power of suggestion?” Totsuka asked. “Mm, you should see your face, Hiromitsu. If I weren’t being so pleasantly serviced at the moment, I might be jealous.”

“You’re about to get really jealous, let me tell you.” Kitayama sank down on his elbows until he was low enough to flick his tongue over Kawai’s hole. Grinning at Kawai’s startled moan, Kitayama shifted his grip to spread Kawai as wide open with his thumbs as he could, then flattened his tongue against the cleft of Kawai’s ass to lick more broadly.

“Now you should see Fumito’s face,” Totsuka said, voice breathy and encouraging. “Oh. Whatever you just did, definitely do it again.”

It wasn’t like Kitayama intended to stop, although he did briefly ponder if maybe filming was an option so he could see all of the things going on above him, and then he blamed that thought on the influence of Ebi freakery as well. Shaking it off, Kitayama went back to licking at Kawai’s skin, nudging at the pucker of muscle with a thumb every now and then to encourage him to loosen up. It would go faster with lube and fingers, but Kitayama was in no rush. Kawai’s skin was starting to tremble a little under his tongue, slight but perceptible when he licked a slow enough line or pressed his thumb in just the right place.

“Fuck, Mitsu,” Kawai said, apparently having pulled his mouth off of Totsuka to speak. “If your band isn’t a bunch of freaks too, why are you so good at that?”

“Hmm.” Kitayama blew a puff of air over Kawai’s hole, making it twitch and grinning at the soft groan Kawai gave in response. “Not worth doing unless I’ve got somebody who likes it enough to properly appreciate my talents.” This time when he pushed with a thumb, the tip of it slide in nearly a centimeter; progress. “Your unit has such big mouths, you mean to tell me you don’t get this service regularly?”

“Not quite the same—ah,” Kawai cut off when Kitayama pushed hard, thumb up past the knuckle now. He flexed his hips back into it, looking for more, but Kitayama pulled out and went back to holding Kawai steady for himself. After another swirling lick around the edge, Kitayama repeated the action with the tip of his tongue. “Ahhh!”

“Makes you wish he could get his tongue in there as deep as his fingers, doesn’t it?” Totsuka asked knowingly. “Forgot what you were doing down there, did we, Fumito?”

“I’ll show you what I’m doing down here,” Kawai growled, followed by a yelp that probably meant Kawai had nipped Totsuka somewhere good. “Hold your knees.”

Kitayama already had an idea what was going on, just from context and the pleased groan Totsuka gave next, but he picked up his head to make sure because he didn’t want to miss all of the good stuff. Sure enough Kawai had urged Totsuka’s hips up enough that he could rim Totsuka at the same time Kitayama was licking him open, Totsuka’s cock flushed and pulling towards his stomach above where Kawai’s face was pressed against his ass.

“Fuck yes,” Kitayama approved, bending his head back down to go back to work now that he could picture the situation clearly in his mind’s eye. Kawai was close to ready in reality, but Kitayama drew it out, both for the pleasure of it and because he had a pretty idea that Kawai was doing to Totsuka whatever Kitayama was doing to him. No sense in rushing then, Kitayama thought, alternating tongue and fingers sliding into Kawai, licking around base of his fingers when he had them inside.

Finally something had to give, or Kitayama was going to rub himself off right on his sheets. Seemed a shame to finish that way when he had two perfectly fine asses in his bed, at least one of them more than opened up enough for it.

“Hi there,” Totsuka said when Kitayama sat up high enough to see him. Totsuka was a sight, all right, skin flushed bright pink and eyes glittering, hair all a mess from tossing his head against the pillow. “Someone needs to get inside me in the incredibly near future, just to tell you.”

“Fumito in the middle,” Kawai mumbled, or something very like it, voice muffled against Totsuka’s ass still.

“Like this?” Kitayama asked. He reached down to tug Kawai up, leaning Kawai’s back against his chest when Kawai seemed a bit unsteady up on his knees suddenly. He rested his chin on Kawai’s shoulder to look Totsuka over, admiring everything from his hands still curled under his knees to the way Totsuka nibbled his lower lip in thought. “Roll over? Or stay there and Fumito could ride you. Mm, oh yeah, do that,” Kitayama answered his own question before Totsuka could. Totsuka shrugged a shoulder, letting his legs slide flat again. Kitayama gave Totsuka a second to stretch out his back before urging Kawai up over him, letting them work themselves out while he fetched lube and some condoms from his drawer.

With Totsuka condomed up and slicked, Kawai slide down onto his cock with a minimum of whining, pretty desperate for it himself clearly. It was only after a few test hip rolls that Kawai looked over his shoulder back at Kitayama. “Wait, what are you gonna do? Fuck him?”

“Nope, just gonna watch,” Kitayama said, grinning sharply. “Until you come, then I’m gonna flip him over and fuck his brains out while he makes out with you. Shota, up to you where you come in the midst of that.”

“I’m not entirely sure that it is,” Totsuka answered, voice a little faint.

“Ride ’em, cowboy,” Kitayama encouraged, giving Kawai a ringing slap on the ass that left a pink mark and made Totsuka moan helplessly.

Kitayama was so turned on by that point that even if he hadn’t been watching something as hot as Totsuka being expertly ridden, he wouldn’t have dared touch himself. Instead he had to curl his fingers in the blankets to keep from doing exactly that, eyes locked on the thrust of Kawai’s hips and the place where Totsuka’s cock was sliding up into him.

Kawai must have been close himself, since he didn’t draw it out much longer than necessary. His cock was already rubbing a wet patch against Totsuka’s stomach when he wrapped a hand around it, jerking himself off at the same pace as Totsuka was fucking up into him.

“Want me to wait for you?” he asked, but Totsuka shook his head, now biting down on his lower lip hard enough to at least bruise it. Kawai closed his eyes and came with a drawn-out shiver only a minute later, spilling onto Totsuka’s stomach. He slowed to a halt, breathing hard, skin slick all over. “You two are awesome.”

“Yeah, we are.” Kitayama leaned in to lick a drop of sweat wandering down Kawai’s shoulder blade. Kawai hummed and shivered some more.

“Please get off of me,” Totsuka said, voice strained. “Right now.”

Chuckling, Kawai complied. Kityama took one of Totsuka’s hands, held up for help, and Kawai took the other. Together they pulled him up, and Kawai pushed Totsuka into Kitayama’s arms while he flopped into Totsuka’s vacated spot. Kitayama bent his head to kiss Totsuka slowly, stroking one hand through the side of Totsuka’s hair until Totsuka’s shivering smoothed out into something less desperate.

“Okay?” Kitayama asked. “Want something different?”

Totsuka shook his head. “Want you. Hurry, Hiromitsu.”

“Yeah, good.” Kitayama stole one more kiss before helping Totsuka turn himself around. They got him draped over Kawai, somewhat on elbows and knees, but the height of Kawai underneath him meant that Totsuka didn’t have to exactly hold himself up. Good thing too, given the way he was already shivering from Kitayama just sliding two fingers into him to make sure he was ready and to spread some lube around. Kitayama didn’t bother with the condom for himself, but he did pause, just stroking himself, while he watched Kawai kiss Totsuka deep and thorough, dragging gentle hands through Totsuka’s hair.

Totsuka’s hips shifted back against Kitayama’s fingers, and Kitayama took that as the go sign. Edging in closer, Kitayama negotiated the tangle of Totsuka and Kawai’s knees, nudging them wide enough that he could press his tip against Totsuka’s hole and lean into it. Kawai pushed up helpfully from underneath, almost as if he wouldn’t have minded another round from this angle, and Kitayama had to shake off thoughts of pulling out of Totsuka and thrusting into Kawai instead, maybe switching back and forth between them, since the position was convenient for it.

One thing at a time, Kitayama scolded himself. Next time they could try that and film, and maybe Kitayama could get all of these weird Ebi-kinks out of his system at once.

The sweet tightness of Totsuka’s body drove away the rest of Kitayama’s thoughts, made it so that the only thing he could focus on was Totsuka underneath him, Totsuka’s back sticky with sweat against Kitayama’s chest when he leaned into it, the sharp edge of Totsuka’s shoulder blade against Kitayama’s mouth. Kitayama focused on moving against Totsuka, on finding the right angle to make him shake without having to let go and sit up, trusting Kawai to touch Totsuka or do whatever else was necessary down there. It was nice to having someone else dependable to help take care of Totsuka, since usually that was a whole job in itself. This time Kitayama could just hold onto Totsuka’s waist and let his hips do as they willed, tasting the salt of Totsuka’s skin as he spiraled higher.

“Come on,” Kitayama heard Kawai encourage, not sure who Kawai was even talking to. Maybe both of them. “Yeah, come on. It’s gonna be so good, just give in to it.”

Totsuka cried out, tensing all over, and Kitayama managed just barely to keep thrusting through the majority of Totsuka’s orgasm before he couldn’t hold back his own any longer. Kitayama moaned into the back of Totsuka’s neck as he went slack against him, coming back to his senses more slowly than usual since his weight was already resting against Totsuka’s back.

Every part of his body felt heavy and so good for the first few seconds, ripples of pleasure flashing over Kitayama’s skin at every shift of Totsuka or Kawai underneath him.

“Okay?” Kitayama asked thickly, not sure what he could do about it if the answer was no. He certainly couldn’t move. Totsuka made a low noise. “Bet you aren’t bored now.”

“I’m gonna roll you left on three,” Kawai spoke up from the bottom of the pile. “No pressure, but I think my lungs have collapsed. Three!”

With some grunting and complaining, they did get all three of them on their sides, nobody crushing anybody. Totsuka was particularly useless, still out of it like he got sometimes after something really good, and Kitayama didn’t blame him. He couldn’t feel half his toes still. Smoothing Totsuka’s sweat-soaked hair back from his face, Kitayama asked if Totsuka was doing all right in there.

“Shota in the middle,” was Totsuka’s only comment, eyes closed.

“Cute,” Kitayama said, tugging Totsuka close so their chests were pressed together and Totsuka’s head was supported by his arm, then reached over with the free arm to tug Kawai in against Totsuka’s back. “You good too?”

“Oh yeah.” Kawai slung his arm over Totsuka’s waist from behind, anchoring his position. “You know, at the end, I totally thought you were gonna go for me too. Like, switch between us.”

“Hmm,” Kitayama said noncommittally.

“Coulda done it.” Kawai winked at Kitayama. “Next time, definitely try it. We should film that shit though, because damn. I know I was missing the best shit because I can’t see you when you’re doing stuff to my amazing ass.”

“Uuuugh,” Kitayama groaned at the idea of making so much effort all over again. “It’s coming back to me we why don’t invite you over that often anymore.”

“It’s mostly ’cause you like it too much,” Kawai teased, making Kitayama go hmph. He let his eyes slip shut, mouth twitching into a smile at the tickle of Totsuka’s nose brushing against his throat, the unexpected touch of Kawai’s fingers brushing Kitayama’s hair back from his face.

Well. At least they wouldn’t be bored in their old age.

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