SixTONES, Sweet Talk

Title: Sweet Talk [Shintarou/Hokuto]
Rating/Warnings: NC-17
Summary: Hokuto gets a little run down during tours, and as his roommate, Shintarou’s job is to take care of him.
AN: Written for 2016 Wakamono exchange. SixTONES had this room split during Sexy Zone’s tour and had a lot of stories about who was in which room and why. The story about Juri walking into Shori’s shower and totally losing to him is completely true. Written for orangegreenlove who wanted banter and long preparation and group members cuddling. Also we don’t get a lot of this pairing, so here you go.

Sweet Talk

“Well, Snowmen are fun, but they aren’t you guys,” Jesse said.

His smile was big as ever, but even over the video chat connection, they could see the circles under Jesse’s eyes and the way he was slumped against the back of the dressing room couch. Taiga was cuddled tightly against Jesse’s side, cheek resting on Jesse’s shoulder and Jesse’s arm around his waist, in a way that Taiga only ever permitted when he was entirely worn out. They’d gotten to cuddle Taiga a lot this year for exactly that reason, Shintarou suppressed a smile as he thought. He hoped this year had just as much work so they could keep doing it.

“It’s ’cause you can’t drink with them,” Juri put in. “Next year Snowmen will be your favorite senpai, truuuuuuust me.”

“Tcht, drunk Snowmen aren’t that great,” Taiga said, his face the face of experience.

“They won’t be my favorites, they won’t,” Jesse assured, rubbing his cheek against Taiga’s hair and giving Kouchi a slow blink. Kouchi grinned back, making Shintarou and Juri call them gross. They were leaning against the headboard of Juri’s bed, Kouchi in the middle with his tablet propped up against his knees, Juri and Shintarou tucked in against either side close enough that they could all barely fit on the video chat’s frame.

“Those are your members, not your senpai, senpai,” Sou intoned from the floor beside them, where he was playing a lackluster game of cards with Marius, waiting for Juri to hurry up and join them already. Glancing down, Shintarou poked Sou in the back with his foot. Sou amended, “Except for Morimoto-kun, who is everybody’s senpai. Even Johnny-san’s, right?”

“Hey!” Shintarou protested, scowling down as the others all cracked up. “Man, you used to be such a polite kid, what the hell happened to that?”

“He’s mad because he asked Shori-kun to share his room and Shori-kun rejected him,” Marius spoke up. Sou gave him a sour look, but Marius smiled sweetly in return. “But then somehow Kishi-kun is spending the night with Shori tonight? Hmmm.”

“Don’t say ‘hmmm’ like it’s a big scandal,” Kouchi scolded, looking like he was the most scandalized by Marius making anything close to a sex comment.

“It’s a little scandalous, since I totally lost to that guy when I surprised him in the shower,” Juri said. He made a vague motion with his hand like he was trying to cover up something comically huge in his lap, and Kouchi whined in even more distress.

“Wait wait,” Jesse was laughing almost too hard to speak, eyes scrunched shut. “You’re telling me that the straightest junior we have is spending tonight in the same bed as the guy with the biggest dick on tour?”

“Looks like even that is less gay than spending the night in the same room as Iwahashi and Jinguji,” Taiga intoned, straight-faced, which set Juri and Jesse both off into unstoppable cackling. “Hey, where’s Hoku?”

“Back in our room,” Shintarou explained, thumbing vaguely at the wall behind them. “He was gonna get a shower quick and then come over, but it’s been a while. Maybe he just went to bed.”

“Yeah, he’s pretty worn out,” Kouchi added. He glanced briefly to the side to meet eyes with Shintarou. “You know how he gets.”

Shintarou did know, just like all of them did, that Hokuto tended to burn out first especially on tour, where not only was it physically exhausting but you were in an unfamiliar place and surrounded by people constantly. Hokuto could take it, and there was only one more day to go in Fukuoka, but when they’d split the rooms Shintarou had known that taking Hokuto as his roommate meant taking responsibility for taking care of him.

“I’ll go check on him, I’m wiped too,” Shintarou announced. He reached out to smudge his finger like he was squishing Jesse’s face, making Kouchi scowl about fingerprints on the glass. “Take care, you two. Kyomo-chan, not too many drunk Snowmen, okay?”

“I don’t even want one,” Taiga scowled. “That’s for Tono and my dad.”

“Ugh, this show is wasted on you,” Jesse whined, making Shintarou laugh as he climbed stiffly to his feet and kicked Sou out of his way, not as gently as he would have before the Johnny-san’s senpai comment.

As expected, Shintarou found Hokuto curled up in bed, only sweatpants on and hair still damp, not even under the covers. Shintarou rolled his eyes a little, both because Hokuto seemed determined as always to catch a cold on top of everything else, and because somehow this tour he of all people was the one in charge of keeping this guy together. But maybe they were on to something after all, because Shintarou could see much more easily what Hokuto needed than tell about himself, so.

“Idiot,” Shintarou said, climbing into bed with Hokuto and hugging him from behind. Hokuto’s skin was already a little chilled, as expected, and Shintarou made sure his arms and chest were touching as much of Hokuto as possible. “At least get under the blankets.”

“Hm?” Hokuto asked, voice hoarse from sleep and concert strain. He stirred and rolled over after a second, looking adorably mussed and confused as he pressed more tightly against Shintarou’s warmth. “Only meant to lie down a second…”

“Can’t trust you at all.” Shintarou rubbed his hands up and down the back of Hokuto’s arms, then his back, until his skin lost most of its chill. “Taiga says take care of you or he’ll kill me.”

“They doing good?” Hokuto asked. His arm snaked over Shintarou’s waist, one leg hooking over Shintarou’s knee to slot them more comfortably together.

“Yeah, just tired. How about you? Just tired?”

“Mm,” Hokuto said, not really an answer. Rolling his eyes, Shintarou leaned back enough to actually look at Hokuto, cupping his cheek in one palm to force Hokuto to look up at him.

“Should I let you sleep?” Shintarou asked directly, thumb brushing back and forth across Hokuto’s cheek. They were back to being a little rounded, not as much as Shintarou would like, but nothing like how hollow they’d been after Johnny’s World. One concert weekend wouldn’t make too much of a dent, hopefully. “Or do you want me to take care of you?”

Hokuto chuckled, voice dropping lower. “Who ever says no to that offer?”

Sexy Hokuto act or actually sexy Hokuto? Shintarou watched Hokuto’s eyes a few more seconds, trying to figure out for sure. Even if he did just want to sleep, if he thought Shintarou wanted to fool around, he might act like he did too just to please. It was frustrating how Shintarou didn’t get it right every time, and it was important that he did; Hokuto needed a lot of touch reassurance when he was tired, but getting it wrong meant an over-exhausted Hokuto the next day, which was just as bad. Juri would know right away, Shintarou thought in frustration.

“Hey,” Hokuto interrupted Shintarou’s thoughts. He rubbed his cheek against Shintarou’s palm, eyes low-lidded and dark. “I’m okay, really. It’s tour, so we should take advantage. Do you want me?”

“Yes,” Shintarou answered immediately. He slid his hand back into Hokuto’s hair, scratching lightly against Hokuto’s scalp and surprising a pleased noise out of him. “Of course I do. But there’s still tomorrow, so there’s no rush. And you have to dance tomorrow, so we can just take it easy…”

“No no, you said you’d take care of me,” Hokuto gave a showy pout, and that was definitely part of the act, but it was appealing nonetheless. One of Hokuto’s hands was suddenly on the front of Shintarou’s track pants, two fingers drawing a light line up the side of his dick. Shintarou wasn’t hard at all at the moment and it still made him shiver. “I want this. But I’m tired and you should spoil me, so on my back’s fine, right?”

“Exactly who is the baby of this group?” Shintarou asked, but he was already rolling them enough to get Hokuto on his back properly, rolled in against Hokuto’s side. This would keep him warmer too. “Yeah, like this is fine.” He stroked fingers through Hokuto’s hair, more deliberately. “You look really good just like this.”

“Do I?” Hokuto asked, mouth curving in a small smile. This looked like part of the act, but wasn’t at all, Shintarou knew at least that much. Telling Hokuto that he looked good, that he was good, that they wanted him was the most important part of taking care of him, they’d figured out through experience.

“Yeah,” Shintarou told him, trying hard to keep looking Hokuto in the eye. It was sort of embarrassing to say that kind of stuff to someone’s face, but Shintarou had gotten better at it as something he could do for Hokuto’s sake, not really any different than when Jesse asked to have his hands tied or when Juri wanted to be squished tightly between at least two of them. If someone else could hear, Shintarou still found it hard, but here with just Hokuto it wasn’t so bad. Plus the effect was immediate, Hokuto’s small smile blooming much bigger and warmer when Shintarou praised him. “I was watching you dance a lot today. You looked so good, I kept getting distracted and Genki yelled at me for almost tripping over him.”

“Shin!” Hokuto laughed, looking perfectly pleased. He was tracing the line of Shintarou’s collarbone with his fingers, and he felt a lot warmer, Shintarou noticed. “That didn’t happen at all.”

“It did,” Shintarou insisted, continuing to talk even as he leaned down to press light kisses to Hokuto’s cheekbone, the corner of his eye. “Almost crushed him flat. Like a crepe.”

“Stop lying,” Hokuto protested, but he was laughing, squirming under Shintarou’s light, ticklish touches. He tilted his head to the side in invitation, and Shintarou took it, nibbling the edge of Hokuto’s jaw and the soft skin of his neck just underneath. Hokuto’s voice turned breathier. “Don’t crush Genki, he’s too popular. You’ll get scolded.”

“That’ll be something new,” Shintarou said dryly. He kissed Hokuto properly before Hokuto could reply, Hokuto’s lips soft and a little chapped against his.

Kissing Hokuto like this was really nice, slowly and thoroughly, in no rush at all. Not that Shintarou didn’t enjoy the challenge of Taiga or the energy of Jesse, but Hokuto was all sweet cooperation, his arms around Shintarou’s neck and soft sighs into Shintarou’s mouth. Shintarou kept stroking fingers through Hokuto’s hair until he was making quiet noises on every breath, and he tried to keep from crushing Hokuto, but Hokuto tugged him down as if that was exactly what he wanted to happen. When Shintarou did roll the whole way over, he made sure to settle on his elbows, knees between Hokuto’s thighs to give him at least enough space to breathe. Hokuto curled legs around the back of Shintarou’s knees immediately, as if this wasn’t close enough at all. By now Hokuto was definitely warm enough for Shintarou to get rid of their clothes, but they made out a while longer anyway, in no rush to let go or to stop kissing.

When he finally did lift his head, Hokuto was quite a sight, cheeks flushed and eyes glittering, lips puffed up and wet. The flush was starting to spread down his chest, nipples drawn tight, and Shintarou bet that if he so much as tugged on Hokuto’s sweatpants, his cock would slip right out, already pulling up towards his stomach.

“Shit,” Shintarou said, drawing fingertips down Hokuto’s ribs to make him shiver. “You’re the reason we aren’t allowed to have Instagrams, you know.”

“I’m pretty sure that’s because you posted a sex hair selfie on Juri’s from his bed,” Hokuto answered, voice smug as he stretched a little. “Let me see you, already, if you’re just going to stare.”

Obediently, Shintarou reached over his head to tug his worn T-shirt off with an impatient pull, knowing full well that Hokuto thought it was hot whenever Shintarou did that. Hokuto liked his arms in particular, and Shintarou had no problem showing them off. Sure enough, as soon as Shintarou put his hands down Hokuto was sliding hands up Shintarou’s arms, thumbing at the muscles of his forearms and humming appreciatively.

“These are really unfair,” Hokuto said, a touch of jealousy in his voice. Shintarou thought personally that the little bit of curve around Hokuto’s waist and cheeks was a hundred times more appealing, but he knew better than to say that out loud. Instead he leaned down to kiss the parts he thought were best, first Hokuto’s shoulder, then sucking on one nipple for a moment, then sliding down to Hokuto’s stomach, just to the side of his bellybutton. Hokuto shifted restlessly underneath his mouth and hands, whether because it tickled or because it felt good didn’t matter.

“Off?” he murmured against Hokuto’s stomach, hand hovering over the waistband of Hokuto’s sweatpants.

“Yes yes,” Hokuto said, then whined when Shintarou didn’t do it immediately. Shintarou rubbed fingers just above the fabric, then just under it, then slid along Hokuto’s waist until he was palming the small of Hokuto’s back. He pushed his hand in further until he had the soft globe of Hokuto’s ass in his hand, and Hokuto arched against him when he squeezed. “Come on! Don’t tease.”

“Tease? Me?” Shintarou kept his hand where it was but pushed back up to kiss Hokuto again, rolling his hips up until he could feel just how much of a hurry Hokuto was in. “Mm, you really want me to? You have to dance tomorrow so I really shouldn’t. I can go get Juri or Kouchi—”

“Don’t you dare!” Hokuto interrupted, scowling and flushed and perfect as he clung more tightly to Shintarou. His hand was inside Shintarou’s track pants before Shintarou realized he was moving, curling around Shintarou’s cock possessively. “I want you. I want this.”

Shintarou groaned softly, because maybe he liked it just as much as Hokuto did when he got told that sort of thing directly. His cock twitched in Hokuto’s hand, and Hokuto grinned, squeezing just enough that Shintarou wanted to push up into it. “Fine, but I’m taking my time.”

“You just want me to beg,” Hokuto said, sneaking in one more quick kiss before he let go so they could both strip off the rest of their clothes.

Once they were skin to skin, Shintarou couldn’t resist making out with Hokuto for a little longer, ignoring Hokuto’s complaint that this was not really making any progress.

“I’ll do it myself if you’re too slow,” Hokuto threatened, reaching around behind himself to push Shintarou’s hand from his waist back down to the curve of his ass.

“You will not,” Shintarou said, lazily confident. He licked at Hokuto’s ear lobe, then the patch of skin just behind it. “You like my fingers too much.” To prove his point, he skimmed his finger just where the curve of Hokuto’s ass turned into his thigh, and Hokuto moaned sweetly, digging his fingers into Shintarou’s arms.

“What I’d like,” Hokuto said through gritted teeth, “is for you to put them inside me already!”

Hokuto’s cute complaining didn’t exactly make Shintarou want to rush, but eventually he ended up where Hokuto wanted him, on his elbows between Hokuto’s thighs, pushing one slick finger inside. Hokuto had one knee bent and Shintarou had an arm hooked under Hokuto’s other thigh, spreading him open more than wide enough for Shintarou to see what he was doing. He’d meant what he said about going slowly, kissing and nibbling the inside of Hokuto’s thigh and up across his hip, even though Hokuto didn’t need any encouragement to relax. Sometimes he let his mouth drift over far enough to lick at the tip of Hokuto’s cock or Hokuto’s balls. When he pushed the second finger in, Shintarou slid his mouth down over Hokuto’s cock properly, and sucked until Hokuto was trying to push him off.

“Quit that,” Hokuto ordered, giving Shintarou’s hair a yank. “You’re trying to get me off ‘accidentally’ before you ever get inside me.” He made some air quotes around ‘accidentally’ and Shintarou huffed a laugh despite his full mouth. “It won’t work!”

“Hmm,” Shintarou hummed exaggeratedly as he let Hokuto pull him off by the hair. “Won’t it?” He curled his fingers, grinning as Hokuto’s hips came up off the bed, trying to push down further onto Shintarou’s fingers. “Seems like it might.”

Hokuto narrowed his eyes for a second, but then his whole expression changed because he knew Shintarou just as well as Shintarou knew him, and he knew exactly how to get what he wanted. Opening his eyes wider so they were huge and dark, Hokuto went entirely limp and flexible in Shintarou’s hands, giving him all the control. He reached down to hook his hand under his bent knee, pulling it back until it was flush to his chest, spreading himself wide open for Shintarou’s fingers and eyes.

“But don’t you want me?” Hokuto asked, giving it just a little wobble like he wasn’t 100% sure. “I’ll make you feel really good, I promise. And you said you’d take care of me, right?”

“You,” Shintarou growled, knowing he was being played and that it was working anyway. He pushed in the third finger, shivering at the long, showy moan Hokuto gave in encouragement. He still took his time, though, because three fingers was not the same as his dick no matter how relaxed Hokuto was or how much he wanted it. He kept going until every sound out of Hokuto’s mouth was a moaned plea for Shintarou just to take him already.

“Please,” Hokuto begged, fingers twisted in the bedspread, flushed pink from his nose to his navel, cock wet at the tip and heavy against his stomach. He was squeezing rhythmically around Shintarou’s fingers, pushing down against them like he was trying to get them even deeper.

“You look amazing,” Shintarou said, more than a little breathless himself. Hokuto shivered like Shintarou had touched him instead of just speaking. “I could really get you off with just my fingers, huh? Look at you already.” Shintarou thumbed Hokuto’s tip to rub the wetness around, and Hokuto whined.

“Please don’t,” he said, voice strained. “I want you inside, please, Shin, stop teasing and do it already…”

“Shh, relax, all right,” Shintarou soothed. His own cock was so hard by this point that stroking more lube down over it was almost too much. Despite the haze of lust clouding his thoughts, Shintarou clung stubbornly to the fact that the point of this was to take care of Hokuto. “Slow. If it hurts, tell me to stop.”

“I’m not gonna tell you to st-ahhhhh,” Hokuto gasped as Shintarou pushed inside, slow as promised. Hokuto’s hands flew up to grab Shintarou’s shoulders, fingers digging in as Hokuto drew slow, ragged breaths, trying to adjust.

“Hoku?” Shintarou asked, still edging in at the same tortuous pace. He had to trust Hokuto to tell him whether to stop or keep moving, because sometimes staying still was worse than moving forward.

“Keep going,” Hokuto panted, eyes squeezed shut, so Shintarou did, until he was close enough that Hokuto could yank him down the rest of the way, arms tight around Shintarou’s neck and legs hooked around the back of Shintarou’s thighs. Shintarou was too close to look, but he could feel Hokuto shivering against him, hear the quick rasp of Hokuto breathing.

“Hey,” Shintarou murmured, shaking a little himself as he struggled to stay still, to make sure most of his weight was on his knees and elbows. It wasn’t easy with Hokuto clinging so tightly, and it would have been a lot easier to drop low enough to fuck Hokuto deep and hard, but Shintarou hadn’t spent all that time opening Hokuto up just to give in now. “Hey, okay?”

“Uh-huh,” Hokuto answered. He took a slow breath, then another, and managed to sound a lot more convincing when he repeated, “I’m okay, I’m good.”

“You are,” Shintarou agreed. Cautiously, he shifted his hips, then gave a slow first thrust; Hokuto hummed breathily. Knowing it would help, Shintarou kept talking. “You’re really good, just like this. You feel so good.”

“Mm, Shin,” Hokuto groaned softly, rubbing his cheek against Shintarou’s shoulder. His grip was still tight, but less white-knuckled, more Hokuto’s usual clinginess. “Come on, come on, please.”

Trusting that Hokuto was all right, Shintarou was fine giving Hokuto what he wanted, still telling Hokuto how good he was as he got enough of his knees under him to fuck Hokuto properly. Half of what he said probably didn’t even make sense, given how breathless he was and how more and more of his sense were absorbed in Hokuto hot and restless against him, the tight grip of Hokuto’s thighs around his waist. It didn’t seem to matter, though, Hokuto responding more to the coaxing tone of Shintarou’s voice, to the steady strength of Shintarou pressing him into the mattress. Shintarou didn’t mind taking his time here either, the tight coil of his own want not nearly as worth paying attention to as the pitch of Hokuto’s noises rising higher.

Shintarou was distantly thinking about changing position so that he could get a hand on Hokuto’s cock when Hokuto gave an unmistakable, long shudder, arching up against Shintarou so that his cock was pressed tightly between their stomachs. Shintarou took a second to register the slick heat of Hokuto’s release against his already-hot skin, surprising him so that his hips stuttered to a halt.

“Did you just…” Shintarou laughed when Hokuto slumped back against the bed, panting, arms slipping off Shintarou’s shoulders because he lacked the strength to hold on. “You did!”

“S’not that funny,” Hokuto said, but he was grinning, hair sweat-slicked into cute whorls. Shintarou got a hand up high enough to smooth Hokuto’s hair back out of his eyes, and Hokuto leaned into it, eyes fluttering shut. They didn’t talk about how Shintarou basically had just talked Hokuto into coming untouched, but they both knew that was what had happened. Instead Shintarou asked if he should stop, and Hokuto shook his head fiercely. “I want to make you feel good too.”

“You did already,” Shintarou tried to tell him, but both Hokuto and his own body ignored him, and his hips started rocking into Hokuto’s again before he’d made the conscious decision to do that.

It didn’t take long, Shintarou already more than turned on enough by the slow build-up even before the sweet clinginess of Hokuto and the way that aftershocks rippled through him. Hokuto’s body seemed if possible more welcoming than before now that Hokuto was relaxed from coming, every one of Shintarou’s thrusts pushing a soft moan or a gasp of Shintarou’s name past Hokuto’s lips.

“Close,” Shintarou warned. “Should I…”

“Inside,” Hokuto ordered, arching his back to take Shintarou in that much deeper, that much closer. “Like this, just like this.”

He probably couldn’t have pulled out even if Hokuto had wanted him to, Shintarou too far gone to do anything but hold on as the tension building finally broke and he spent himself deep inside Hokuto. When he could think again, he realized he was lying heavily on Hokuto, which was exactly what he’d been trying not to do. Both of them were a sweaty, sticky mess, and to add insult to injury, it was Hokuto who was petting Shintarou’s hair and murmuring soothing nonsense.

“I’m s’posed to be taking care of you,” Shintarou grumbled, trying to push himself up. He got it on the second try, at least far enough for Hokuto to take Shintarou’s face between his hands and kiss him.

“I won’t tell,” Hokuto promised solemnly, mouth twitching into a smile when Shintarou grumbled.

They ended up at least on their sides before they went back to kissing. Shintarou had every intention of getting up, of getting Hokuto into a bath or at least helping him clean up, but every time he tried to pull away, Hokuto’s sleepy eyes and flushed skin were just too appealing. Giving in, Shintarou figured at least he was keeping Hokuto warm, rubbing his hands over all the parts of Hokuto he could reach.

Neither one of them blinked when the adjoining door opened, at least until Kouchi was looming over them disapprovingly.

“I knew you couldn’t be trusted,” Kouchi said, clicking his tongue. “Come on, up you go.”

“Shh, don’t pick on Shin-chan, he took really good care of me,” Hokuto assured, then laughed at Kouchi’s eye roll. Hokuto reached behind him to catch Shintarou’s hand, tugging him along as Kouchi pushed them towards the bathroom. “C’mon, wash my back.”

All they could manage was a quick, hot shower, Hokuto practically falling asleep in Shintarou’s arms for even that length of time. It was a relief when Shintarou could tip him back into the safety of bed without worrying about Hokuto cracking his head open on the sink or the desk. They ended up basically the way they had started, Shintarou a warm weight curled up against Hokuto’s back, Hokuto limp and satisfied against his chest. At least this time they had the blankets over them.

“Feels good,” Hokuto murmured. He tugged Shintarou’s arm just a little more tightly around his waist, settled just a little bonelessly against Shintarou. “I feel good too, right?”

“Don’t start that again,” Shintarou told him, but he nuzzled the back of Hokuto’s neck, nibbling the edge of Hokuto’s shoulder until he gave a soft, happy sigh. “If I’m not enough for you, there’s always tomorrow. Juri can do all the work next time, and Kouchi can take care of us. They can film it to make Taiga and Jesse jealous.”

Hokuto snorted a soft laugh, and Shintarou expected that to be the end of it. He did not expect Hokuto to slide a hand under his and twine their fingers together.

“That’s fine too,” Hokuto yawned. “Long as you still want me as your roommate. I like it when you take care of me.”

“Thanks,” Shintarou said, glad their position hid the way Hokuto’s compliment had made him blush a little. “I’m not the best at it, though.”

“You can try again tomorrow,” Hokuto promised, and Shintarou hugged him a little tighter and thought that he’d really like that.

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